Letters to the Editor

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I agree with the letter taking OneCare to task. If they are managing health care, they do it poorly.  Take for instance the portal systems available in hospitals, specialists and primary care offices. A patient needs to have numerous passwords for each service — one for primary care, one for a cardiologist, one for an […]
I urge VTDigger to do a story on what taxes really cost Vermonters.  I am paying between 45% and 50% of my income in taxes currently. As a retired Vermonter who really wants to stay here but pays $700 a month in property taxes, 30% in income taxes, gas taxes, diesel taxes, internet taxes, taxes […]
If law enforcement is going to have any credibility at all, the Franklin county sheriff, John Grismore, has got to go. He never should have been on the ballot in the first place. It’s this type of loser that discredits law enforcement in general. These kinds of law enforcement losers have got to be purged […]
As much as I never wanted to admit it, I was sexually targeted by a group of boys in my grade and a family member before my 15th birthday, and it made for a huge problem being around naked or scantily dressed girls in the locker room, even of my own gender, as they would […]
After reading another story about school locker room use I offer a very simple solution. Let’s have entirely unisex bathrooms and locker rooms in all schools.  Let's remove the entire opportunity to offend anyone when it comes to adults passing judgment on bathroom/locker room policy in schools. We could take it further with no boys- […]
I recently became reacquainted with the word polycrisis. The Cascade Institute has listed a number of crises that need fixing: climate heating, biodiversity loss, pandemics, widening economic inequalities, financial system instability, ideologic extremism, pernicious social impacts of digitalization, cyber-attacks, mounting social and political unrest, large-scale forced migrations, and an escalating danger of nuclear war. There […]
I heartily thank Green Mountain Care Board members Owen Foster and Thom Walsh for their pointed grilling of OneCare's highly paid executives for one piece of evidence that OneCare has done any good for Vermonters.  As Owen Foster, the care board’s new chair, said, “Vermonters, either through taxpayer-funded health care groups, out-of-pocket expenses, copays or […]
It worries me to see uncertainty and doubt being spread when the topic of the minimum wage (and whether to increase it) comes up, so I am writing to provide a bit of clarity and context that I hope readers will find useful. Firstly, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office estimated last year that incrementally raising […]
VTDigger’s article Nov. 14 on Brattleboro's incredible new mural art did a nice job highlighting the work of the Afghan ArtLords in beautifying the community.  But the way the article counterposed mural art and graffiti was unfortunate. Its framing of the murals as a solution to "spray-painted swear words, followed by a slapped-on coat of […]
I have been a part-time resident of Vermont for 20 years. I try to buy local and be a good neighbor. I read where some parts of Vermont want to let noncitizens vote. Why can’t a noncitizen vote in local elections on bond issues and school budgets? This country was founded on taxation without representation. […]