Vermont ski jump finds it’s a small world after all

Brattleboro’s weekend Harris Hill competition drew a slate of global athletes who said they best knew the state as the home of Bernie Sanders.

Then Again: On and off the prohibition wagon

Lawmakers and the public have long shown their ambivalence about banning alcohol production and sales as a way to combat the social ills of its abuse.

YWP: ‘A Chance’

This week’s Young Writers Project entry is “A Chance” by Isabel Blankenbaker, 13, of Rutland.

Vermont ski jump rides the roller coaster of climate change

Brattleboro’s nearly century-old Harris Hill, the state’s only Olympic-size venue, is juggling nature and snowmaking technology as it prepares for its weekend competition.

‘Local Love Brigade’ aims to console targets of hate

The group, supplementing Valentine’s Day with year-round social action, is sending heart-strewn postcards to harassed people and institutions statewide.

Then Again: Vermont peddler to Wall Street robber baron

James Fisk conducted his affairs — both financial and personal — with all the subtlety of a carnival barker. And that was his undoing.

Vermont domino event spurs a multimedia chain reaction

The Brattleboro Museum & Art Center’s “toppling extravaganza” will mark its 10th year Monday.

YWP: ‘Beautiful Person’

This week’s Young Writers Project entry is “Beautiful Person” by Makayla Millette, a senior at the Big Picture School in South Burlington.

Black Lives Matter Vermont brings advocacy to Statehouse

The group detailed some of the challenges that people of color are facing and announced plans for an omnibus racial justice bill.

Then Again: Bizarre tale of hibernation is a mystery

The story told of how one Vermont family would put their elderly and infirm into a sort of hibernation for the winter.

YWP: ‘Parts of War’

This week’s Young Writers Project entry is “Parts of War” by Alexandra Contreras-Montesano, 16, of Burlington.

Podcast: Howard Frank Mosher in his words and others’

The late writer’s humor, literary style and great love for his wife emerge in a remembrance by his collaborator Jay Craven and a 2012 radio interview Mosher gave.

Vermont author Howard Frank Mosher dies at age 74

The Northeast Kingdom novelist revealed he had cancer just last week and spent his final days in hospice care at home.

Then Again: Icy Vermont interlude for a Hollywood legend

Lillian Gish never forgot her time in Vermont. Perhaps it was the hardships she endured to create a famous scene, and the emotional reaction it elicited from audience members.