Alicia Freese

Alicia Freese

Alicia Freese is VTDigger's political and education reporter. After receiving a B.A. in international relations from Pomona College in Claremont, Calif., she worked as a media associate at ReThink Media, an organization building communications capacity amongst progressive foreign policy organizations. While out West, she also wrote for Bay Nature Magazine, a publication covering environmental news in the San Francisco Bay Area. Inspired by the investigative reporting she observed in the foreign policy arena, but eager to return to her home state and re-immerse herself in Vermont politics, she naturally ended up at VTDigger’s doorstep.

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Twitter: @aefreese

    Legislative Preview: Education committees will pick up pre-K bill, analyze education financing, independent school standards and debate consolidation of districts

    Donovan and Peltz co-sponsored a bold bill at the end of last session that would do away with supervisory unions and consolidate the governance structures of the all of the state’s school districts into 30 new districts.

    Legislative preview: Paid sick leave, child care workers’ union to be top labor issues

    One proposed bill would grant seven days of paid leave each year for full-time workers.

    2013 Politics Recap: Plenty of sparks fly in off-election year, thanks to health care reform and party infighting

    Gov. Peter Shumlin was hit by a triple whammy this year — the disastrous health care exchange launch, a soured land deal with a neighbor and the dismissal of several key policies by his fellow Democrats in the Legislature. Meanwhile, the GOP engaged in its own internecine battle over ideology.

    2013 Health Care Recap: Exchange turmoil overshadows single payer plans

    Over the course of the year, setbacks beset the rollout of the state exchange; the Shumlin administration and a business and health care group released dueling cost estimates for single payer; a health insurance cooperative unravelled and key players in the health care reform effort shuffled from government to consulting gigs and back again.

    State offers ‘flexibility’ to those who missed Monday’s health insurance deadline

    Department of Vermont Health Access Commissioner Mark Larson said employees will work through the holiday week to process applications and invoices. But the call center will close at 4:30 p.m. Tuesday and reopen at 8 a.m. Thursday.

    Report: Brock major player in Vermont Health Connect records requests

    Republicans have quietly been reaping fodder about the troubled rollout of Vermont Health Connect, while less quietly critiquing the Shumlin administration’s handle on the situation. Peter Hirschfeld of the Vermont Press Bureau reported Sunday that the 2012 Republican gubernatorial candidate and former state auditor, Randy Brock, filed roughly two-thirds of the 35 health care-related public […]

    Vermont Foodbank aims to raise $1 million before year’s end

    The Foodbank has an operating budget of $6.5 million, and it depends on individuals and foundations to contribute roughly 70 percent of that.

    Senate Democrats set legislative priorities

    Senators see a lot to do in 2014 session beyond solving budget deficit, examining Vermont Health Connect and improving mental health system.

    Open or closed, caucuses agree on curbing spending

    House GOP leader promises to make party meetings more open, cites some room for cooperation with Democrats

    Underhill drug rehab center trims staff, medical services

    Maple Leaf Farm, a 41-bed treatment center for drug and alcohol addiction in Underhill, is laying off eight staff and shuttering its primary care unit to deal with a budget shortfall.

    ‘Human error’ leads to second privacy breach on Vermont Health Connect

    The incident, according to Larson, was limited to two individuals with the same first and last names, and it was the result of a human error, not a technological problem.

    3SquaresVT faces more federal fines

    The fine for not enforcing a federal work requirement could be as high as $960,000, according to emails obtained from the state.

    Health care – exchange and single payer – dominate House Democrats’ caucus

    Shumlin and Smith urge fiscal restraint; governor requests lawmakers to wait till 2015 to delve into single payer financing.

    Administration orders $2.23 million cut in developmental services

    The 16 agencies that receive state dollars to do the work had until Friday to submit cuts.