Letters to the Editor

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Don Keelan’s “When news reporting about taxes can be misleading” is itself misleading. First, his claim that “the shenanigans of the Watergate era are still with us” ignores the fact that the IRS had tens of thousands of employees, any one of whom could have leaked these documents. During Watergate, the leaks and other “shenanigans” […]
We are at a real crossroads in our country as most Americans can afford neither health care coverage nor the cost of prescription drugs. Several state and national plans are being discussed to try to make health care a right and not a privilege in the U.S. Unfortunately, there are still too many folks who […]
Forest Plan logging carries the sanction of somehow serving “natural resource” protection. This is an assumption that demands more careful reporting.  Forests are essential players in carbon sequestration. There is no “management” of forests that can improve on the role of forests in their essential business of sequestering carbon. Pretending otherwise is to pit economic […]
Women not only will accept lower wages, they themselves undervalue their labor.  I myself have accepted a lower wage so I could get the job and “prove” myself. In one instance, I was head chef in a Stowe restaurant many years ago. When I went in, the health department gave them a C-minus. I raised […]
I enjoy Mark Bushnell’s “Then Again” essays greatly, and I learn wonderful essence and trivia of Vermont history from them, not least from this week’s essay on the billboard ban.  However, I was aghast when I read that “Vermont began again to look much as it had in the days before the car” in the […]
In “OneCare is not the problem with Vermont’s health care” (June 28), Michael Long asserts that “fee-for-service … is the reason health care in the U.S. is the most expensive, but not the most effective.”  That’s a questionable claim at best. Canada, for example, largely continues to rely on fee-for-service within its single-payer health care […]
I largely agree with Narain Batra's essay, published July 6.  But Batra misses an important point, which is credibility of sources. Batra loses credibility when he mentions Wikileaks but then doesn't mention that Julian Assange was held in solitary confinement in England at the request of the U.S. government.  Putin's involvement in disinformation has in […]
Some want to proclaim we do not understand OneCare.  OneCare is the impossible response to a ridiculous federal option to prepay doctors and their associated administrative staff at hospitals and offices for our health. Now they want to take over the role of community social services, as the MBAs/MDs who have sucked our health care […]
In response to the letter June 30, “A greener future is in our grasp, but only if we act intelligently”: I agree with Anne Watson that quick action on climate change is needed. I agree that there is much to like about the path for this President Biden has laid out. Unfortunately, the president's prescription […]
Rachel Fisher's allegations of sexual assault, as reported in VTDigger on June 29, point to the broader need for certifying police officers.  I happen to think that the police should be funded more, and better, not for fancier weapons, but to foster better training and professionalism along with accountability. This should include training in racial- […]