Vermont-NEA endorses Shumlin, Corren

The Vermont-NEA will throw its support behind Gov. Peter Shumlin and Progressive candidate for lieutenant governor Dean Corren.

The union, which represents 12,000 teachers in Vermont, made the announcement Thursday. The board of the Vermont-NEA met with all four major candidates for governor and lieutenant governor on Wednesday.

Martha Allen, president of the Vermont-NEA, said in a statement that the union disagrees with Shumlin’s “dangerous rhetoric about school spending that contributed to dozens of budget defeats this year.” But the governor, she said, has earned the right to continue serving the people of Vermont. Union officials say Shumlin was a clear favorite over Scott Milne, the Republican-endorsed candidate for governor.

“His commitment to making our schools the nation’s best, his support for workers and unions, and his efforts to make Vermont the first state with a publicly financed healthcare system available to all residents makes him an obvious choice,” Allen said.

The union supports the governor’s stance on fair share fee payments for non-union members who benefit from labor negotiations.

The Vermont-NEA will back Dean Corren for lieutenant governor because of his staunch support for Green Mountain Care, the state’s single-payer health care reform system.

“Dean’s leadership will be critical in the coming two years if Vermont is to be successful in doing what no other state has ever been able to do,” Allen said.

In June, the union said it would back U.S. Rep. Peter Welch, Treasurer Beth Pearce, Auditor of Accounts Doug Hoffer and Secretary of State Jim Condos. None of the aforementioned candidates have strong challengers in this election cycle.

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  • Wayne Andrews

    This isn’t new news for the same old NEA heartbeat of supporting the candidate which gives them the most money.
    Just as farmer Brown comes around every morning banging his slop bucket in hand the hogs soon coming running to stand in line, snouts aimed, to get their portion.

  • Jamie Carter

    Hmm the VNEA supports dems in the election cycle…surprise surprise. The only surprise is that they did after Shumlin’s education spending remarks.

    Wonder if the state workers union will support him after he called them bone heads… no doubt.

  • Jim Christiansen

    The suspense surrounding the NEA’s endorsement for Governor has kept me on edge all summer.

    Who would have thought they would pick another incumbent Democrat to support? Ole Pete sure got lucky this time around.

    More money for a millionaire to add to his million dollar war chest. Shameful.

  • Wendy wilton

    More money in Shumlin’s coffers from teachers’ salaries paid by tax dollars. Your tax dollars at work!

    • Peter Liston

      Money paid out of the pockets of hard working professionals who EARNED EVERY PENNY are not tax dollars.

  • Keith Stern

    Another news bulletin: Children prefer candy over brussels sprouts

    • Paul Lorenzini

      Brussel sprouts, baked with maple syrup and bacon are candy! mmmmmmmmmm

  • Peter Everett

    Just think, now that teachers are compelled to join the NEA or pay an agency fee to it, there is more money to hand out to the politicians for continued favors in return. This game will never end until we, the voters, remove those in power. It will never happen, though, the polls know that they have control over us by making promises that can’t, or won’t honor. You know, like cutting spending or tax increases. We, truly, are as dumb as they think we are. We only have ourselves to blame for this financial mess we’re in.

    • Wendy wilton

      Peter, you speak the truth. There are many teachers that dislike the forced membership fee and the politics of the VTNEA but are powerless to speak out against them for fear of their job. Sad.

      • Paul Lorenzini

        the vicious circle of life in a monetary political system of tyranny.

  • Peter Everett

    My entire teaching career, in MA (1971 – 2006), I was a forced member of 4 associations: NEA, MTA (MA Teachers), local, and finally, county. Dues were quite high.
    I objected to my dues going to fund politicians (any party, it didn’t matter to me).
    I wrote to them complaining I didn’t want my dues used for those purposes. In return, I received very nasty letters from leadership. It really bothered me than 17 individuals made decisions for, roughly, 67,000 members, over the objections of many such as I. I learned that these organizations, like our gov’t, don’t care what the people want. They only care about the power that they have and how they try to dictate to the masses, mostly against the will of the majority.
    Things will change, unfortunately, probably not in my lifetime, though.

    • Paul Richards

      You have explained how public sector unions take their members voices out of the equation. The voices of the taxpayers are also silenced. This is pure taxation without representation. The whole union hierarchy successfully shuts people up. From members to management and the taxpayers who are forced to pay for it, the unions and the government wield the club and reign power over us, the powerless slobs who are forced to pay for it all. These are not your Grandfather’s unions. They now fight for totally different causes. They have successfully gained the power to usurp the constitution. It’s all protected by law. They do not have to adhere to the same laws the rest of us do and it’s all legal.
      Welcome to tyranny in America.

      • Paul Lorenzini

        well put sir!

  • Michael Stahler

    “Martha Allen, president of the Vermont-NEA, said in a statement that the union disagrees with Shumlin’s “dangerous rhetoric about school spending that contributed to dozens of budget defeats this year.” But the governor, she said, has earned the right to continue serving the people of Vermont.” ”

    So he’s saying bad things about education but we’re going to support him anyway?! Huh?

  • Stu Lindberg

    Shumlin Inc. has big plans to close small schools putting teachers out of work. The progressive agenda is not to improve education but to build a bigger bureaucracy. I wonder how the rank and file VTNEA members are going to feel when they have to stand in the unemployment line?

  • Lyle M. Miller, Sr.

    I am not surprised at this endorsement. After all, Mr. Shumlin has been able to deceive many people over the years he has been in office and even before as a Senator. Things will not change until Vermonters, including teachers wake up and see Shumlin for what he is, a headline grabber who uses any situation to put his face in full front of Vermonters.