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Back in the days of mainframes, there was a big red "off" switch. One day, a programmer's daughter tripped it on accident and turned the whole mainframe off. Twice. So, they put a big plexiglass cover over the big red switch. That sort of switch cover is called a molly-guard (after the girl's name) and […]
Shouldn’t the higher priority regarding the effects of our dairy industry be making sure streams, rivers and lakes are cleaned up, before worrying about belching cows? Considering that China and India are building more coal-fired power plants every day, and are not bound to change direction by the toothless Paris agreement, putting farmers out of […]
Murders, knifings, criminal gangs, police raids: it all sounds like Chicago in the 1920s, but it’s actually Bennington County in recent months. Almost daily, local papers carry news of another police raid or drug arrest, many linked to Massachusetts-based criminal gangs. Vermont is a target for drug activity: when there are people who are addicted […]
The proposed amendment (Article 22/Proposal 5) is a disaster. Both pro-choice and pro-life Vermonters should vote it down. What kind of reproductive autonomy does a woman have if she wants an abortion and her male partner says no? Or the other way around? That's even worse!  When both have equal "reproductive autonomy," neither has it. […]
The author of the commentary titled “Patriotism 2.0: What does it mean to love one’s country?”, speaking from a mother’s perspective, wonders whether a little bit of territory in Ukraine is worth the loss of life on both sides of this war. The answer, of course, is no, but appeasement was tried before to placate […]
Some Vermont residents are working to mitigate climate change by switching from fossil fuels to electricity in their cars and homes. Today, the Vermont electric grid is fueled mostly by renewable and nuclear fuels. However, not all “renewable fuels” are the same.  Wood-fired electricity, while called “carbon neutral” by the EPA, is not in the […]
It’s easy to forget these days that Covid is not the only contagion ravaging the globe. Second to Covid, communities and families around the world are also still plagued daily by tuberculosis, which has killed and negatively affected people for generations. This is despite the fact that TB is preventable, treatable and curable. TB is […]
Ukrainians — and I know them because I've lived there — are a proud and resilient people. They will not give up their land for peace as the author of the Sept. 18 commentary “What does it mean to love one’s country?” suggests. They will fight for every piece of it and this includes women […]
This coming November election, Vermonters will vote on an amendment (known as Proposal 5 or Article 22) to the Vermont Constitution that creates a new right to "personal reproductive autonomy” for all, including children and men. One very serious result in Proposal 5/Article 22 is that our elected lawmakers would be prohibited from ever passing […]
When you contact Efficiency Vermont about anything but a heat pump for your house they don't even acknowledge contact. It seems like big ticket items are all they care about. Electric cars? Great. More bus routes, insulation, new windows, heat pumps? Great! Is this a public service or an organization that gets a percentage? John […]