Condos blasts latest ethics bill as too weak

The secretary of state said the Senate’s measure was so inadequate and underfunded that it was not worth passing.

Watered-down ethics bill resurfaces

Despite unprecedented allegations of criminal and ethical behavior that surfaced last year, lawmakers were unable to reach agreement on forming an ethics commission.

Ashe lays out where he plans to focus his influence

Expanding background checks for gun sales isn’t one of those areas, he says, unless it turns out to have majority support, particularly in committee.

Doyle has his day in Senate and on Vermont’s calendar

The governor declared March 7 to be Bill Doyle Town Meeting Day in honor of the state’s longest-serving legislator. But Doyle says the 2016 election he lost might not be his last.

Senate GOP changes leadership as last year’s divisions linger

Joe Benning yielded the post to Dustin Degree, citing the suspension of Sen. Norm McAllister a year ago as one source of disagreement within the seven-person caucus.

Cummings to chair Senate Finance

Sen. Philip Baruth was named chair of the Senate Education Committee. All of the other chairs stayed the same.

UPDATED: Scott sets himself and state a financial challenge

Saying “Vermonters do not have the capacity to pay more,” the newly sworn in governor vowed not to raise taxes, including for the Lake Champlain cleanup estimated at tens of millions a year.

Legislature enters ‘new world’ with leadership clean sweep

House Speaker Mitzi Johnson and Senate President Tim Ashe led a changeover in the state’s top four jobs. They identified a reduction in poverty as a priority, along with addressing budget gaps.

The Shumlin Legacy: A governor who wasn’t afraid to think big

The governor gets high marks on how he led the post-Irene recovery and put a spotlight on opiate addiction. His biggest disappointment, he said, was dropping single payer.

New appointments include Tebbetts for agriculture, insurance lobbyist for health role

Gov.-elect Phil Scott is bringing some officials back to agencies where they have served before. He reached into the private sector for oversight of Vermont Health Connect.

Scott makes four more appointments

Thomas Anderson was named commissioner of public safety, Julie Slack Moore will head natural resources, Andy Pallito will stay on at finance and Diane Snelling will retain her seat on the Natural Resources Board.

Welch will push for probe of Trump’s business activities

The Vermont congressman said Congress should begin investigating President-elect Trump’s financial ties across the globe.

Digger Dialogue: Welch weighs role with Trump, GOP in charge

In the unfamiliar landscape of full Republican rule, the congressman intends to follow the example of former Vermont Sen. Ralph Flanders, who stood up to Joe McCarthy.

Hundreds of Vermont Guard airmen deploying on ‘short notice’

The 158th Fighter Wing is being sent off within a month to support anti-terrorism efforts in an area that includes the Middle East, northern Africa and South Asia.