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The mission of the Vermont Journalism Trust is to produce rigorous journalism that explains complex issues, promotes public accountability and fosters democratic and civic engagement.

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Awards and recognition

The New York Times

Commended for building strong social trust which has helped Vermont meet the unprecedented challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic with relative success.

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The Boston Globe

Mark Shanahan wrote a feature about VTDigger as a model news organization for the front page of the Boston Globe.

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LION Publishers

Four national journalism awards, including Best Coronavirus Coverage.

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A digital news pioneer

Founded in 2009 by Anne Galloway, VTDigger began as a scrappy, volunteer effort focused on investigative journalism. Since then, it has grown into Vermont’s most essential news organization, powered by more than two-dozen journalists and boasting the state’s largest newsroom.

In 2011, VTDigger became a project of the nonprofit Vermont Journalism Trust, which has become a pioneer in finding new ways to support and sustain local newsgathering at the local and state level.

The VTDigger team

Driven by our mission, we are grateful to have a talented and dedicated newsroom and business team. Meet the team

More awards and recognition

Institute for Nonprofit News

Featured a case study about how VTDigger launched sponsored virtual events and grew revenue by more than 10% in 2020, a particularly important triumph in the face of the pandemic and financial uncertainty.

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The New Yorker

Vermont journalist and climate activist Bill McKibben wrote about VTDigger’s humble origins and how it “helps to keep the state together.”

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The New England Newspaper and Press Association

Eleven top honors, including first place for General Excellence, Digital Strategy Excellence, Local Election Coverage and Multimedia Coverage for News Services and Online News Sites.

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Board of trustees

The Vermont Journalism Trust is governed by a rotating board of community leaders. Learn more

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