Tomasz Jankowski: A successful relationship with OneCare

Editor’s note: This commentary is by Tomasz L. Jankowski, of Newport, who is president & CEO of Northeast Kingdom Human Services. He represents designated agencies on the OneCare Vermont Board of Managers.  

Improving health and access to care for all Vermonters, within the context of developing a sustainable economic cost-management (containment) model, has been the modus operandi linked in multiple attempts to innovate the health care delivery system in the state. The all-payer model which brings together Medicare, Medicaid, commercial, and self-funded insurance organizations, has been an another example of innovative thinking that connects multiple payor and provider communities to ensure access to highly coordinated, evidence-based, and data-supported, high quality of care.

Northeast Kingdom Human Services (NKHS) strongly supports the goals of the all-payer model waiver and works closely with OneCare Vermont to achieve them. NKHS is Northeast Kingdom’s designated agency, which provides comprehensive mental health, substance use, and intellectual and developmental disability services.

OneCare Vermont, Vermont’s only accountable care organization (ACO), has been a strong community partner and leader in driving system change and improvement through innovation, information exchange, investment, and care coordination. Its goal of shifting focus from the fee-for-service, volume-driven methodology, to supporting preventative, value-based approach, is a clear recognition of the need for an alternative management of the scarce resources and data-sharing. For instance, through its robust care navigator tool, OneCare Vermont has significantly influenced and increased care coordination between primary care providers, hospitals, and NKHS. This has further allowed NKHS clinicians timely access to information about patients reporting to the emergency department, information to which our organization would otherwise have no access. 

Together, with OneCare Vermont, NKHS continuous building more efficacious and robust communication tools and stronger relationships with our community partners which have led to a better understanding of the holistic health needs of our “high risk” clients, that our organizations may, collectively, serve. NKHS’s ability to coordinate care with Island Pond Health Care underscores that point. Furthermore, recognizing the importance of community access to mental health and substance use services, OneCare Vermont and NKHS are partnering to embed mental health clinicians in the emergency departments of two critical-access hospitals in the Northeast Kingdom.

With a sharp focus on cost containment coupled with financial incentives, and the sharing of best practices across the horizontal and vertical health care spectrum, OneCare Vermont continuous to offer significant value in the ever-changing Vermont health care landscape. With its eyes on the future, NKHS looks forward to a continued, successful partnership and collaboration with OneCare Vermont as it expands its investment in our community-based organization to ensure health, prosperity, and well-being of the individuals and families we serve in the Northeast Kingdom. 

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Gena Melissa

Thanks for your commentary OneCare Board Member Jankowski. Would you please share the following:

1. The amount of investment NKHS has receipted from OneCare
2. The measures NKHS has identified to measure success of those investments
3. The outcomes of those measures
4. The number of actively care managed patients in Care Navigator for NKHS attributes lives
a. The outcomes before and after
b. The rate of PCP utilization for this population before and after.
5. The monthly user login reports for all OCV analytics tools used by your team to include: user, session count, duration, tool used and it’s relationship to the foregoing QI programming.

Tom Wheaton

Some good stuff in here, but a sharp focus on cost containment is laughable. We might slow spending by a couple points, but if the system is already way too expensive, the conversation needs to be much more about how to we take 25% or more of the cost out of the total heat care system to make it affordable again.

rosemarie jackowski

Elimination of ‘fee-for-service’ is a big part of the problem. It has made many health issues invisible to providers.

don white

The Onecare propaganda machine is in full action after GMCB president Mullen advised them to start selling this failing experiment

Frank Westcott

The more I see commentary like this, I start to wander. Why so many recently? Why are they trying so hard to convince us that we need one care? Is this a coordinated effort? I still think it proves we’ve been swindled!

Louis Meyers, M.D.

We are now hearing OneCare’s praise from hospital and agency executives.
I would strongly encourage VTDigger or some other independent entity to do a robust survey of health care providers to see what their experience has been with OneCare and its All-Payer plan.


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