Noll self-publishes book about Vermont prisons

September 7th 2011

For Immediate Release:

Vermont author / publisher blows the whistle

Contact : Christian Noll / [email protected]

Christian Noll steps forth in his third person narrative documenting how the industrial complex of corrections and law enforcement flourishes in his home state of Vermont.

For the first time ever we have specific testimony describing some of the tactics and maneuvers law enforcement and correctional staff use bringing Vermont state employment to new depths.

Defining what hundreds of Vermonters experience each year, Christian Noll demonstrates his investigative prowess by exposing a pattern of repeat behavior which defies our lowest standards.

Vermont C.O. The Truth of Attrition represents a play by play account of how we’ve institutionalized the abuse of Vermont’s most valuable resource, our employees.

Noll corroborates his documentation with numerous reports both public and private. With over fourteen years of academia in the field of criminal justice, he explains his publishing model for the first time.

“I didn’t have time to make it perfect and still meet my first run dead-line so I used the first run as an uncorrected proof which would be improved when revised. I also wanted to use feed back from my reviewers and editors to address certain presentation and formatting issues.”

“My primary objective in presenting this documentation is to create awareness. Trying to change corrupt or dysfunctional government is not my goal. Reporting it is.”

Vermont C.O. The Truth of Attrition is available is a 5.5” x 8.5” perfect bound paperback for $24.95 on, Barnes and Noble, Borders Books and Ingram. ISBN 978 061 526 7548

Press Release

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  • timothy k price

    Having read Mr. Noll’s book, first edition, I can recommend it as a must read for Vermonters who trustingly believe that Vermont values are alive and well. There is a creeping culture of casual corruption within our state that is the same as is found throughout the US. Truth, honesty, and merit may matter less than supporting those at the top. It is corrosive, leading to totalitarian government that benefits the few. Mr. Noll documents such an example in this well written, clear and concise account of his personal experience. It needs to be read as it offers a heads-up warning, to pay attention to what some authority figures have done, and may be doing. The book shines a light on the sad process so that we can see abuse of office for what it is and thereby keep the State of Vermont really clean, both environmentally and politically.

  • Rob Bohn

    Having read Mr. Nolls’s book VT C.O., I was impressed with the power of his anecdotes and his evidence. Initially wholy unaware of the machinations of the penal system, I was fascinated by the subterfuge that appears to be an ingrained part of the works. While I am aware that corruption is everywhere, I am also aware that this does not make corruption condonable. Nolls explores a venue unfamiliar to me, but in his obversations, one might see Anywhere, USA. One method by which to ensure that we are not contributing to anything untoward or igoring such is be informed. Nolls’s work moves his readers closer to that goal. It is also a lively read that offers not only cutting criticisms but also thoughtful suggestions for moving forward.

  • Louise Tassia..

    It’s about time folks are informed about what’s really going on in our corrections system. In Vermont it seems that the “old boys” network is still running the show. If you’re not in your out. What a farce it is really. Nicely put Christian Noll. Keep us informed about the reality of corrections. Thank you for doing such a good job.

  • Ed Samson

    Vermont C.O. The Truth of Attrition is both powerful and alarming. NO ONE, especially no one with an advanced education should consider a career in Vermont law enforcement before reading this book from cover-to-cover. It will certainly make a potential applicant wonder; who has the most enviable position, the man behind the bars or the man wearing the badge?

    Ed Samson, retired network television
    executive, author of A Pvt. AFFAIR

  • Joseph Whitcomb

    It was interesting reading and seeing how many of the same issues I experienced at other, larger facilities elsewhere in the U.S., even exist in a smaller, lower-security facility in Vermont. It’s also courageous to see the author’s willingness to speak publicly about it, given the rampant persecution that inevitably awaits anyone who does. Hopefully, this can book can help to bring about some changes.

  • Pamela Guerrieri

    This insightful narrative unmasks an illusion that has entangled so many organizations. We see this game played out in so many arenas–favoritism, manipulative agendas, greed that breeds corruption… When will justice prevail? Noll tells us when–when we finally take a stand! And Noll does just that, sacrificing his quality of life to do so.

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