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Protect local journalism in Vermont

Dear Reader,

Summers in Vermont are short and sweet, so we'll be brief. Over the next five days, we are asking for your support to protect and sustain our fearless journalism for Vermont.

Your support in any amount helps VTDigger:

Review every tip we receive
1,600+ annually

Produce 8-10 daily news stories
More than 50 stories every week

Publish in-depth investigations
Deep dives on issues that matter

Provide reliable, fact-based news
Free and accessible for all

Our nonprofit reporting takes resources and we can't do it without your help. If you think local journalism is important for Vermonters, please show your support by making a gift that’s right for you today. 

Thank you for being a VTDigger reader and engaged community member.

In pursuit of truth,

Jim Welch
Interim Executive Director

VTDigger Member Team

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