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Party: DEM./PROG.

District: Chittenden



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Tim Ashe was elected to the Vermont Senate in 2008. He currently chairs the Senate Finance Committee, and serves on the Judiciary Committee. HeÕs sponsored and passed bills on issues ranging from equal pay to electronic privacy to health care sector reforms. He holds degrees from UVM and the Kennedy School of Government. He has extensive experience working in community-focused positions to support low-income and disabled Vermonters, notably spending eight years developing affordable senior housing for Cathedral Square. Earlier in his career he worked in the Congressional office of Bernie Sanders. A former board member of Spectrum Youth and Family Services, Tim currently serves on the Board of Housing Foundation, Inc., and is a member of Vermont's Judicial Nominating Board.

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Q: What are your Top 3 Priorities?

1While Vermont must address many important challenges in the years ahead, I believe the growth of health care spending is the most critical problem, and it exacerbates all others. In the last decade and a half, total health care spending in Vermont has increased from approximately $2 billion to more than $5.5 billion. This growth is eating into the private sector's ability to fund core activities, and has forced the public sector to make cuts in many other important areas. I have dedicated myself to understanding how this industry operates, and wish to do whatever I can to reign in this seemingly insatiable area of expenditure.

2I am extremely concerned with poverty and its many consequences in Vermont, and am determined to revisit our current strategies aimed at breaking the cycle that holds so many people back. Policies originating in Washington cannot easily be remediated in Montpelier. For instance, federal trade policy has crushed rural manufacturing all over America. However, we must maximize what we can control - our housing, training, child care, and employment programs.

3I believe I bring a well-balanced legislative sensibility to Montpelier. I enjoy working with people from all parties. Lucky for Vermont, I am not alone in this regard, and it's one reason why Vermont's legislature does not feature the viciousness we see in other states. I believe in putting good policies over good politics. It is tempting to merely cast "safe votes" that are in line with certain organized interests in order to be popular. I believe in voting on the merits. Period. I believe legislators should support laws that don't merely align with your principles, but that also will work! So I dive into the trenches to make sure proposals can actually be implemented. Like anyone, I make mistakes, and I've seen well-intended programs and legislation I've supported stumble, but I bring the approach described above to the Senate.

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