Letters to the Editor

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As we round the corner on the holiday season, those of us who celebrate Christmas are faced with the age-old question: Is a real or fake Christmas tree better for the environment?  One would assume cutting down any tree is bad for the environment, but actually, the answer is more complicated. According to the National […]
In your recent article on the cleanup effort proposed for PFAS contamination caused by Saint-Gobain, this quote jumped out: "When asked where waste from the cleanup will be dumped, Saint-Gobain said it ‘will be disposed at a lined landfill that is approved by the state to handle materials of this type.’” Likely, that landfill is […]
Ms. O'Meara's commentary regarding the proposed youth detention center (in Newbury) is spot-on in respect of public safety.  I should add that the whole process also smacks of corruption. How is it that the state is covering court expenses for the prospective proprietor, Becket, based in New Hampshire, with public money?  I pay my fair […]
How disappointing it was to see our Democrat-controlled Senate side with the corporate interests of the United States in the recent squelching of the Railway Workers' Union bid for justice through the use of the only tool at its disposal, a strike.  In my opinion, this is only the latest example of how no matter […]
I appreciate and always look forward to your reporting on Covid rates in Vermont. Since your updates seem to refer to PCR test results only, and with the assumption that PCR tests might be prohibitively expensive for much of our state's population, might it not be helpful to include the cost of PCR tests in […]
The Nov. 27 commentary titled Vermont’s climate plan is built on a foundation made of paper contains many important points regarding the Vermont climate change policies, particularly around renewable energy. But the encouraged policy mandating more in-state renewable energy generation is not the best approach for reducing carbon emissions. Simply adding more renewables, particularly solar, […]
Democratic Party head Jim Dandeneau is certainly correct that “Vermonters care about being able to support themselves and their families,” yet he strangely omits our state’s health care nightmare from his list of “Vermonters’ agenda” items. We suffer from a growing doctor shortage and lengthy waits for an appointment. The state’s own survey indicates that […]
The idea put forth that primary care providers can provide more care for nonemergency conditions is not working. In theory it works, but not in practice. If one needs to know if a situation is emergency-worthy and call their primary care provider, if they are fortunate to have one, that very brief call costs you […]
Why is the cost of gas so high? Because big oil has been profiteering.  For example: • Oil giant Chevron raked in $11.2 billion in profits from July through September. • Exxon did even better, making $19.7 billion in profits over just those three months — its most profitable quarter ever. • In fact, the […]
Bruce Seifer, who died last week, was one of the most influential unelected persons in Burlington's last 30 years.  As a staff member of the Community and Economic Development Office, he authored the compelling "Jobs and People" economic report to the city and a national book on local development. He helped create the Vermont Employee […]