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Main Street Alliance Statement on Executive Orders on Immigration

News Release — Main Street Alliance
Jan. 29, 2017

Kaycie Miltenberger, Communications Manager
802-585-6242, [email protected]

Vermont must take a stand against executive orders targeting immigrants

“The Main Street Alliance of Vermont, stands in opposition to Donald Trump’s decisions to freeze refugee resettlement and ban all immigration from several Muslim countries. These targeted executive orders will not make America safer, stronger, or more prosperous. They dehumanize those in most need of welcome and refuge.

“Criminalizing faith and nationality emboldens those with xenophobic tendencies to be even more extreme, putting our country and communities at risk. Main Street Alliance and our member businesses across our state and country believe America is strongest when it is most inclusive. We are united in our opposition to Trump’s campaign of fear-mongering.

“Now is a time to lift up the facts and speak the truth about our communities, our borders, and our economy. Research and experience show that the vast majority of refugees are working and paying taxes within a few short months. Refugees start businesses, create jobs, buy homes and cars, and renew neighborhoods – which lead to healthier local economies.

“MSA-VT member businesses will continue to stand strong and send the message that All Are Welcome in Vermont. Together, we celebrate diversity, create safe spaces and send a clear message of inclusion.”

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  • Wouldn’t it be better for immigrants to stay nearer their home-land until the dust settles? Wouldn’t that be a win-win? President Trump has done more in 9 days than Obama’s accomplished. Look at the ‘safe’ zones Trump is working on. Why aren’t we hearing about the good things President Trump is working on? Answer… the liberal media wants to keep America divided. Check out this news report.

    • Richard M Roderick

      I would hardly call a newsreport.

      • Well you don’t have to take my word for it, here’s a link to an unbiased source expressing high praise for Bill’s reporting.

        I’ve been aware of Bill’s reporting for years now and watched all throughout the 2016 election season. Bill’s reporting of the FAKE news and bogus polls and paid agitators by
        the Democrats to disrupt Trump’s campaign has been spot on.

        Check this link out and decide for yourself who has more credibility, Bill or MSM

        MSM has demonstrated themselves time and time again to be biased and in many cases down right deceptive. If anyone wants examples of “creative” editing to slant and I mean slant a story, I’d be glad to provide.

  • Really MSA-VT…. ‘Criminalizing faith’? Seems like you’ve fallen prey to the liberal press narrative. ‘All Are Welcome in Vermont’? So no worries at all? Have you been watching Europe and what’s been happening? I for one have some concerns. Give this new administration a chance. I find it inexcusable for Obama to chime in with this…

    “The (former) president fundamentally disagrees with the notion of discriminating against individuals because of their faith or religion,” Obama’s spokesman, Kevin Lewis, said.

    Really, talk about news and being divisive, it’s a temporary ban from certain countries, not faith or religion. Oh by the way it’s the seven countries Obama’s administration and the Department of Homeland Security that targeted these seven countries over the last years as countries of concern.