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Washington, Orange and Lamoille Residents Plan Emergency Community Meeting

News Release
December 9th, 2016

Traven Leyshon, [email protected], 802-522-3484


Following National Election, Washington, Orange & Lamoille Residents Plan Emergency Community Meeting

Montpelier – Concerned residents of Washington, Orange and Lamoille counties are coming together for an emergency community meeting after the election of Donald Trump. This meeting will bring area residents together to affirm values of tolerance and social, economic and climate justice, while discussing actions we can take to protect our communities, defend democracy, and build a Vermont and country that works for everyone.

Who: Green Mountain Labor Council, AFL-CIO; UE Local 255; environmental and community based organizations
What: Emergency Community Meeting
When: Monday December 12th from 6-8 pm
Where: Christ Episcopal Church, 64 State Street, Montpelier

Representatives of labor, Black, immigrant, women’s, senior, gay and lesbian, climate, and racial justice organizations will speak.

Meeting attendees will make plans to put our shared values into action. They will discuss different options for action, including opposing Trump’s unacceptable cabinet and agency appointments, actions around the Inauguration, and organizing in solidarity with communities under attack, including immigrants and Muslim Americans. Green Mountain Labor Council President Traven Leyshon believes that, “It is not enough to define ourselves as the resistance. Defense needs to be married to offense. We also need to build broad unity to act morally, courageously, and strategically in pursuit of a clear progressive vision.”

Thousands have turned out for emergency meetings across the country, concerned about hate crimes, the climate crisis, threats to civil liberties, and rollbacks to progressive gains under a Trump administration.

The growing list of national endorsing organizations so far includes, #AllofUs, #Our100, Center for Popular Democracy, CODEPINK, Common Defense, Courage Campaign, Friends of the Earth, Iraq Veterans Against the War, MPower Change, and Working Families Party.

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  • Julia Purdy

    One top priority should be to protect freedom of the press. Donald Trump has apparently substituted tweetstorms for a White House press corps, and as usual his factoids are way off. He also reveals himself as being petulantly vindictive, singling out personally anyone who dares to criticize him in public for vicious attacks; Megyn Kelly was only the first. If Trump singles you out in a tweet, the thugs descend on you. Given the prevalence of fake news and hacking of political enemies, our entire freedom of speech seems in peril. Without it, we have only Facebook Live and other unmediated “news” and “opinion” to turn to. All of the rights, freedoms and perks–our very standard of living–that we currently are called upon to defend, in turn depend on a free press.

    • James Paroline

      It’s obvious that the msm are the ones spreading”fake news”, and they are the ones leading the charge to shut down the free press. Any idea that is in opposition to their belief system needs to be shut down! Hypocritical! MSM has been spreading propaganda from the establishment political forces with no counter voice for to long and now they want to shut it down because the public has finally seen the light.
      As far as your fears of the president elect, I had those similar fears with the current potus, I was correct about many of his policies. I wasn’t expecting the divisiveness though! Nor was I anticipating a huge increase in our national debt. I have serious concerns th at we may never recover financially, probably by design of the globalist agenda. Trump will be “our” potus for the four years, give the guy a chance before you have a hissed fit. If i was you i would be more worried that the GOP now has control of the Senate and the house as well as many new governorships.

  • Jackie Hickerson

    Is there anything similar for Burlington residents?

    • Traven Leyshon

      Yes. A Burlington meeting is being planed for early January. I believe it will be along these lines:

      Trump’s victory in the election has brought various forms of bigotry and hate back into the political mainstream. If his administration follows through on the rhetoric of his campaign,they will scapegoat minority groups while attacking union rights and gutting important social programs like Medicare and Medicaid that benefit working class people.

      In the face of these challenges, we must stand together. This means recognizing that an injury to one is an injury to all, and uniting to fight for a better future.

      We are organizing because we believe a world based on respect and human dignity is possible. We invite everyone interested in building this movement to join us for a public meeting. Everyone who attends will have a chance to share their thoughts on what to do next and to begin working together.