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Shumlin campaign: “Dubie can’t give a straight answer”

OCTOBER 23, 2010


Brian Dubie’s been “as truthful as” he can with Vermonters, But A Simple Yes or No Would Suffice

BURLINGTON Vt., –Brian Dubie refused to answer simple yes or nor questions on issues important to Vermont voters tonight during the last televised debate of the campaign. Dubie was asked for simple answers on women’s rights, local control of education and his attacks on Perter Shumllin. Dubie failed to answer seven “yes or no” questions asked by Vermonters, the media and Peter Shumlin directly.

“If Brian Dubie can’t give a straight answer to questions asked by Vermonters, why should they vote for him,” questioned campaign manager Alex MacLean? “Brian Dubie refused to answer certain questions because his responses would reveal an agenda that is not the Vermont way on ethics, women’s rights and education.”

The first question came from reporter Tim McQuiston who asked Dubie if he thought Peter Shumlin is unethical: Yes or No? Dubie refused to answer and continued to repeat smears against Peter Shumlin. Moderators followed up and asked Dubie for a yes or no. He once again rambled on without directly answering the question.

Peter Shumlin then asked Brian Dubie “if a bill restricting a woman’s right to coose landed on your desk, would you sign it or veto it? That’s the first question, yes or no. And secondly, since we use public funds to support low-income abortions, would you support that yes or no?” Dubie again would not give a straight answer. For a second time moderators had to interrupt and ask Dubie for a straight answer. Dubie again refused to tell Vermonters if he would restrict abortion rights for women in Vermont. Peter Shumlin asked Dubie for a third time and he again refused to say yes or no. Dubie would go on to avoid answering two more questions on his stance to make abortion illegal even in cases of rape or incest. Each time he excused himself for not answering the question by saying: “I am as truthful as I can be with Vermonters.”

Finally, Peter asked Brian Dubie if he would mandate to local communities from Montpelier taking “away their local decision-making that they shall only spend ‘X’ amount on schools? Yes or no? Is that a mandate to local communities under the Dubie administration?”

Dubie refused to answer this yes or no question about removing local control over education decisions, instead saying that his proposal would begin a conversation.

“Brian Dubie refuses to play straight with Vermonters so let me give you the answers that he won’t be honest with Vermonters about,” said MacLean. “Yes, Dubie wants to make abortion illegal, even in cases of rape and incest. Yes, Brian’s plan mandates to communities how much they should spend on education, eliminating our tradition of local control. And yes, it appears Brian has smeared Peter Shumlin to the point he is believing his own distortions.”

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