Ben Cohen announces ‘Zuckermania’ ice cream fundraiser

Sep 1 2020, 12:34 PM

David Zuckerman is banking on a batch of ice cream from one of Ben & Jerry’s co-founders to bring some additional “fun-ness” — and money — to his campaign. 

Ben Cohen, a longtime Progressive political backer, sent an email to Zuckerman’s campaign list Monday announcing “Zuckermania,” which contains “Mapled Vermont Strawberry Chunks gently folded into Vanilla Ice Cream with a Vermont Blueberry Ripple.”

“David has never accepted corporate corporations. And this campaign is no different,” Cohen writes. Anyone who contributes to Zuckerman’s campaign from Aug. 31 to Sept 14 is entered into a raffle to win a pint of the ice cream. 

“Ben’s Batch” is not under the auspices of Ben & Jerry’s, which was sold years ago to the global conglomerate Unilever. Yet the packaging is clearly meant to mimic the major brand.

Meg Polyte, Zuckerman’s campaign manager, said Cohen would not be spending much on the batch of Zuckermania. 

“The main contribution of this is the excitement and the fun-ness of the activity,” she said, adding that Cohen’s donation would be “two batches of ice cream that he creates in his kitchen.”

Cohen also created a special flavor to support Sen. Bernie Sanders’ unsuccessful 2020 presidential run. “Bernie’s Back” was a combo of hot cinnamon ice-cream with a chocolate disc on top and a “very stiff” butter toffee “backbone” going down the middle.

—Colin Meyn