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Support growing in Congress to overturn Citizens United decision

News Release — State Sens. Ginny Lyons and Anthony Pollina
June 18, 2013

Montpelier — State Senators Virginia “Ginny” Lyons (Chittenden) and Anthony Pollina (Washington) are applauding continuing efforts by members of the U.S. Congress who are introducing and sponsoring constitutional amendments to overturn the Supreme Court’s Citizens United v. FEC decision.

They point out that Congressional action is coming as more state legislatures go on record wanting the case overturned. Lyons and Pollina lead the effort to pass a resolution in the Vermont legislature.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders introduced a proposal for a Constitutional Amendment early in the debate and Congressman Peter Welch is co-sponsoring a House version. There are now over 100 congressional sponsors. Senator Tom Udall (D. New Mexico) introduced the latest resolution Monday.

“It is great that more members of Congress are waking up and moving the issue forward,” said Pollina. “We applaud those in Congress who understand the need for a constitutional change to undo the Court’s grave mistake.”

“When it comes down to democracy or big money, Vermonters definitely vote for democracy.,” Lyons said. Last year Vermonters at 64 town meetings called for an amendment and the Vermont Legislature passed a resolution calling on Congress to use Constitutional means to overturn the decision.

Pollina and Lyons agree. “Vermonters have been clear. Senator Sanders is a leader on this. Congressman Welch is sponsoring an amendment. It is time for the whole Congress to get on board, start the debate and go on record in support of democracy.”

The Vermont resolution passed in 2012. In recent months, legislatures in several states including Delaware, Maine and Illinois have passed similar resolutions.

Both Lyons and Pollina believe “It is exciting and important that this action has started at the grassroots. Together we can push Congress to act.,”

To date, 15 states and over 500 municipalities have called on Congress to overturn Citizens United and related cases.

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