People’s Bank buys Burlington College at auction

Former college trustee Jane Knodell said the auction of the last remaining property represented a final sad chapter in the history of the college.

Clavelle’s role seen as key in Burlington development pact

The former mayor’s credibility and connections allowed him to help forge an agreement between the developer and opponents who fear the downtown overhaul is too big.

Statehouse lobbyists earn more than $5.5 million

The Vermont Public Interest Research Group, the Vermont State Employees Association and the Vermont Association of Hospitals and Health Services led the pack.

UPDATED: Scott’s fiscal veto message rejected as inadequate

The House clerk said the budget and property tax bill vetoes needed to come in separate letters. Scott’s spokesperson called the rejection “hyper-political.” The clerk’s office later accepted resubmitted versions.

Vermont Legislature 2017: How a sleepy session turned stormy

Lawmakers, lobbyists and the media were complaining the session was boring until Gov. Scott rolled out his proposal to negotiate with teachers statewide over health care benefits.

Ethics lesson: ‘We’ll judge others but not judge ourselves’

After prolonged debate and the passage of a watered-down bill on political oversight, lawmakers and others consider why even that proved so hard to achieve.

Scott, Democrats edge closer to veto showdown

Legislative leaders united behind a new proposal on teacher health care savings while making plans to adjourn even if there’s no break in their impasse with the governor.

Lots of talk, no ‘real progress’ on teacher health care deal

“We’re going to have to get creative in order to do it. I think they can,” Scott said on a day of meetings about the issue that’s blocking adjournment.

Scott officials insist statewide teacher health care contract will save money

The tax commissioner said Monday that last week’s House floor debate was filled with “misinformation” about whether savings under the Scott-backed plan were real.

Feeling increased election burden, clerks appeal for a break

They want a “gap day” just before the balloting, although the secretary of state argues that could limit voting. Other reforms are being made to head off further problems with recounts.

WCAX sold to out-of-state media company

The Martins said owning a single station in a small market was “akin to being a small, open boat in an ever-intensifying storm. The threats are many and the odds of survival are shrinking.”

House passes ethics commission bill with some reluctance

After the 144-1 vote, several lawmakers congratulated the lone dissenter for having the courage some said they lacked to go against the bill.

Spouses’ finances become issue in ethics bill debate

An attempt to strip a provision requiring disclosure is expected Tuesday when the bill comes up for final House approval. But Rep. Heidi Scheuermann, R-Stowe, said the information is relevant.

Poirier throws hissy fit over independent contractor bill

When the chair announced Wednesday the bill would not be voted on this year, Rep. Paul Poirier told the chair he’d caved to business interests and had not kept his word.