For foreign youth on visas, no problem finding Vermont jobs

Some 2,365 foreign college students found seasonal work in Vermont through the federal J-1 visa program in 2011, and more have landed in Vermont for work in 2012.

Vermont investors and lenders could be hurt by LIBOR scandal, experts say

If your mortgage documents say “LIBOR” on them, you need not panic. If you are on the lending side, however you might be getting a little less money coming in.

Committee begins hashing out details of new search and rescue protocols

Neil van Dyke recommended that Vermont consider formalizing a statewide Search and Rescue Council modeled after those in other states.

BMI Blues: Royalty fees stifle music venues in Vermont

The threat of litigation, more than the requested licensing fee, was the day the music died for Three Bean Cafe in Randolph.

Fresh criticisms of Vermont State Police response emerge as search and rescue bill is enacted

A police report confirms that the decision not to search until the next day had been made before the officer was briefed and had completed a Search Urgency form.

Supreme Court continues consideration of public access to police records

The Vermont ACLU indicated that the Supreme Court sent a clear message that not all records maintained by a law enforcement agency are categorically exempt from public records access.

Cows, corn and cash: Lake Champlain water quality studies net frustration

Lake-area residents are growing frustrated with the state’s failure to take substantive steps to thwart the phosphoros-induced blooms of toxic blue-green algae that will likely return this summer.

Search & rescue reform bill passes House, meets procedural hurdles in Senate

The Senate Government Operations committee had scheduled a hearing on the bill for Monday, but canceled it without notice to those who had been invited to testify.

Lawmakers, emergency responders press forward on search and rescue reform

“We were very upset about this whole matter, and we’re not waiting for grass to grow under us here,” says Ed Sullivan, environmental health and safety coordinator at Middlebury College.

Supreme Court denies Rutland Herald access to police records

“You are really in the dark as to what analysis is being applied. So what’s left is this sort of ‘trust me’ approach,” said Bob Hemley, counsel for the Herald.

Vermont Supreme Court ruling increases police accountability

The court reconfirmed that the strong public interest in disclosure of public records is “particularly acute in the area of law enforcement.”

Unlike Vermont, other states’ search and rescue protocols don’t rely on state police

Regardless of who is officially the lead public agency, search and rescue is primarily a volunteer function throughout the country.

Vermont State Police response falls short, rescuers charge

The Search and Rescue Unit could not possibly have engaged in a timely response that night because they were never informed that Levi Duclos was reported missing.