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Stop the F-35 Coalition to sue over Vermont basing

News Release — Stop the F-35 Coalition
Nov. 14, 2013

The Air Force will issue its decision in the next few days selecting Burlington for the first operational basing of the F-35A. The Stop the F-35 Coalition will sue.

The Coalition has retained a lawyer, and is contacting other organizations for additional legal assistance.

The coalition is also working with national media outlets to publish the truth behind the corrupt basing selection process.

The Stop the F-35 Coalition cites disastrous problems associated with F-35A basing, some of which were identified in the Air Force’s own Environmental Impact Statement. But the Air Force failed to include others.

Basing the F-35A at the Burlington International Airport will inflict injustice on thousands of people.

The F-35A will:

• disproportionally impact minorities and low-income people

• negatively affect the health of adults, including an increased risk of cardiovascular disease

• be especially harmful to children’s health and their learning abilities

• reduce property values of thousands of homeowners • put thousands of Vermont homes in crash zones

• endanger lives both because of increased risk of crashes of this new fighter-bomber, and because it contains highly flammable composite materials and stealth coating which release toxic fumes and fibers when burned.

“The Air Force decision to select Burlington will not stop the campaign to stop the F-35,” said Richard Joseph. “It will make building the campaign against the basing all the more important.”

In the months and years ahead, activists anticipate that the campaign will continue to grow as the facts about the aircraft’s effect and the truth about improper actions taken during the basing selection and decision process come to light.

“Basing the F-35 in the midst of a densely populated area is callous, irresponsible, and dangerous,” said James Marc Leas.

“It is regrettable that legal measures have to be taken, said Katie Kirby, “but the Stop the F35 Coalition and a growing list of plaintiffs are fully committed to continue their efforts to stop the basing and thus to preserve the lives, the health, and the homes of area residents.”

“The Air Force is only one of the decision makers, and its decision can be overturned. This is far from a done deal,” said Eileen Andreoli.

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  • Gary Lockhart

    Not surprising as these are the same nitwits who have been sending Leaky Leahy to the Senate for nearly 39 years.

    One hopes that you fools will be ordered to pay attorney’s fees and court costs for this frivolous BS.

  • rosemarie jackowski

    Imagine an F-35 going down…

    DATELINE NOV 15 2013

    “(AP) Searchers have recovered more pieces of a multimillion-dollar, New York-based military drone that crashed into Lake Ontario during a training flight this week.

    Maj. Sandra Stoquert (STOH’-kwert) of the Air National Guard’s Syracuse-based 174th Attack Wing says a significant amount of debris was found along the lake’s eastern shore Friday. She says there’s no estimate yet of the percentage of the aircraft wreckage found so far.

    The drone took off from Fort Drum in northern New York and crashed into the lake Tuesday about 12 miles from the eastern shore and 20 miles northeast of Oswego (ahs-WEE’-goh).

    The U.S. Air Force is convening two investigation boards to determine the cause of the accident.

    The company that makes the Reaper says the cost of a new drone starts at $10 million.”

    • Cris Ericson

      Another Reason to Read this U.S. Air Force News for this week because
      One-Third of Vermonters draw their drinking water from
      Lake Champlain and if an F-35 jet crashed into the Lake,
      the U.S. Air Force has no way and no plans
      to replace drinking water; so
      Read this weeks Air Force news!

      Multimillion-dollar military drone crashes in New York lake
      New York Daily News
      FORT DRUM, N.Y. — The New York Air National Guard asked
      the U.S. Air Force on Wednesday
      for help in finding
      a multimillion-dollar military …
      (not “funding” but FINDING)

      Drone worth millions crashes into Lake Ontario,
      military says (blog)
      Military drones grounded in Central New York
      following crash in …

      Military drone crashes into NY lake
      during training mission Fox News
      ABC News –

      Air National Guard recovers pieces of downed Reaper drone at …
      An MQ-9 Reaper drone like this one crashed into Lake Ontario on
      … WASHINGTON — The New York Air National Guard today recovered a …
      More debris from Reaper drone found on Lake Ontario shore
      FORT DRUM (AP) — Searchers have recovered more pieces
      of a multimillion-dollar, New York-based military drone
      that crashed into Lake …

      Drone crash: Military drone worth millions at bottom of Lake Ontario
      The military drone took off from Fort Drum’s Wheeler
      Sack Army Airfield in northern New York on Tuesday,
      crashing into Lake Ontario, some …

      Air National Guard fails to find MQ-9 Reaper drone in Lake Ontario
      An MQ-9 Reaper drone used by the 174th Attack Wing of the Air
      … aircraft entered Lake Ontario, said Eric Durr,
      speaking for the New York State …

      Drone flights suspended in NY after crash
      Reaper drone flights have been grounded in Central New York
      after one of the craft crashed into Lake Ontario.
      The incident has sparked …
      Searchers recover aircraft debris from NY-based
      military drone that …

      Minneapolis Star Tribune
      The drone took off from Fort Drum in northern New York
      and crashed into the lake Tuesday about 12 miles
      from the eastern shore and 20 miles …

      Search for drone to resume after Lake Ontario crash
      Utica Observer Dispatch

      The search is set to resume for a military drone that
      crashed into eastern Lake Ontario while on a training
      mission for the New York Air National …

      Fort Drum Drone Crashes In Lake Ontario
      WWNY TV 7
      The drone was being used during a routine
      training mission being conducted by the Formal
      Training Unit of the New York Air National Guard’s …

      The Military Could Use Your Help Looking for a Drone It Lost in Lake …
      A $4 million military drone plopped out of the sky into
      Lake Ontario and now … The unarmed drone was
      being operated from the New York Air …