Coronavirus in Vermont

This page is updated every weekday, excluding holidays, when new data on Covid-19 in Vermont becomes available. Sources include the Vermont Department of Health and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Read more of VTDigger’s Covid-19 coverage.

Vermont Coronavirus report

Wednesday, February 22
433 new cases reported in the past seven days
30 hospitalized as of Wednesday (1 in ICU)
Most recent death reported February 16, totaling 917 deaths statewide
80% of Vermonters have completed their primary Covid vaccine series
34% of vaccinated Vermonters are up-to-date on recommended booster doses

Data retrieved from the Vermont Department of Health weekly data release and surveillance report. Vaccination percentage is based on the recommended booster doses as of September 1, 2022, and has not been updated to include the bivalent booster vaccine.

The Vermont Department of Health publishes daily Covid-19 case counts for the prior week every Wednesday. The daily counts include only positive PCR test results. As of January 2022, officials estimate that case counts far exceed this figure due to the increased use of at-home rapid antigen tests. The department publishes separate data on self-reported antigen test results, noting that that data is also partial.

The Vermont Department of Health releases data every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on the daily number of patients in Vermont hospitals with Covid-19. That includes both patients who were admitted because of Covid symptoms, and patients who were admitted for other reasons and tested positive for Covid while hospitalized.

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Covid-19 deaths include any deaths in Vermont that have Covid listed as a cause or probable cause on their death certificate. Because of the time it takes to investigate and report Covid deaths, these deaths can be added to the data days or weeks after they occur, which can raise previous months’ count.

As of February 2022, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has calculated county-by-county “community levels” of Covid-19. The agency’s rubric is based on three metrics: recent Covid cases, hospital admissions and hospital beds taken up by Covid patients. The CDC recommends that people in high-level counties take precautions, including wearing masks, to prevent Covid spread. In medium-level counties, the CDC recommends that high-risk individuals take extra precautions to protect themselves. This map is updated on Friday mornings.

Learn more about Covid-19 in Vermont from the Vermont Department of Health.

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