Then Again: Mills shaped the fabric of Winooski

Mill owners were happy to hire women and recent immigrants because the businesses could pay them less. The influx gave Winooski a richer ethnic mix than most of Vermont.

YWP: ‘Ode to the Weight on My Shoulders’

This week’s Young Writers Project entry is “Ode to the Weight on My Shoulders” by Morgan Biele of Woodstock.

Vermont cemeteries face unusual challenges

“Climate change is affecting the number of times we are mowing,” one municipal caretaker reports this Memorial Day.

New design graces Bennington’s Four Corners

A new public art piece painted in a downtown intersection aims to celebrate the town’s cultural history and give residents and visitors a unique sight to enjoy.

Smith: Why we remember

Memorial Day is a time to honor the sacrifice and suffering of the families of veterans who have given their lives in service to our country.

Then Again: Political views got in the way of famed writer’s career

Sarah Cleghorn preferred to voice her opinions in writing. Doing so made her one of the leading activists, educators, authors and poets Vermont has ever produced.

YWP: ‘Through Your Eyes’

This week’s Young Writers Project entry is “Through your eyes” by seventh-grader Lila Taylor of Charlotte.

Q&A with UVM commencement speaker James Fallows

The onetime presidential speechwriter talks Trump, tech, journalism and the future of today’s graduates.

Then Again: Faking money the old-fashioned way

All governments could do was threaten dire consequences. Some early currency bore the warning “Death to counterfeiters.”

Move to make Rutland charter gender-neutral spurs debate

“It’s silly. It’s a waste of time” when the city’s attorney is already busy, said one alderman.

Then Again: When water was the cure for what ailed you

Nearly every community seemed able to find a spring to charge people for using. Guests — who included Harriet Beecher Stowe — liked their water fetid. The smellier, the stronger the curative powers.

YWP: ‘Current Thoughts of a Grumpy Person: Breathing By June’

This week’s Young Writers Project entry is “Current Thoughts of a Grumpy Person: Breathing By June” by Janet McIntosh Barkdoll of Shoreham.

All power restored after Friday windstorm; cleanup continues

More than 20,000 people lost power around the state, with Rutland one of the hardest-hit areas. The mayor’s house had a tree land on the roof.

Vermont Foodbank seeks engagement and empathy

The state’s primary supplier for community cupboards, soup kitchens and shelters, holding its annual Hunger Action Conference this month, is calling for more public collaboration.