Senate committee advances bill challenging Trump immigration orders

The bill is expected to be on the Senate floor next week. It would require approval by the governor for state and local police to participate in federal immigration raids and ban formation of registries based on religion.

Scott looks to deepen relationship with Quebec

The governor said he is confident the North American Free Trade Agreement would remain largely unchanged.

With rules in place, recount can begin once date is set

Rep. Bob Frenier, whose seat is at stake, said he would have preferred a roll call vote on the rules “so the people who voted for this could be interrogated at town meeting.”

Scott, Quebec premier convene for talks on trade, immigration issues

State businesses sell $5 billion worth of goods in Quebec each year; the province is Vermont’s largest trading partner.

Scott releases EB-5 records; Feds threatened to shut down state program

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services demanded answers from the state about oversight of the Jay Peak projects.

Panel recommends ground rules for House recount

The tallying would start Feb. 22. The proposed rules cover everything from how ballots will be picked up from the town offices to what to do in case of tampering.

Democrats weigh party’s direction after Sanders run

The contest for the job of national chair has Howard Dean and others debating who can lead the party out of the wilderness.

Sanders challenges explanation for event cancellation

The National Guard said its armory in West Virginia couldn’t be used for a political event. The senator implied it was an attempt to muzzle him.

‘Super Troopers’ satire provokes muddled online response

The meme suggested that a fictional Vermont state trooper from the 2001 movie had been denied entry at the border. Some on social media decried it as “fake news.”

Young legislators have big plans for Vermont

At 23, Rep. Jay Hooper is the elder of two Randolph-area representatives elected last fall. He and Rep. Ben Jickling, 22, both of Brookfield, are eager to learn the ins and outs of Vermont Statehouse politics.

Sanders, Cruz push competing health care visions in debate

Sanders defended the Affordable Care Act, which Republicans seek to repeal, while arguing that single-payer would be even better. Neither he nor Cruz has ruled out a presidential run in 2020.

Louras: Leadership, not resettlement, key mayoral issue

Chris Louras says the upcoming mayoral election on Town Meeting Day isn’t a referendum on refugee resettlement in the city, a proposal he strongly backs.

‘Subgroup’ of lawmakers to suggest rules for House recount

The actual counting of ballots in the first recount of a House race to be conducted by lawmakers since 1985 is likely still at least two weeks away.

House scuttles Scott’s plan for May school budget vote

Scott has presented no Plan B to fix the gap in the general fund and has told lawmakers that if they bring him a budget that increases taxes or fees, or cuts frontline workers, he will veto it.