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Vermont Lawmakers Support Working Lands Investment

For Immediate Release: March 1, 2013


Paul Costello, Vermont Council on Rural Development: 802-223-5763 /
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Vermont Lawmakers Support Working Lands Investment

Five million per year for three years will build a strong working lands economy

MONTPELIER, VT – A coalition of lawmakers today delivered a “Dear Colleague” letter to the Vermont House and Senate Appropriations Committees, in support of the “five-by-three” investment for the Working Lands Enterprise Fund. The 66 legislators wrote, “We are confident of the return of this investment in maintaining the character of Vermont while building jobs for the future and encourage you to make investing in ‘5 by 3’ a key priority of this Legislative session.”

The governor included $1.5 million for the Working Lands Enterprise Fund in his FY14 budget proposal. Last year’s Working Lands Enterprise bill (Act 142) provided an initial appropriation of $1,175,000, which has elicited applications for almost $12,000,000 from 378 entrepreneurs. The Appropriations committees are reviewing the governor’s budget and will develop their own proposals over the next
few weeks.

The following legislators signed onto the letter:

1. Representative Clement Bissonnette (D-Chittenden-6-7)

2. Representative Carolyn Branagan (R-Franklin-1)

3. Representative Mollie Burke (P/D-Windham-2-2)

4. Representative Sarah Buxton (D-Windsor-Orange-1)

5. Representative Brian Campion (D-Bennington-2-1)

6. Representative Stephen Carr (D-Rutland-6)

7. Representative Margaret Cheney (D-Windsor-Orange-2)

8. Representative Kevin Christie (D-Windsor-4-2)

9. Representative Alison Clarkson (D-Windsor-5)

10. Representative Joanna Cole (D-Chittenden-6-1)

11. Representative Daniel Connor (D-Franklin-6)

12. Representative Charles Conquest (D-Orange-Caledonia)

13. Representative Susan Davis (P/D-Orange-1)

14. Representative David Deen (D-Windham-4)

15. Representative Johannah Donovan (D-Chittenden-6-5)

16. Representative Debbie Evans (D-Chittenden-8-1)

17. Representative Michelle Fay (D-Caledonia-3)

18. Representative Anne Gallivan (D-Rutland-Windsor-1)

19. Representative Sandy Haas (P/D-Windsor-Rutland)

20. Representative Mary Hooper (D-Washington-4)

21. Representative Diane Lanpher (D-Addison-3)

22. Representative Joan Lenes (D-Chittenden-5-2)

23. Representative John Malcolm (D-Rutland-Bennington)

24. Representative Richard Marek (D-Windham-5)

25. Representative Cynthia Martin (D/W-Windsor-3-2)

26. Representative Michael McCarthy (D-Franklin-3-1)

27. Representative Kristina Michelsen (D-Caledonia-2)

28. Representative Anne Mook (D-Bennington-2-2)

29. Representative John Moran (D-Windham-Bennington)

30. Representative Michael Mrowicki (D-Windham-4)

31. Representative Christopher Pearson (P-Chittenden-6-4)

32. Representative Philip Peltz (D-Lamoille-Washington)

33. Representative David Potter (D-Rutland-2)

34. Representative Barbara Rachelson (D-Chittenden-6-6)

35. Representative Paul Ralston (D-Addison-1)

36. Representative Kesha Ram (D-Chittenden-6-4)

37. Representative Herbert Russell (D-Rutland-5-3)

38. Representative Charles Shaw (R/D-Rutland-6)

39. Representative Kristy Spengler (D-Chittenden-9-2)

40. Representative Thomas Stevens (D-Washington-Chittenden)

41. Representative William Stevens (I-Addison-Rutland)

42. Representative Valerie Stuart (D-Windham-2-1)

43. Representative George Till (D-Chittenden-3)

44. Representative Tristan Toleno (D-Windham-2-3)

45. Representative Maida Townsend (D-Chittenden-7-4)

46. Representative Linda Waite-Simpson (D-Chittenden-8-2)

47. Representative Kathryn Webb (D-Chittenden-5-1)

48. Representative Cynthia Weed (P/D-Franklin-7)

49. Representative Susan Wizowaty (D-Chittenden-6-5)

50. Representative Mark Woodward (D-Lamoille-2)

51. Representative Michael Yantachka (D-Chittenden-4-1)

52. Representative Teo Zagar (D-Windsor-4-1)

53. Senator Philip Baruth (D-Chittenden)

54. Senator Christopher Bray (D-Addison)

55. Senator Don Collins (D-Franklin)

56. Senator Ann Cummings (D-Washington)

57. Senator Bill Doyle (R-Washington)

58. Senator Eldred French (D-Rutland)

59. Senator Bob Harwell (D-Bennington)

60. Senator Ginny Lyons (D-Chittenden)

61. Senator Norm McAllister (R-Franklin)

62. Senator Dick McCormack (D-Windsor)

63. Senator Anthony Pollina (P/D/W-Washington)

64. Senator John Rodgers (D-Essex-Orleans)

65. Senator Jeanette White (D-Windham)

66. Senator David Zuckerman (P-Chittenden)


The Vermont Working Landscape Coalition is a non‐partisan and broad‐based effort to support local agriculture and forestry, grow and attract farm and forest entrepreneurs, and conserve Vermont’s Working Landscape far into the future. The members believe that all Vermonters benefit from the state’s working landscape and everyone should
contribute to ensure its future.

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  • frank Huard

    Asking Legislators to sign on to support the working landscapes initiative is akin to asking children if they like baby kittens. I believe we taxpayers need to see who received the first round of monies. Did the money actually go to support small farms or the typical recipients of the corporate owned taxpayer funded Agriculture agency. I believe before more money is appropriated an audit should be done, while involving the people who applied for the first grants, to get feed back on how this first process worked. I think this would provide an eye opening reaction to people who support this initiative on their ideals.