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Vermont Progressive Party nominate candidates for statewide office

News Release — Vermont Progressive Party
June 13, 2018

Josh Wronski
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Barre, VT – The Vermont Progressive Party voted to nominate and endorse candidates for Vermont offices at their statewide meeting on Sunday. Party members heard from gubernatorial candidates Christine Hallquist, James Ehlers, and Brenda Siegel who all sought a nomination from the Progressive Party. They also heard from Lt. Governor David Zuckerman (P/D) and Congressional candidate Dan Freilich.

Party members voted unanimously to endorse Zuckerman, Hoffer, and U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders. In addition to the endorsement, they also voted to nominate Zuckerman and Hoffer. The nomination enables those candidates to run with the Progressive Party affiliation after their name on the general election ballot in November. Senator Sanders has historically run as an independent.

“I’m excited to have the strong support of the Progressive Party” said Zuckerman. “I look forward to running a robust grassroots campaign that takes our message of social, economic, environmental, and racial justice to every community in Vermont.”

After some debate, Party members opted to take no action in the race for Governor or U.S. Congress.

“I think it shows the strength of our Party that all of these candidates came to our State meeting to seek support from Progressives” said Washington County Senator and Party Chair, Anthony Pollina. “The Progressive Party continues to grow across Vermont. We are excited to engage many more Vermonters with grassroots outreach on behalf of our three endorsed candidates for statewide and Federal office, and the dozens of Progressive Party candidates running to serve in the Vermont Legislature.”

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