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2013 Foundations

$75,000 - Ethics & Excellence in Journalism

$25,000 - Ben & Jerry's Foundation

$25,000 - Knight Foundation Community Information Challenge Grant

$25,000 - The Vermont Community Foundation

$15,000 - J. Warren and Lois McClure Foundation

$15,000 - Johnson Family Foundation

$10,251 - Gracie L. Bradley Trust

$10,000 - Evslin Family Fund

$10,000 - Maverick Lloyd Foundation

$5,000 - Tulgey Wood Foundation

$2,500 - The Permanent Fund for the Well-Being of Vermont Children

$2,000 - Keelan Family Foundation

$2,000 - Morris and Bessie Altman Foundation

$2,000 - Unnamed fund via VCF

$1,500 - Norman J. and Doris Fisher Foundation

$1,250 - Fund for Investigative Journalism

$1,000 - Hinda and Joel Miller Fund

$500 - Deborah and Wayne Grandquist Fund

$500 - Simon/Gannon Family Fund

$500 - Unnamed fund via VCF

$200 - Elsie B. Eaton Fund for Animals

$150 - Klein Fox Family Fund

2013 Business Donors

$3,500 - Union Mutual Fire Insurance Co.

$3,000 - Cabot Creamery Cooperative of Vermont

$500 - Sirotkin & Necrason

$500 - Vermont State Employees Association

$300 - Oracle Corporation Matching Gifts Program

$250 - Betsy M. and Daniel E. Chodorkoff

$250 - Concept 2

$250 - Vermont Business Roundtable

$240 - Associated General Contractors

$150 - 99 Enterprises, Inc

$150 - Vermont Assembly of Home Health Agencies

$120 - Vermont Council of Developmental and Mental Health Services

$120 - Vermont Right To Life

$100 - Capital Connections LLC

$100 - Lake Shore Drive Shopping Center

$100 - Google matching program

$100 - State of VT Developmental Disabilities Council

$100 - Kingdom County Productions

$80 - Vermont Auto Dealers Association

$75 - Meredith Corporation

$75 - The Tiferet Center Inc.


$40 - Otis & Kennedy, LLC

$35 - Vermont Land Trust

$25 - Vermonters for Sustainable US Population

$15 - Caledonian-Record Publishing Company

2013 Contributing Readers


John Kern & Valerie Hurley


Carin F. Pratt

Charlotte S. Metcalf

Cheryl Galloway

David and Margaret Coates

Ellen Oxfeld

Frances Stoddard

Gaye Symington

George Burrill

H. Allen Gilbert and Lila M. Richardson

Ina Smith and Thomas P. Johnson

Jeffrey Temer

John D. Shullenberger, Esq.

John Fitzhugh

Julia Geer

Kevin Ellis and Kimberly Hackett

Lawrence D. Copp and Patricia L. Weaver

Mark Johnson

Maxwell King

Oliver Olsen

Pat Sears

Peter Metz

Robert Stannard

Steve Terry

Stewart Skrill

Unnamed donors via Schwab

Warren B. King, TTEE

William K. and Ruth K. Porter

$200 - $499

Alan Woodbury

Alexander Aldrich

Anne E. Cramer, Esq.

Anthony J. and Jacqueline C. Marro

Barbara Heilman

Barry M. and Susan M. Feinberg

Bill Mares and Christine Hadsel

Bob Zeliff

Butternut Mountain Farm

Carol Durett

Cash Donations at Gillmor events

Catherine C. and Edward B. Koren

Charles Beaudette

Christopher & Constance Brown

David Beatty

David M. Stoll and Elizabeth R. Sutton

Dorigen Keeney

Dr. Carol Anne Vassar

Dr. Daniel McCauliffe

Edwin I. Colodny, Trust

Ernest Pomerleau

Gregory Mikkelson

James Johnson

James Wilbur

Jane E. Knodell and Ted A. Wimpey

Jeanne B. Kennedy

John A. Dillon and Kimberly Hagen

John Canning

Karen Meyer

Kirby Dunn

Laura Black

MacNeil Building

Marjorie Power

Mary L. Bronson

Mike and Merry Matukonis

Missy Kraus

Paul W. Hannan

Peter Sterling

Peter Yankowski

Prospero Gogo

Representative William F. and Ursula S. Johnson

Representative William G. F. and Ruth Botzow

Robert A. Summers and Orly Yadin

Robert Fairbanks

Robert Gensburg

Robert Qua

Roger Tubby

Roni and Warren Coleman

Senator John Campbell

Staige Davis

Steven Jeffrey

Susan Hoyt

Susan Ritz

T.R. Jackson

Tiffany Bluemle

Todd K. and Lauren M. Bailey

Tom Pelham

Wendy Morgan

William Gefell

$75 - $199

Aimee E. Picchi and Peter S. Dodds

Alexandra Forbes

Alison Lockwood

Amy Shollenberger

Andrew Brewer

Ann Seibert

Annabelle Williams

Anonymous Donor

Arthur W. and Elizabeth M. Schmidt

Avram Patt

Barbara Waters

Beach Conger

Beatrice De Rocco

Brenda Clarkson

Brendan N. Buckley

Brian Campion

Brian Machesney

Brian Searles

Candace Page

Carol Ode

Carolyn & Christopher Branagan

Catherine G. Peltz and Representative Philip Peltz, III

Charles Kletecka and Robert Dostis

Charles Moore

Charles Rainwater

Christine P. and Christine Graham

Christopher Donnelly and Nina Chill

Chuck Wooster

Clara Bond

Cliff Harper

Clint Coleman

Clive Gray

Conchessa Chess Brownell

Cynthia West

David Bryan

David Deen & Associates

David Ellenbogen

David Goodman

David McGowan

David R. Chipman

David Wright

Deborah Bouton

Deborah Brighton

Deborah Kimbell

Deborah Wolf and Senator Anthony Pollina

Didi Brush

Donald & Allison Hooper

Donald H. and Gail Turner

Donald Mayer

Donna G. Sweaney and Dr. William J. Ballantyne

Dorothy Tod

Douglas Wacek

Dr. Allan and Ann T. Ramsay

Dr. Ann E. Raynolds

Dr. David Mindich

Edward Clark

Edward Farquhar and Janis C. Finelli

Edward J. Gallagher and Pemela S. Savely

Edward Jaffe

Edward Morrow

Edward Paquin

Eileen S. and Richard A. Dickinson

Elinor Osborn

Elizabeth Bankowski

Ellen and Donald F. Shepheard

Ellen Shapiro

Faith Parker

Floyd W. Nease and Cindy Barnes-Nease

Frank Seawright

Gary Clark

George Hall

George Plumb

Governor Madeleine M. Kunin

Grant C. Reynolds

Gregory S. and Toni G. Morgan

Henry Chauncey, Jr.

Hester L. Fuller

Hinda Miller

J. D. Williams

J. Scott Cameron

Jack Crowl

James Harrison

James Maroney

James Wanner

Jason Cadwell

Jeanne Keller and Craig Fuller

Jeannie Tucker

Jeffrey D. and Irene Horbar

Jeffry Glassberg

Jennifer Chiodo and David M. Hardourt

Jeremy Berger

John & Jennifer Hollar

John Barbour

John Bloch and Rebecca Sheppard

John Collins

John F. Buddington

John McClaughry

John McClaughry

John S. and Kathryn O. Greenberg

John Sutich

Jon Porter

Jonathan Siegel

Joseph Woodin

Juliana E. Potter

Kathleen H. and Robert S. Swanson

Kathryn Callaghan

Keith J. Kasper and Francine S. Pomerantz

Kenneth and Kathryn Boyle

Kenneth and Robin Leslie

Kenneth J. Hertz and Catherine Rader

Kristofer Anderson

Kristy K. Sprengler

Laura Carlsmith

Laural Ruggles

Lawrence Connolly

Leah Langstaff

Lieutenant Governor Philip Scott

Linda J. Prescott

Lisa Scagliotti

Margaret Elmer

Margaret Kannenstine

Margaret M Berlin

Margaret Ramsdell

Marilyn and William Edgerton

Marilyn Frederick

Mark Foley

Martha A. and Stephen A. Feltus

Martin H. Wolf

Mary W. Peacock

Matthew Dunne

Maura Versluys

Maureen A. White

Maurice Germain

Meg O'Donnell

merry shernock

Michael Bernhardt

Michael Boylen

Nancy K. Braus and Richard L. Geidel

Nathaniel Bacon

Ned Pike

Nina K. and Seth G. Coombs

Oliver R. Goodenough and Representative Alison H. Clarkson

Pat Robins

Patrick Flood

Paul and Mary Berlejung

Paul Bruhn

Paul L. Kendall & Sharon K. Rives

Pennie Beach

Peter L. and Alison B. Stromgren

Peter Romans

Peter Spitzform

Peter Sterling

R. Bruce Hiland

R. Sandford Jacobs

Raymond Long

Representative Ann P. Manwaring

Representative Cynthia T. Martin

Representative Jeffrey D. and Jacquelyne W. Wilson

Representative Kathleen C. Keenan

Representative Kathryn Webb

Representative Linda Waite-Simpson

Representative Patti Komline

Representative Tony Klein

Representative Warren Kitzmiller

Richard and Ellen Clattenburg

Richard Clark

Richard D. Eno and Janet Van Fleet

Richard Dana

Richard Kenney

Richard Saudek

Richard Virkstis

Rick Blount

Robert & Susan Titterton

Robert L. Hawk Trust

Robert Rovella

Robin P. and Edward G. Scheu

Rocki Lee DeWitt

Roger & Katharine Stone

Roger and Linda Fox

Rolf Mueller

Ron Alderman

Rural Vermont

Ruth E. Uphold

Samuel B. Ankerson

Sandra Bettis

Scott Giles

Senator Claire D. and Dr. Alan D. Ayer

Senator Jeanette K. and William M. White

Senator Martha B. Kitchel

Spencer Putnam

Stanley Crane

Stephen Comeau

Steven A. Merrill

Steven and Sharon Dunn Gordon

Steven Beatty

Stuart and Lucy Comstock-Gay

Susan and Hans Ohanian

Susan Mesner

Susan P. Hammond

Susan Polk

Ted Cody

The Tiferet Center Inc.

Thomas Little

Thomas MacLeay

Tracy N. Martin and David T. Gross

Vanstan Stevenson

Virginia Renfrew

Warren Buckles

Wendy & Charles Wilton

William & Cynthia Bittinger

William E. and Leigh J. Dakin

William J. Dodge

Wolfgang J. Weise and Kathleen Olwell

$50 - $74

A. Evan Eyler

Amelia Silver

Andrea L. Stander

Andrea Spertus

Ann and James N. Rademacher

Ann F. Damm

Ann M. Curran

Anne Brigham

Annette Higby

Anore Horton

Barbara Postman

Barry Kade

Barry Kopecky

Barry M. and Ann S. Cousins

Bonnie Clause

Bradford Towne

Brian Vachon

Cameron and Regina Thompson

Carole Naquin

Catherine and William J. Freese

Catherine Freese

Catherine L. Thomas and Herbert G. Ogden

Catherine Stewart

Charles Burnham

Charles Moore

Charlotte J. Osterlund

Cheryl E. Brush

Chet Greenwood

Chris Herbert

Chris Lenois

Christine Zachai

Clark Bensen

Claus Lund

Clifford Lumber, LLP

Cornelia Emlen

Cornelius & Jeannette Hogan

Daniel Albert

Danita Hanson

David Ambrose

David Brown

David C. and Kathryn B. Larsen

David Cyprian

David Hallquist

David J. Healy and Linda B. Gray

David Pittman

David Sleigh

Dawn and Kevin Francis

Deb Healey

Dianne Pallmerine

Donald Peterson

Donna E. Fitch and John V. McCullough

Douglas Reaves

Edward Flanagan

Edward Stanak and Joellen Mulvaney

Edwards and Ann R. Porter

Elia Gardner

Elizabeth Gilpin

Ellen Fein

Ellen Gershun and William Half

Eric Avildsen and Faith Ingulsrud

Frances A. and John P. Kinghorn

Frank The Welder

George and Dorothy Cross

Gerard & Kathleen Kilcourse

Glenn Mc Rae

Grace Gershuny

Hal Leyshon

Hale Irwin

Heidi E. Scheuermann

Henry Busetti

Herbert and Catherine Wilcox

Hilary Niles and Rick Agran

Jacob Brown

James and Clorinda Leddy

James Condon

Janet M. and David P. Panebaker

Jason Kelley

Jean Boynton

Jean Olson

Jessica Oski

Jill Arace

Joan E. Knight

Joanna Cole

Joanna Weinstock

John Davidson

John L. Warshow

John R. and Ann B. Owen

John S. Walters

Joseph Di Natale

Josh and Jennifer Castle

Joyce A. Lemire

Joyce Werntgen

Judith D. and Representative William C. Stevens

Kai Mikkel Forlie

Karen Conner

Karen Hein

Karen Lafayette

Kari R. Bradley and Gabrielle M. Malina

Kate Van Dine

Katharine C. Whiteley

Kathryn Jorgensen

Ken Libertoff

Kimberly Friedman

Kitty Shumlin

Lancelot Phelps

Laura Williams

Laurie Emery

Laurie Harrison

Lawrence E. Auclair

Lawrence P. Cupoli

Lee Madden

Leslie & Timothy Nulty

Linda Deliduka

Liz Ruffa

Loron Oster

Louise Giovanella

Lowell Symmes

Lyndon Carew

Lynn Mansfield

M. Anore Horton and Felicia A. Kornbluh

M. Richard and Constance Jamieson

Magdalena Dale

Marc Sherman

Margaret and Arnold Gundersen

Margaret Flory

Mark Kevorkian

Martha and Tom Douglass

Mary Deaett

Mary M. and Timothy R. Volk

Melissa Moon

Meredith Angwin

Michael Kilfoye

Michael Roosevelt

Michele Kupersmith

Mildred LaBeur

Milly Moore & Associates

Mitchell R. Fleischer

Patricia French

Patrick Biggam

Patrick Zachary

Paul Heintz

Paul Lorenzini

Peter and Julie Voll

Peter Gregory

Peter Harvey and Lucy Wollaeger

Representative Alice Miller

Representative Anne L. and Thomas A. Gallivan

Representative Timothy Jerman

Richard Faesy

Richard Taylor

Rilla Murray

Rita Pitkin

Robert A. Lloyd

Robert and Louise Messner

Robert Appel

Robert Erickson

Robert G. McCabe and Joyce M. Dobbertin

Robert Willey

Robert Wolford

Roberta Bennett

Roberta Dubrowsky

Robin and Bob Arnell

Robin Ingenthron

Ronald Marmon

Ruth Sproull

Sally Kathryn Mathieson

Sarah Jarvis

Scott Bassage

Scott Campitelli

Senator William T. Doyle

Sheryl M. Rapee-Adams

Steve Libby

Steven Wisbaum and Suzanne Lourie

Steven Young

Stewart Clark

Susan L. Deppe, MD

Susan L. Wizowaty and J. G. Robinson

Susan Segal

Susan Smiley

Tammie Consejo

Teresa Keegan and Michael Goldberg

Thomas Cecere

Thomas Durkin

Timothy Noonan

Tony Dominick

Wallace Roberts

Walter Luchini

Wayne Fawbush and Roberta A. Harold

Wayne Senville

Willa Farrell and Kathleen Hentcy

Willem Post

William Dalton

William Frank

William Livingston

William New

Young Eng


$25 - $49

Adam Kahn

Alan Regier

Alan Taplow

Andrea Kuenn

Anna Sykas and Fred Crowley

Anne Lezak

Anne Linton/Elston

Anonymous Donor

Anonymous Donor

Anonymous Donor

Anthony Gierzynski

Anthony Redington

Arthur R. Richter

Barbara Delzio

Barbara F. Ritter

Barbara S. Nielsen

Beth Greene

Beth Rockwell

Betty and Katherine Clark

Bonnie Dash

Brian Appleberry

Brian Tokar

Catherine Herlihy

Cathy A. Reynolds

Cathy Rickerby

Charles Goodwin

Charles Haas

Charles Kittredge

Chris Lewis

Christine Dyke

Christopher A. Bray

Christopher Owen

Clare Innes

Cook Trust, Jane P.

Dan Barrett

Daniel Wing

David and Tammy Dempsey

David Pardo

Dawn K. Andrews

Diane Tetrault

Don Webster

Donna Russo

Dorothy Bergin

Douglas B. and Lynne Westin

Eileen Andreoli and Michael Mahoney

Eileen Boland

Eileen Elliott

Elizabeth and Peter Hebert

Elsie Gilmore

Francine Levine

Frank J. Higbie and Paula Distabile-Higbie

Frank J. Stanley

Fred G. Hill

Fred Pond

Fredric Woogmaster

Gabrielle A. Stebbins and Pierre Van Der Merwe

Gary Di Maggio

Glenn Jarrett

Gregory Schipa

Harrison Snapp

Heather Riemer

Helen Head

Hester Fuller

J Barton Elliott

J. Tyler and Ann K. Resch

Jade Walker

James Arisman

James Bezak

James Bolton

James M. Dean and Cherly D. Dean, Ph.D

Jan Cannon Films

Jane Campbell and Ted Zilius

Janet Nielsen

Jeff Wehrwein

Jessica Edgerly and Benjamin Edgerly Walsh

Jim Moorcroft

Joe Choquette

John and Lisa Freitag

John Bence

John Freitag

John Hammer

John Lippman

Jonathan Sairs

Joseph Fusco

Joyce Hendley and Henrik Lumholdt

Julia Curry

Julia Shaw

Kaj Samsom

Karen Schwartz

Katherine Smith

Kathleen Duclos

Katrin Tchana

Kenneth Canning

Lawrence Lackey

Linda Markin

Ma Eversole

Maggie York

Marc Estrin

Marcel Beaudin

Margaret McKay and Andrew L. Shinn

Maria B Belliveau

Marianne Corona

Mark Bowen

Martin Poppe

Mary Alice Bisbee

Mary and Bruce Post

Mary Helen Bentley

Mary Stephens

Matthew Choate

Matthew Malinowski

Michael and Marion Abajian

Michael Curtis

Michael J. Maloney

Michael J. Obuchowski

Michael Ladd, Sr.

Michael Levine

Michael Sabourin

Michael Yantachka

Monica Litzelman

Moshe Braner

Nancy Clapp

Neil and Vicki-Ann Downing

Norbert Rhinerson

Page Guertin

Patricia Bermon

Paul Carnahan

Paul Costello

Paul Denton

Paul Donovan

Peter Bennett

Peter Miller

Peter Tenenbaum

Philip Conroy

Philip Grantham

Phillip Lovely

Priscilla Wilson

Rachel Gundel

Rebecca Guenther

Rebecca M. Copans

Representative Anne H. Mook

Representative Janet Ancel

Representative John Moran

Representative Maida F. Townsend

Representative Mark A. Higley

Representative Martha P. Heath

Reverend Mary Robb Mansfield

Richard Wickman

Rob Reiber

Robert Bast

Robert Fireovid

Robert Naylor

Roberta G. Nubile

Roger Beaudin

Ronni G. Solbert

Sara Giannoni

Sarah MacMillan

Scott Beaudin

Scott Garren

Sean Marie Oller

Stephen B. Sease

Stephen Morris

Stephen Trahan

Susan W. and David E. Potter

Thomas and Sandra Vondrasek Cooch

Thomas Kennedy

Timothy Lee Fritz

William and Sandra Cathey

William Wessel

$10 - $24

Al Walskey

Amanda Legare

Angelique Lee

Anne B. Donahue

Anonymous donor

Audrey Famette

Bernice J. Vogel

Bruce Lierman

Candace Neary

Charlie Morse

Chris Rich

Christine Evans

Chrysanne Chotas

Connie Krosney

Cynthia Kuhnel

David Carpenter

David Kreindler

Deborah Whitney

Dennis P. Bowen

Duane Davis

Elizabeth Allen

Ellen M. and Peter J. Waldman

Emma Jane Zavez

Erica Garfin

Gary Kessler

George Hajduczek

Gerald C. Silverstein

Gregory Dennis

Gregory Lapworth

Harriet Cady

Holly Pedrini

James Barker

Jeffrey Lewis

Jennifer Durgin

Jennifer Karson

Jill Olson

Joan Dinsmore

Joan Grossman

Joanne Ferris Forkey

Joey Kulkin

John Laggis

John Van Hoesen

Judith Sargent

Kathleen Ryan

Keith Stern

Kevin Goslant

Kim Greenwood

Leanne Jewett

Leslie Wilcox

Margaret Laggis

Maria Royle

Marilyn Houston

Mark J Pappalardo

Mary and Chris Lintermann

Mary Harbaugh

Matthew Patterson

Newcomb Greenleaf

Oliver F. Clarke

Patricia Goodrich

Paula Schramm

Peter C and Laurel A. Pierce

Peter F. Leonard

Randall Koch

Raymond Hathaway

Rebecca Pfeiffer

Representative Constance N. Quimby

Ron Krupp

Ronald M. Krupp

Ruth Gaillard

Ryan Morra

Samuel Buckley

Seth Bongartz

Sheila Reed

Steven Stein

Susan H. and Jeffrey P. Potter

Theodore Fetter

Theodore Marcy

Timothy Price

Toni Clithero

Wendy Simpers

William Cobb

William Conlon

William Lawrence

William Pettersen IV

William Powell

Yvonne Straus


2012 Contributing Subscribers


  • Union Mutual Fire Insurance Co.


  • John Fitzhugh


  • Magdalena Dale

$1000 +

  • Altman Foundation
  • Cheryl Galloway
  • William K. and Ruth K. Porter
  • Jonathan Larsen
  • Doug and Margaret Clifton
  • Ina Smith
  • Charles Lacy

$500 +

  • Susan Hoyt
  • Elizabeth Chant
  • H. Allen Gilbert and Lila M. Richardson
  • Claire Ault
  • Robert DiPalma
  • Keelan Family Foundation
  • Chelsea Green Publishing Chelsea Green Publishing
  • David Coates
  • Bill Mares and Christine Hadsel

$300 +

  • Julia Geer
  • Susan L. Kimmerly, EdD and Marcel Rocheleau
  • Tony Klein
  • Oliver Olsen
  • Tiffany Bluemle
  • Warren Buckles
  • James Johnson
  • Henry Chauncey Jr
  • John A. Dillon
  • Robin Lloyd
  • Anthony J. & Jacqueline C. Marro
  • Maxwell King
  • Catherine C. Koren

$150 +

  • Pennie Beach
  • Michael Bernhardt
  • John Bloch and Rebecca Sheppard
  • Carolyn & Christopher Branagam
  • Butternut Mountain Farm
  • David R. Chipman
  • Susan Clark
  • Senator William T. Doyle
  • Rachel Hexter
  • Steven Jeffrey
  • Michael J. Obuchowski
  • Virginia Renfrew
  • Robert Rovella
  • Brian Vachon
  • Jeffrey D. and Jacquelyne W. Wilson
  • Diana K. Peduzzi
  • George J. and Elinor Osborn
  • Connie Krosney
  • Deborah Granquist
  • Catherine G. Peltz and Philip Peltz, III
  • John Shullenberger
  • Jeanne B. Kennedy
  • Ronald Shems
  • Amy Shollenberger
  • Chip Conquest & Fay Hohman
  • Robin P. and Edward G. Scheu
  • Edward Paquin
  • William Gefell
  • Robert A. Summers and Orly Yadin
  • James Wanner
  • David Bryan
  • Jason Cadwell
  • John & Jane Ewing
  • Clive Gray
  • Robert L. Hawk Trust
  • Cornelius & Jeannette Hogan
  • Alison Lockwood
  • Hinda Miller
  • Margaret Ramsdell
  • Peter Sterling
  • Roger & Katharine Stone
  • Robert & Susan Titterton
  • Linda Waite-Simpson
  • Bob and Patricia Zeliff
  • Roberta MacDonald
  • Dr. Marvin Malek
  • Kathryn Webb
  • Grant C. Reynolds
  • Dr. Ann E. Raynolds
  • Emily L. and William C. Boedecker
  • Sara Cady
  • Tracy N. Martin and David T. Gross
  • Mark Johnson
  • Donald M. Kreis
  • Macneil Building
  • Louis Perkins Porter
  • Bob Stannard
  • Philip Taylor
  • Gail Simon
  • Betsy M. and DAniel E. Chodorkoff
  • Anne Cramer
  • Donald Kreis
  • Todd K. and Lauren M. Bailey

$60 +

  • George & Dorothy Cross
  • Anne L. Gallivan
  • Trinka (Catharyna) Kerr
  • Anthony Reddington
  • Renewable Energy Vermont
  • Wendy & Charles Wilton
  • Michael Lee
  • Les Snow
  • Lancelot Phelps
  • Charles Johnson
  • Fred Pond
  • Duane Davis
  • John T. Moran
  • Brian Tokar c/o ISE
  • Samuel B. Ankerson
  • J. Mark Billian
  • William & Cynthia Bittinger
  • Richard Dana
  • Marilyn W. and William B. Edgerton
  • Teresa Keegan and Michael Goldberg
  • Charles Haas
  • David J. Healy and Linda B. Gray
  • Anthony Iarrapino
  • Bradford Little
  • Richard & Mary McClintock
  • Donald Mayer
  • Jill Olson
  • Jessica Oski
  • Timothy Price
  • Helen Head
  • Michael Keane
  • Merry Shernock
  • Ned Pike
  • Leah Langstaff
  • Danita Hanson
  • David and Tammy Dempsey
  • Wayne Fawbush and Roberta A. Harold
  • John McClaughry
  • Karen Hein
  • George Plumb
  • Jason Kelley
  • Mr. H. Paul and Ms. Mary B. Berlejung
  • Robert Qua
  • Mary and Chris Lintermann
  • Patricia C. Heffernan
  • Susan Polk
  • Janet Ancel
  • Helen M. Beattie
  • Lynnette and Charles Bohi
  • Christopher & Constance Brown
  • Paul Bruhn
  • Thomas A. Buckley and Prudence J. Doherty
  • Gina Campoli and John Brodhead
  • Peggy Carey
  • Brenda Clarkson
  • Jay Craven
  • Kathleen Duclos
  • Margaret Elmer
  • Christine Evans
  • Margaret Flory
  • Oliver R. Goodenough and Representative Alison H. Clarkson
  • John Greenberg
  • Susan P. Hammond
  • Paul W. Hannan
  • Stephen Herson
  • Kenneth J. Hertz
  • R. Bruce Hiland
  • Margaret Kannenstine
  • Richard Kenney
  • John R. Killacky and Lawrence W. Connolly
  • Kathleen Light and Steven Ligtht
  • Thomas MacLeay
  • Louise McCarren
  • James Maroney
  • Ann P. Manwaring
  • David Mindich
  • Charles L. and Sandra S. Minert
  • Timothy Newcomb
  • Kevin O'Connor
  • Susan & Hans Ohanian
  • Otis & Kennedy, LLC
  • William Powell
  • Alllan and Ann T. Ramsay
  • Dennis Reinhardt
  • Pat Robins
  • Lisa Scagliotti
  • John D. Shullenberger, Esq.
  • Amelia Silver
  • Meg A. Smith
  • Mark H. Snelling
  • The Tiferet Center Inc.
  • Roger Tubby
  • Wayne Turiansky
  • Virginia Walters
  • Joseph & Patricia Woodin
  • Irene Wrenner
  • Joan Lenes
  • Philip Scott
  • Ann Seibert
  • Christine Hadsel
  • David Beatty
  • Donna Fitch
  • Deborah Brighton
  • Janet M. and David P. Panebaker
  • Rebecca Ramos
  • Dr. Mark Lichtenstein
  • Chris Donnelly
  • Lake Shore Drive Shopping Center
  • James Doran
  • John Ewing
  • Valerie Casey
  • Greg Morgan
  • Margaret Laggis
  • Jack Crowl
  • Representative Patti Komline
  • Senator Claire D. and Dr. Alan D. Ayer
  • Kristen Fountain
  • Rosalea Bradley
  • Warren Kitzmiller
  • Michelle Guenard
  • Deborah Kimbell
  • Barbara Waters
  • Michele Ferland Kupersmith
  • Maureen A. White
  • Charles Rainwater
  • Craig Kneeland
  • Thomas Little
  • Brian K. and Lynn B. Savage
  • Mary W. Peacock
  • Arthur W. and Elizabeth M. Schmidt
  • Randall Koch
  • Irene and Jeffrey Horbar
  • Steve E. Wright
  • John Lippman
  • Louis Kannenstine
  • Sally Fox
  • Rocki Lee DeWitt
  • Rural Vermont
  • Edward Clark
  • Chip Conquest
  • Ann Manwaring
  • Nathaniel Bacon
  • Stanley Shapiro
  • Michael Donofrio
  • Elaine Young
  • Representative William G. F. and Ruth Botzow
  • Deborah Wolf and Senator Anthony Pollina
  • Senator Dick Sears
  • Matthew Dunne and Sarah Taylor
  • Mike and Merry Matukonis
  • Kathleen H. and Robert S. Swanson
  • Rhea Wilson and Frederic L. Levy
  • Jefferson P. Hoffer
  • Ellen Fein
  • P. Alex Graham
  • Kathleen C. Keenan
  • Charles Kletecka and Robert Dostis
  • Michael Sabourin
  • Avram Patt
  • Ronald & Sarah Pulcer
  • Sheila Reed
  • Maxine Grad
  • Rilla Murray
  • Kitty Shumlin
  • Evelyn Bailey
  • Maura Versluys
  • Fred Dunnington
  • Dorothy Deans
  • Anne Berndt
  • David Deen & Associates
  • Robert Naylor

$35 +

  • Nelson Campbell
  • Ann M. Curran
  • Linda Deliduka
  • Danile Maxon
  • Kevin Wilkinson
  • James Bezak
  • Joan Waltermire
  • Philip Cecchini
  • Scott Giles
  • Peter Gregory
  • Margaret Gundersen
  • Sheila Manchester Coniff
  • Jacob Brown
  • Patricia Kennedy
  • Nora Jacobson
  • Johanna Miller
  • David Cyprian
  • Hal Leyshon
  • Katherine L. McCarthy
  • MyGolfmarker
  • Gerald C. Silverstein
  • Dawn Stanger
  • Michael Abajian
  • Kate Blofson
  • Jeanne E. Kirby and David M. Rapaport
  • Young Eng
  • Thomas Kennedy
  • Tammie Consejo
  • A. Evan Eyler
  • William E. Johnson
  • Heather Riemer
  • Kim Greenwood
  • Amanda Legare
  • Catherine Murphy
  • Scott Perry
  • Douglas Reaves
  • Jan Schultz
  • Susan Ritz
  • Larry Kupferman
  • Robert Willey
  • Julie A. Campoli
  • Kenneth Canning
  • Paul Costello
  • Paul Denton
  • B. Roberta Dubrowsky
  • Dawn & Kevin Francis
  • William Frank
  • Grace Gershuny
  • Janet Givens
  • Representative Sandy Haas
  • Deborah E. Healey
  • Representative Martha P. Heath
  • Todd Hill & Ames Robb
  • John & Jennifer Hollar
  • Ralph Jacobs
  • Donald C. Jamison
  • Paul L. Kendall & Sharon K. Rives
  • Gerard & Kathleen Kilcourse
  • Heidi Klein
  • Barry Kopecky
  • Gerrit & Ellen Kouwenhoven
  • Madeleine M. Kunin
  • Gail Duclos Lapierre
  • Gregory Lapworth
  • Robin & Ken Leslie
  • Steve Libby
  • Edward & Mary McGuire
  • Glenn & Hollie McRae
  • Lee Madden
  • John W. Malcolm
  • Carole Naquin
  • Jane Knodell
  • Eric C. Nuse & Associates
  • Charlotte J. Osterlund
  • Christopher Pearson
  • John & Denise Perry
  • Willem Post
  • Bruce & Mary Post
  • Barbara Postman
  • Renaissance Development Company
  • Susan Ritz
  • Wallace Roberts
  • Peter Romans
  • (Peter) Rousmaniere Advisors, LLC
  • Randall L. Sargent
  • Ellen and Donald F. Shepheard
  • Megan M. and Gregory H. Smith
  • Peter Spitzform
  • Ruth Sproull
  • Judith D. and William C. Stevens
  • Anna Sykas
  • Lowell Symmes
  • Mr. Matt Cota
  • Vermonters for Sustainable US Population
  • Douglas Wacek
  • John Walters
  • Robert Wiley
  • David Wright
  • Herbert Wilcox
  • Steve Rollins
  • Clare Innes
  • David Goodman
  • Melrose Huff
  • Roni Coleman
  • Laural Ruggles
  • Barbara Delzio
  • Kimberly B. and Jon C. Matthewson
  • Christine P. Graham
  • Paula Moore
  • Owen Smith
  • Elizabeth Humstone
  • Steven A. Merrill
  • Mildred LaBeur
  • Spencer Putnam
  • Robert Appel
  • Ken Ransford
  • Antonia Richie
  • Thomas Cooch
  • Michael Wood-Lewis
  • Bob Zeliff
  • Stephen Arrants
  • Sue Thayer
  • Susan Segal
  • Elaine McCrate
  • Catherine Thomas
  • James Leas
  • Ted Scatchard
  • Jonathan Weker
  • Robert A Lloyd
  • Karen Walker
  • Linda Ramsdell
  • David Deen
  • William Gerns
  • Cass Wright
  • Meredith Angwin
  • Steven Kappel
  • Jennifer Boyer
  • Linell Vilaseca
  • Kirk Gardner
  • Rick Blount
  • Willa Farrell
  • Thomas Dickinson
  • Stephen B. Sease
  • James Stead
  • Steven Beatty
  • Mill Moore
  • J. Paul Sokal
  • Dana Atkinson
  • Patricia Orr
  • Brian Leven
  • Abigail Clay
  • James Morse
  • Andrea Stander
  • Patrick Biggam
  • paul forlenza
  • David Carpenter
  • Rita M. Markley and Katy K. Farnham
  • Richard C. Munson, MD
  • Martha and Tom Douglass
  • Stephen Klein and Priscilla Fox
  • Rick Zamore
  • Joan E Knight
  • James Libby
  • Frederick Tegatz
  • Tim Noonan
  • Malcolm Gray
  • Rep. Jim McCullough
  • Bonnie Clause
  • Therese taylor
  • David Caras
  • Catherine Simonson
  • Julie Campoli
  • Mark Fischer
  • Catherine and William J. Freese
  • Neil and Vicki-Ann Downing
  • Peter Richardson
  • John B. Hall, M. Div., LADC
  • Karen Horn
  • James and Clorinda Leddy
  • David Ellenbogen
  • Susan Deppe
  • J. D. Williams
  • Thomas Cooch
  • John and Lisa Freitag
  • Page Guertin
  • David Schoales
  • Andrea Spertus
  • Jeremy Berger

$10 +

  • David Bell
  • Elizabeth Carlson
  • Marcia A. Dorey
  • Jennifer Durgin
  • Bruce Lierman
  • Jack McGarvey
  • Jean F. Merrill
  • Michael J. Maloney
  • Norbert Rhinerson
  • Barbara F. Ritter
  • Steven Stein
  • Adam Young
  • Kai Mikkel Forlie
  • Harriet Cady
  • Gary DiMaggio
  • Alan Atwood
  • Sue Euphrat
  • Ann Lewis
  • Jo Anne Edwards
  • Peter F. Leonard
  • Steven Hunt
  • Elizabeth Allen
  • Steve Dickens
  • Clarke Comollo
  • Gregory Dennis
  • Ashley Nease
  • Deborah Whitney
  • Katherine Selby
  • Bruce Lierman
  • Jonathan Armstrong
  • Will Bunten
  • Cathy Rickerby
  • Elizabeth Shanbacker
  • Averill J. Leslie
  • Paul Dicovitsky
  • James Hutton
  • Dorothy Bergin
  • Scott Garren
  • Newcomb Greenleaf
  • Barry Kade
  • Robert & Louise C. Messner
  • Candace Neary
  • Rob Reiber
  • Arabella Holzapfel
  • Henry and Andrea Buermeyer
  • Marianne Miller
  • John Reese
  • David Kreindler
  • mabel houghton
  • Hillary Montgomery
  • Virginia and Allen Church
  • Susan Sawyer
  • Rachel Batterson
  • Jan Cannon Films
  • Richard L. Clark
  • Ginger & Norman Etkind
  • Ruth Gaillard
  • Representative Mark A. Higley
  • Gary Kessler
  • Marc Landry
  • Anne Linton
  • Barbara S. Nielsen
  • Scott and Amy Richardson
  • Arthur R. Richter
  • Maria Royle
  • Katherine Smith
  • Katharine C. Whiteley
  • Daniel Wing
  • Judy Ashley-McLaughlin
  • Paula Schramm
  • Etienne Hancock
  • Thomas E. Hall
  • Martin Poppe
  • Chris Metzler
  • Carol Ode
  • Julia Curry
  • Kathleen Kolb
  • Bonnie MacBrien
  • Moshe Braner
  • Karl Goetze
  • Bradford Morgan
  • Raymond DuBois
  • Barbara Beals
  • Ruth Uphold
  • GD Peabody
  • Raymond A Lambert
  • Charlotte Strasser
  • Monica Litzelman
  • Kevin Dougherty
  • Ellen Gannon
  • Jules Rabin
  • Gail Sorenson
  • Erik Schwarz
  • Dave Bellini
  • Jeremiah Church
  • Clancy DeSmet
  • David Larsen
  • Joanne Forkey
  • Karen Mueller-Harder
  • John Tyler and Ann K. Resch
  • Barbara S. Schwendtner
  • Erica Garfin
  • Francine Levine
  • Susan Smiley
  • P.Gayle Hedrington
  • Eileen Boland
  • Karen Walker
  • Steven Wisbaum
  • Ruth E. Uphold
  • Peter T. Bennett
  • Roberta Bennett
  • Mary Alice Bisbee
  • Jane Campbell & Ted Zilius
  • William & Sandra Cathey
  • Richard Clark
  • Mari Cordes
  • Ann F. Damm
  • Rickey Gard Diamond
  • Anne B. Donahue
  • Karl Fandrich
  • Kathryn Fox
  • Hester L. Fuller
  • Susan Gallagher
  • Lynn Gardner
  • Andrea Grayson
  • Fred G. Hill c/o Fletcher Free Library
  • Philip H. Hoff
  • Hale Irwin
  • Kevin J. Kelley
  • Charles Kittredge
  • Anne Lezak
  • LineSync Architecture
  • Sarah MacMillan
  • Robert G. McCabe
  • Kimberly B. Matthewson
  • Gregory Mikkelson
  • Mark Mohrmann and Karen Hack
  • Leslie & Timothy Nulty
  • John R. and Ann B. Owen
  • David Pardo
  • Tom Price
  • Conrad Reining
  • David Rogers
  • Karen Schwartz
  • Catherine Stewart
  • Lawrence Townsend
  • Richard Virkstis
  • Alan Taplow
  • John Laggis
  • Pam Ladds
  • George Plumb
  • James Arisman
  • William Half
  • Mary Post
  • Michael Levine
  • George Hall
  • David Carris
  • Rodney F. West
  • Terry Ross
  • Kimberly Friedman
  • Nancy Dakin
  • David Crossley
  • Ed McGuire
  • Timothy Cope
  • Margaret McKay and Andrew L. Shinn
  • Harry Frank
  • Douglas Kirtz
  • Patricia French
  • julie voll
  • Betsy Gardner
  • Peter Miller
  • Rufus Winsor
  • Lukas Snelling
  • Sally Shaw
  • Larry Karp
  • Amy Bielawski-Branch
  • Annabelle Williams
  • Cathy Reynolds
  • Loron Oster
  • Bethany Knight
  • Linda Reeve
  • Robert Malbon
  • James Smith
  • Charles Burnham
  • Kenneth and Patricia Feld
  • Richard Wasserman
  • Thomas Durkin
  • Mary Durfee
  • Michael Coffey
  • William Dods
  • Marcel Beaudin
  • Joyce Hendley
  • Paul Heintz
  • David Schein
  • Bonnie Dash
  • Robin Cappuccino
  • Patricia Bermon
  • Donna Cunningham
  • Lawrence Lackey
  • Alan Taplow
  • Colin Gunn
  • Glenn Jarrett
  • Robert Bast
  • Robert Swartz
  • Susan Swindell
  • Lyndon Carew
  • Laurel Stanley
  • Hal Cohen
  • Fredric Woogmaster
  • John Hammer
  • Victor Ialeggio
  • Harrison Snapp
  • Philip Conroy
  • Lauren Norford
  • Kristin Blanchette
  • Ellen Cronan
  • Robin and Bob Arnell
  • Mary Stephens
  • David A. Mace
  • Reprsentative Mollie S. Burke and Peter Gould
  • Representative Maida F. Townsend
  • Frank J. Higbie and Paula Distabile-Higbie
  • Melissa K. and Mark E. Pasanen
  • Mary Azarian
  • J. Stamp and T. Anderson
  • Sharon Anglin Treat, Executive Director
  • John Canning
  • Peter Pierce
  • David and Ausra Tartter
  • Reverend Mary Robb Mansfield
  • Michael Moser
  • Katrin Tchana
  • Jessica Edgerly and Benjamin Edgerly Walsh
  • Judith Levine
  • William Wood
  • Steve Comeau
  • Cornelia Emlen
  • Kevin N. Lawrence
  • Eileen Elliott
  • Matthew Patterson
  • Rob Roy Macgregor
  • Newcomb Greenleaf
  • Cynthia Norman
  • Edward Morrow

2012 Foundations


  • The Knight Foundation Community Information Challenge Grant


  • The Vermont Community Foundation


  • Ben & Jerry's Foundation


  • The High Meadows Fund
  • The J. Warren & Lois McClure Foundation


  • The Harris and Frances Block Foundation, Inc.
  • The Johnson Family Foundation


  • The Norman J. and Doris Fisher Foundation


  • The Fund for Investigative Journalism


  • The Morris and Betsy Altman Foundation
  • The Lintilhac Foundation
  • The Tulgey Wood Foundation


  • The Keelan Family Foundation


  • The Wayne and Deborah Grandquist Fund
  • The Janusz Korczac Memorial Fund

2011 Contributing Subscribers


  • Bruce Lisman


  • Henry Chauncey Jr


  • Bill Mares and Christine Hadsel

$1000 +

  • Donald M. Kreis
  • William K. and Ruth K. Porter
  • Edwin Colodny
  • Kevin Ellis
  • Deborah and Wayne Grandquist
  • Bill Schubart

$500 +

  • H. Allen Gilbert and Lila M. Richardson
  • Robert DiPalma
  • Main Street Landing
  • Mediactive
  • Nick Monsarrat
  • Paul Poirier

$300 +

  • Michael Sirotkin
  • Frances Stoddard
  • Oliver Olsen
  • Bob Stannard
  • Gail Simon

$150 +

  • Gina Campoli and John Brodhead
  • Peggy Carey
  • Margaret Elmer
  • Richard Eno
  • Carol Haney
  • Robert L. Hawk Trust
  • R. Bruce Hiland
  • Sheryl M. Rapee-Adams
  • Robert & Susan Titterton
  • Kathleen C. Keenan
  • Julia Geer
  • Paul W. Hannan
  • Stephen Herson
  • Louise McCarren
  • James Maroney
  • Kevin O'Connor
  • Douglas A. Racine
  • Ann E. Raynolds
  • Steve Terry
  • David R. Chipman
  • David Coates
  • Keller & Fuller
  • Mike Kiernan
  • Lois H. McClure
  • John D. Shullenberger, Esq.
  • Margie Stern
  • Vermont Business Roundtable
  • Jeffrey D. and Jacquelyne W. Wilson

$60 +

  • Franklin Austin
  • John Ballard
  • William & Cynthia Bittinger
  • Capital Connections LLC
  • Mari Cordes
  • Stanley Crane
  • Roger Crowley
  • Donna Cunningham
  • William Edgerton
  • Christine Evans
  • Margaret Flory
  • Maurice Germain
  • Trinka (Catharyna) Kerr
  • Gerrit & Ellen Kouwenhoven
  • Connie Krosney
  • Leah H. Langstaff
  • Robert McDowell
  • Charles L. and Sandra S. Minert
  • Robert Naylor
  • John Nichols
  • Eric C. Nuse & Associates
  • Randy Sargent
  • Stanley Shapiro
  • Vermonters for a Clean Enviroment. Inc.
  • Charles Kittredge
  • AL-LENS Farm
  • Helen M. Beattie
  • David Deen & Associates
  • Anne B. Donahue
  • Sally Fox
  • Lillian Gahagan
  • Teresa Keegan and MIchael Goldberg
  • Maxine Grad
  • Deborah E. Healey
  • Brian Tokar c/o ISE
  • Kathryn Webb
  • Timothy Price
  • William Gefell
  • Janet Ancel
  • John Bloch and Rebecca Sheppard
  • Christopher & Constance Brown
  • Paul Bruhn
  • Kathryn Callaghan
  • Brenda Clarkson
  • John A. Dillon
  • John & Jane Ewing
  • Barry Feinberg
  • Craig Fuller
  • Clive Gray
  • Kenneth J. Hertz
  • Kenneth J. Hertz
  • Mark Johnson
  • Stephanie Kaplan
  • John R. Killacky or Lawrence W. Connolly
  • Tony Klein
  • Thomas MacLeay
  • John McClaughry
  • Dr. Daniel McCauliffe
  • Ann P. Manwaring
  • Hinda Miller
  • Gregory Mikkelson
  • Susan & Hans Ohanian
  • Jill Olson
  • Marjorie Power
  • Virginia Renfrew
  • Susan Ritz
  • Pat Robins
  • Patricia Sears
  • Lisa Scagliotti
  • Ellen and Donald F. Shepheard
  • Ruth Sproull
  • Dawn Stanger
  • Roger & Katharine Stone
  • Anna Sykas
  • The Tiferet Center Inc.
  • Linda Waite-Simpson
  • Joseph & Patricia Woodin
  • Catherine G. Peltz and Philip Peltz, III
  • Tracy N. Martin and David T. Gross
  • Carolyn Kehler
  • John T. Moran
  • Mark Bushnell
  • Carole Naquin
  • Avram Patt
  • Ronald & Sarah Pulcer
  • Mr. Matt Cota
  • Steven Jeffrey
  • William Robb
  • Susan P. Hammond

$35 +

  • Thomas Cooch
  • John & Sean-Marie Oller
  • Sheila Coniff
  • Susan Hoyt
  • Mary Belenky
  • Michael Bernhardt
  • Lynnette and Charles Bohi
  • David Bryan
  • Thomas A. Buckley and Prudence J. Doherty
  • Tracey Canino
  • Leo Coutu
  • George & Dorothy Cross
  • John Davidson
  • Duane Davis
  • Elisabeth Dorries
  • Linda Fox
  • Dawn & Kevin Francis
  • Liz Gamache
  • Grace Gershuny
  • Peter S. Harvey & Lucy Wollaeger
  • David J. Healy and Linda B. Gray
  • Karen Hein
  • Rachel Hexter
  • Churchill Hindes
  • Philip H. Hoff
  • Cornelius & Jeannette Hogan
  • John & Jennifer Hollar
  • Steven Kappel
  • Paul L. Kendall & Sharon K. Rives
  • Barry Kopecky
  • Glenn & Hollie McRae
  • Alice Miller
  • Floyd Nease
  • Timothy Newcomb
  • Leslie & Timothy Nulty
  • Gregory O'Brien
  • David Pardo
  • John & Denise Perry
  • Duane L. Peterson, II
  • Aimee Picchi
  • Heather Pipino
  • George Plumb
  • Susan J. Polk
  • Potter Publishing Studio
  • William Powell
  • Irene Racz
  • Linda Ramsdell
  • Margaret Ramsdell
  • Wallace Roberts
  • Peter Romans
  • Robin P. and Edward G. Scheu
  • Kitty Shumlin
  • Megan M. and Gregory H. Smith
  • Meg A. Smith
  • Andrea L. Stander
  • Judith D. and William C. Stevens
  • Catherine Thomas
  • Lars Torres
  • Roger Tubby
  • Wayne Turiansky
  • Vermonters for Sustainable US Population
  • Timothy R. Volk
  • Joyce Werntgen
  • Robert Wiley
  • Brian Wood
  • Bob and Patricia Zeliff
  • J.D. Williams
  • Young Eng

$10 +

  • John Toscano
  • Annemarie Bean
  • Clarke Comollo
  • Marcia A. Dorey
  • Charles Haas
  • Nina Jaffe
  • Lawrence Mott
  • Newcomb Greenleaf
  • Fred Pond
  • Jessica Edgerly and Benjamin Edgerly Walsh
  • Mary Alice Bisbee
  • James Carroll
  • Taylor Dobbs
  • Edorah Frazer
  • Sandra Haas
  • Hale Irwin
  • Barry Kade
  • Stephen Kind
  • Kevin Kelley
  • Walter Luchini
  • John W. Malcolm
  • Michael J. Obuchowski
  • Willem Post
  • Jules Rabin
  • Andrew Swayze
  • Frank Wadelton
  • Brian Appleberry
  • John Barkhausen
  • James J. Beak
  • Jill Charbonneau
  • Hal Cohen
  • Linda Deliduka
  • Paul Denton
  • William Frank
  • Elia Gardner
  • Gay & Lesbian Fund of Vermont
  • Steve Gordon
  • Joan Grossman
  • J. A. Hagy
  • Helen Head
  • Martha P. Heath
  • Clare Innes
  • Tim Jerman
  • Amanda Legare
  • Lonni Leroux
  • Anne Lezak
  • LineSync Architecture
  • Richard & Mary McClintock
  • Ginny M. McGrath
  • Lee Madden
  • Jean F. Merrill
  • Gabrielle Mikula
  • MyGolfmarker
  • Scott Perry
  • Grant C. Reynolds
  • Cathy Rickerby
  • Karen Schwartz
  • Renee F. Seblatnigg
  • Andrea Serota
  • Laura Sibilia
  • R.G. Solbert
  • Lawrence Townsend
  • Richard Virkstis
  • Vitesse Press
  • Douglas Wacek
  • David Zuckerman
  • Eric & Jill Grims
  • Gregory Hennemuth
  • Todd Hill & Ames Robb
  • Donald & Allison Hopper
  • Barbara Postman

2011 Foundations


  • John S. & James L. Knight Foundation


  • Ben & Jerry's Foundation


  • The Vermont Community Foundation


  • J-Lab: The Institute for Interactive Journalism


  • Gracey L. Bradley C.L.T.


  • J. Warren and Lois McClure Foundation
  • The High Meadows Fund


  • Action Circles
  • Barre Heritage Festival
  • Beaver Wood Energy
  • Blank Space L3C
  • Bolton Valley
  • Buch Spieler
  • Cabot Cheese
  • Campaign for Vermont
  • Capital Connections
  • Capital Accounting
  • Capitol Grounds
  • Central Vermont Community Action Council
  • Central Vermont Medical Center
  • Central Vermont Public Service
  • Champlain College
  • Channel 17 - Chittenden County Government Access Channel Trust
  • Circus Smirkus
  • Community College of Vermont
  • Davis & Hodgdon Associates CPAs, PLC
  • Dbate Speaking
  • Downs Rachlin Martin PLLC
  • Eastern Mountain Sports
  • Echo at the Leahy Center for Lake Champlain
  • Energy Cooperative of Vermont, Inc.
  • Fairpoint Communications
  • Fletcher Allen Health Care
  • Flynn Center Performing Arts
  • Gifford Medical Center
  • Goddard College
  • Granite Hills Credit Union
  • Green Mountain Power
  • Hearforward
  • Home Share Now
  • Kingdom County Productions
  • KSE Partners, LLP
  • Lang McLaughry Spera Real Estate
  • Lenny's Shoe & Apparel
  • Localvore Today
  • Mad River Glen
  • Murphy Sullivan Kronk
  • No. 9 Boutique
  • Onion River Sports
  • Patient Choices of Vermont
  • Primmer Piper Eggleston & Cramer P.C.
  • Real Goods Solar
  • Renewable Energy Vermont
  • Ridge Protectors
  • SAGE Alliance
  • Same Sun of Vermont
  • Seven Days
  • State of Vermont Agency of Human Services
  • Sugarbush
  • The Law Office of Amy K. Butler, Esquire, PLLC
  • University of Vermont
  • Vermont - NEA, Inc.
  • Vermont Arts Council
  • Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility
  • Vermont Center For Independennt Living
  • Vermont Coffee Company
  • Vermont Environmential Consortium
  • Vermont Food Farm and Forest Festival
  • Vermont Foodbank
  • Vermont Fuel Dealers Association
  • Vermont Historical Society
  • Vermont Natural Resources Council
  • Vermont Public Interest Research Group
  • Vermont State Employees Credit Union
  • Vermont Student Assistance Corporation
  • Vermonters for Healthcare Freedom
  • VT Lazerwash
  • Wake Up Opt Out
  • William Shouldice & Associates