Letters to the Editor

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I strongly support Kesha Ram Hinsdale for the work she has done since first getting elected to the House and now the Senate. She Introduced Vermont’s first environmental protection bill and now will see it passed. She is a founding member of Emerge VT and the Bright Institute.  She is known throughout the state as […]
David Flemming’s “Stopping the bleeding with pension reform” (VTDigger, Jan. 3) is an exercise in semantic misdirection and strategic omission. He tells you that defined contribution pension plans — typified by 401(k)s — solve the problem of traditional “defined benefit” pension plans being underfunded.  He avoids telling you why that is: Defined contribution plans are, […]
Watching the near real-time animation, via telemetry signals from the telescope, of the unfolding of the large mirror of the James Webb Space Telescope was truly magnificent. To soon be able to see clearly, way further back in time, to better understand the mechanics of our universe, and to bring these accomplishments back home, may […]
An open letter to U.S. Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt.: Thank you for your service and insight. I read your comments after a day of immersion in the attack, investigations and reflection of Jan. 6, 2021. With all due respect, I ask you to get together with your colleagues and other certified Americans in Congress and […]
This is in response to a commentary by Greg Pierce Jan. 5. Greg has obviously never used an electric vehicle for any length of time. In fact, the home charging system was provided free of charge by Green Mountain Power (so at minimal cost), it takes about 10 seconds to plug it in at the […]
It looks like the program to pay people to move to Vermont has paid off, at least according to the recent 2021 United Van Lines annual survey. My concern is that the people we are paying may not need the money or even want to work! According to the 2021 United Van Lines survey, 74.3 […]
I wanted to point out that it is possible to check the FDA website to see what Covid tests have been approved, which enables a consumer to be able to purchase test kits from manufacturers directly, when available.  I bought antigen tests directly from one company for $13 for a pack of two tests.  The […]
I’ve read about the free home tests for Covid, distributed to school kids and at various Vermont state sites, which quickly run out as the younger, healthier individuals are scooping up all these free tests, and we seniors can’t get out as easily, and yet couldn’t afford to buy these kits, even if we actually […]
It was encouraging to see the commentary about community land trusts and the work being done in Lamoille County and Hardwick. Years ago, my then partner and I tried to start a rural cohousing community that would have preserved two working farms in the town of Ryegate. Despite some support from a private foundation and […]
The most exciting aspect of the upcoming 2022 election is that Vermont, for the first time, might send a woman to Congress. While Molly Grey and Becca Balint have already announced their intent to run, I am hoping that we are going to hear from state Sen. Kesha Ram Hinsdale. Despite being younger, it appears […]