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After receiving a BA in History and Sociology I became a Vista Volunteer in the War on Poverty. I did community organizing in a mill town outside Pittsburgh PA working on senior housing and youth issues.

After Vista, I married and moved to Vermont, where my husband, Regis, and I raised four children. While our children were young, I severed on the boards of the Central Vermont Community Action Council and Parents Anonymous (now Prevent Child Abuse Vermont). I became active in local government and was elected a Montpelier City Councilor and Mayor. I also served on the Planning Commission and the Regional Planning Commission. Since 1997, I have represented the people of Washington County in the State Senate. I served on the Judiciary Committee that developed the Civil Unions legislation and Chaired the Finance Committee for ten years working on prescription drug costs and Vermont Yankee. I presently, Chair the Education Committee and serve on Economic Development.

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Q: What are your Top 3 Priorities?

1My primary reason for running is that I believe in democracy. Vermont is a place where individual voices truly can be heard and make a difference. I am confirmed in that belief every time I look at the Montpelier roundabout. It is the result of a handful of people who persevered in their belief that roundabouts could help control and calm traffic until the city saw the light. My greatest pleasure in serving in government has always been helping people make the system work for them.

2My second reason is linked to my first. I am concerned that people are losing faith in the ability of government to meet their needs. To me, this loss of faith is a greater threat to this country than terrorism, because it strikes at our very foundation. I am heartened by the enthusiasm that Bernie's campaign has engendered. We haven't seen this much excitement over the possibilities of government to be a force for change since the 1960's. In some ways it feels like deja vu and I'd like to be part of keeping the momentum going. Special interests have taken over in this country and we need to reverse the course. We have to give power back to the people

3Vermont is at a crossroads. Too many o people are working too hard for too little. They are losing hope which is having ramifications in our families, our communities and our schools. Good causes are fighting over the limited available resources. People can't afford their property taxes but we aren't providing an adequate education to all our students. People need jobs with good wages, but employers can't find workers with the basic skills they need. Lake Champlain is in crisis, but farmers, our cities and towns can't afford the improvement required to clean it up. I am a problem solver with years of experience . I want to be a part of finding the solutions to these and the other problems we face. Simply cutting state spending won't solve any of them.