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As a mental health counselor, practicing for 33 years, I agreed with the emotional tenor of Dr. Roston's commentary (I need to do better. And I am doing the best I can), but I felt that it fell short of explaining the lack of mental health providers. The state of Vermont decided to go the […]
I know I'm just one person, but I felt I had to say something after reading about the saga of the young trans high schooler in Randolph. I am outraged at how she has been treated by bullies locally, and by bloodthirsty campaigns of national hate.  Shame on them all for how they have attacked […]
Regarding “Vermont meat processor expands with $1.1 million federal grant”: Given the correlation between animal agriculture and the climate catastrophe, I wish government grants would expand local vegan food operations. The University of Oxford recently published a study that found that meatless sausages and burgers are up to 10 times more planet-friendly than their counterparts. […]
Local hospitals complain of the costs of travel nurses. Travel nurses are supplied by corporate companies, who make oodles of profit, renting you “nursing care.” Corporate control, through MDs bringing MBAs with politicians’ support into health care in the 1990s was done by you!  You allowed corporate control of hospice, now draining Medicare with bogus […]
In 1868, the United States Senate passed the 14th Amendment, declaring that no child should be denied equal access to education.  Therefore, it seems reasonable to conclude that supporting equal education for all individuals is a core American value that ought to be protected.  Education is seen as a road to greater opportunities, but globally, […]
In “Bennington children’s library offers bilingual books for Afghan refugees,” Eduardo Melendez points out that having books in the library written in the child’s first language makes the child feel welcome and helps preserve their native language.  But it does more than that. Research has consistently shown that children who learn to read in the […]
Now is the time to redefine “affordable housing” to mean affordable homeownership. It is encouraging to see the Legislature show some willingness to tackle the housing crisis. Incentivizing those who hoard housing to sell vacant second (third, fourth) homes is an excellent start to solving the current crisis and I applaud lawmakers for pushing forward […]
Dan DeLurey, a senior fellow at the Vermont Law School, invites the members of the Ethan Allen Institute “to come up with their own recommendations for how to adapt to climate change,” indicating that everyone outside of the Vermont Law School is bereft of any cognitive thinking.  One effect of melting of the ice mass […]
As an anti-trapping wildlife activist, I applaud the dedication of caring people in Vermont, who understand the suffering and outright cruelty inflicted on wild animals by humans who are brainwashed by sick "traditions" — usually excuses to keep doing what should have been abolished long ago. A few of us once offered a reward to […]
Front Porch Forum chief of staff Jason Van Driesche is running for Burlington City Council, on the ideas that "everyone deserves to be heard" and being "committed to listening to the whole community." I'm concerned that South District voters won't know how or why Mr. Van Driesche's words don't match the actions of the executives […]