Letters to the Editor

We invite you to write considered responses on topics covered by VTDigger. The letters will be published several times a week, depending on the number submitted. They will appear on the front page of VTDigger and at this archive. To submit a letter, complete the form here.

Well, we all would love to have our own tax-exempt status (you know — military pensions, Social Security, et al.).  We need to remember that each exemption increases the burden […]
After reading the recent VTDigger report on Sheriff Newton, listening to an older VPR podcast regarding Vermont sheriffs and the recent article on “Policing for Profit,” it is my belief […]
Since the beginning of this century, we have had two presidential elections where the candidate with the second-most votes has won, thanks to the antidemocratic Electoral College system. This obviously […]
Vermont Public former Radio's new "brand," dropping the apparently-old-fashioned word "Radio" from its name, is a misguided gesture made worse by the result: A dangling non-phrase with a pair of […]
I agree with all the points that Allen Gilbert made in his commentary about Act 60 and the common benefits clause in the Vermont Constitution. Unfortunately, the Brigham decision missed […]
The sheriff’s departments are the oldest law enforcement organizations in the state. Windsor County’s department has three state-paid employees — the high sheriff, and two full-time transport deputies. Everybody else […]
In a recent letter to the editor submitted by Dr. Dianne Pierson regarding the idea of the city of Burlington issuing gun licenses to those that wish to carry a […]
The word is out that “safe” exposure limits to PFAS chemicals are drastically lower than previously estimated. This is what scientists who study the health effects of these chemicals have […]
Medicare’s goal is to have all traditional Medicare recipients in managed care arrangements by 2030 (see Page 13). That’s bureaucratic-speak for privatizing Medicare. The millions of people on traditional Medicare […]
While being interviewed by a member of the press, I was told that there were "many truths" to the debate over the Vermont Abenaki. I told this individual that there […]