Scott touts ‘comforting message’ immigration bill would send

He acknowledged a limited ability to combat federal raids but said it’s still important to pass the bill. A civil liberties advocate says the state needs to do more.

Vermont Senate bill aimed at Trump would require presidential candidates to file taxes

An assistant attorney general say the proposal would likely face a constitutional challenge in the courts.

Scott pitches affordable housing initiatives

The proposals include a $35 million bond to finance affordable housing projects, widening two tax programs and allowing some housing projects to skip Act 250 review.

Scott looks to deepen relationship with Quebec

The governor said he is confident the North American Free Trade Agreement would remain largely unchanged.

Scott, Quebec premier convene for talks on trade, immigration issues

State businesses sell $5 billion worth of goods in Quebec each year; the province is Vermont’s largest trading partner.

Donovan hopes to clear Corren case with smaller fine

One major sticking point to a settlement appears to be how to resolve issues with the public campaign finance law.

California environmental lawyer to head Vermont Law School

Thomas J.P. McHenry is “a nationally regarded attorney with the skills, experience and relationships” to help the school thrive, said a VLS vice dean who had been a finalist.

Scott throws down challenge to immigration enforcement

Standing with the attorney general and legislative leaders, the governor endorsed legislation that he insisted stopped short of making Vermont a “sanctuary state.”

Podcast: Howard Frank Mosher in his words and others’

The late writer’s humor, literary style and great love for his wife emerge in a remembrance by his collaborator Jay Craven and a 2012 radio interview Mosher gave.

Bill creating ethics complaint ‘funnel’ moves ahead

The ethics commission as envisioned would have no investigatory or enforcement powers. Many senators and advocates called the legislation a good first step.

Lawmakers say holes in Scott plan likely to sink it

House Ways and Means identified issues with the timing and constitutionality of the education overhaul, while the tax commissioner acknowledged a major financial gap.

Governor’s ‘radical’ education plan takes many by surprise

The Phil Scott who laid out an ambitious overhaul of the state’s school funding was not the same one many voters and Montpelier colleagues had grown accustomed to as lieutenant governor and a state senator.

Condos, Donovan tackle campaign finance together

They have formed a committee to look for ways to reduce confusion, boost compliance and suggest any needed changes to laws and rules. The goal is “not to replace Citizens United but to coexist with it.”

Digger Dialogue: Baruth has finger on the pulse of Act 46

School district mergers are moving forward at a brisk pace under the law, but the new chair of the Senate Education Committee says school mergers won’t follow unless that’s what local voters want.