Letters to the Editor

7-day quarantine, then a test, then the results

Nov 11 2020, 11:09 AM

In relation to new travel guidance, your article Nov. 10 states that "the quarantine can be cut in half, to seven days, if the person tests negative for Covid-19." However, this is incomplete information.

The person coming to or returning to Vermont must quarantine for seven days and THEN be tested for Covid. They must remain in quarantine until they receive their test results. Only after receiving a negative test result may the person emerge from quarantine. 

Giving partial information leads to misunderstandings and misinterpretations and could lead to spread of virus imported from other areas. In this case, people reading this article may think they can be tested before coming back to Vermont and then stay in quarantine for seven days or they think they can test immediately upon return. 

I am a school nurse and I find myself trying to correct these misunderstandings among staff and family members. 

Many people do not think to ask, but may act according to incomplete information, thus putting more Vermonters at risk. Thank you for correcting this and for giving more accurate and complete information in the future.

Claire Lindberg Ph.D., RN