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I own a fine art gallery. I often have to send fully framed 18" x 24" prints to patrons at a shipping and handling cost of about $100 per print. Sometimes I shipped two or three prints at a time. UPS is a very reliable method of fulfilling my packaging and shipments. When Mike Desautels […]
Many years ago I worked with someone who moved to North Chittenden. (The town, not county) He could not understand why there was no cable TV, no Bank of America branch, no pizza delivery to his door, or why when he stopped by the Wooden Barrel and asked “Who wants to make money?” all present […]
OneCare Vermont is called an accountable care organization, but the word “accountable” is a serious misnomer. This private corporation has received over $1 billion in public Medicaid money since 2017, but refuses to turn over much of its salary information to the state's auditor. Vermont’s Attorney General has rightly sued OneCare so we can learn […]
I thank Bill Schubart for his excellent commentary “Health Care — a lucrative business or a definable right.”   Schubart summed up what has become an eternal debate in this country since FDR’s New Deal of the 1930s, “Confirming health care as a basic human right in law is the natural starting point. Are we ready […]
I am writing to correct Enrique Corredera’s inaccurate statements regarding the area studies programs at UVM in his rebuttal to your Feb. 4 article, “UVM faculty and students hold teach-in to protest cuts in liberal arts courses,”  First, Corredera claims that “We are not losing these programs. They will be incorporated into Global Studies as […]
I believe if you research the point, the U,S, 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in California decided it was unconstitutional to regulate magazine size. This means if the plaintiffs decides to take the case to federal court, they may find Vermont ruling (that the Legislature can restrict the size of firearms magazines) unconstitutional. It may take […]
I am very much in favor of having a choice of an in-person or a telephone visit with my primary care doctor for routine matters, and I will expect my Medicare and Emblem Health (GHI) coverage to include a telephone visit.  I am 87 years old, in remarkably good health for my age (so say […]
The real estate boom is sending a ripple effect throughout Vermont's housing economy that leaves low- and moderate-income Vermonters in need of housing holding the bag. Real estate brokers report a shortage of listings, yet the reason is not hard to find. Supply-and-demand can ratchet prices up as much as even 91% but the dilemma […]
VM President Garimella's "No excuse needed for transformational change in higher ed" (Feb. 17) presents a curious disconnect between public relations utterance and concrete action. To justify proposing harsh cuts to the College of Arts and Sciences, Garimella declares, "Many employers are dissatisfied with the critical thinking and communications skills of college graduates." Why then […]
“They who give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” ~ Benjamin Franklin. It saddens me to see the state in which I was born fall to fear, because at the end of the day that’s what this law is all about — fear. The politicians in Montpelier […]