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I recently became reacquainted with the word polycrisis. The Cascade Institute has listed a number of crises that need fixing: climate heating, biodiversity loss, pandemics, widening economic inequalities, financial system instability, ideologic extremism, pernicious social impacts of digitalization, cyber-attacks, mounting social and political unrest, large-scale forced migrations, and an escalating danger of nuclear war. There […]
I heartily thank Green Mountain Care Board members Owen Foster and Thom Walsh for their pointed grilling of OneCare's highly paid executives for one piece of evidence that OneCare has done any good for Vermonters.  As Owen Foster, the care board’s new chair, said, “Vermonters, either through taxpayer-funded health care groups, out-of-pocket expenses, copays or […]
It worries me to see uncertainty and doubt being spread when the topic of the minimum wage (and whether to increase it) comes up, so I am writing to provide a bit of clarity and context that I hope readers will find useful. Firstly, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office estimated last year that incrementally raising […]
VTDigger’s article Nov. 14 on Brattleboro's incredible new mural art did a nice job highlighting the work of the Afghan ArtLords in beautifying the community.  But the way the article counterposed mural art and graffiti was unfortunate. Its framing of the murals as a solution to "spray-painted swear words, followed by a slapped-on coat of […]
I have been a part-time resident of Vermont for 20 years. I try to buy local and be a good neighbor. I read where some parts of Vermont want to let noncitizens vote. Why can’t a noncitizen vote in local elections on bond issues and school budgets? This country was founded on taxation without representation. […]
The recent decision of Congresswoman-elect Becca Balint and Senator-elect Peter Welch to free themselves of campaign contributions from a disgraced cryptocurrency tycoon, and direct those contributions to charitable organizations chosen by themselves,  adheres to what I take to be the long-held Democratic ethical standard. In 1992, a large national tobacco company made modest unsolicited contributions […]
I agree with the need for reform in medical costs.  At the beginning of the year, I started pool therapy at our local hospital recommended by my neurologist. When I received the bill for six 50-minute visits at $819 per visit, I canceled all remaining. This cost was out of pocket.  Perhaps hospitals should be […]
Any war is a tragedy, especially for civilians Since February, the bitter war in Ukraine has diverted attention from the past seven-plus years in which the U.S. has facilitated war and supply blockades in Yemen. The long-term virtual famine of Yemeni civilians is one result. Ignoring America's involvement doesn’t make it go away.  Since 2018, […]
I realize that paying for education is a complex issue, but these taxes are forcing seniors living on limited income to sell their homes, as they can't afford to live in them. Along with rising heating costs, homeownership is slipping away from Vermonts' senior citizens. As Vermont has a high number of senior citizens (who […]
A minimum wage is always going to be a minimum wage. It will always have the same buying power. We see that every time. Wages go up and the cost of goods and services go up.  It does one other thing. It eliminates jobs and makes it more difficult for an unskilled and somewhat unemployable […]