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Progressives back Racine for governor

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August 18, 2010 [email protected]

Progressive Leaders Endorse Doug Racine

HINESBURG, VT – Several individual Progressive party members gathered at the Full Moon Farm this morning in Hinesburg to express their support for Doug Racine in the Democratic gubernatorial primary. Jerry Greenfield and Elizabeth Skarie joined David Zuckerman, Dexter Randall, Diane Peel, Peggy Sapphire and Bob Feinburg to encourage Vermonters to vote for Doug in the primary election on August 24th.

Jerry Greenfield said that what he likes about Doug’s campaign is “it’s a truly grassroots with hundreds of people going door to door and working together.”

Diane Peel, Orleans County Chair, noted, “When I see this beautiful small farm, which is a good for the environment and how we want Vermont to look. I know that Doug will support small farms, small businesses, and entrepreneurs. It’s the future of Vermont.”

Peggy Sapphire, Progressive Party Secretary, explained, “Doug is speaking to the heart of the issues. He says what needs to be said. There is no point in running if you’re not going to say what you mean. Doug is distinguished by his commitment to speaking the truth as we know it.”

Dexter Randall, former representative from North Troy, highlighted the fact that, “Doug Racine is the first of the five candidates that reached out to Progressives to build a coalition, and he is the only one that has talked substantively about agriculture and rural economic issues.”

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David Zuckerman, representative from Burlington, summed up his support by saying, “Doug has the integrity that is needed to build consensus. When you are working across party lines, honesty is what builds trust and creates the ability to work together.” Zuckerman also noted that “Doug led on the marriage equality issue before it was politically advantageous to do so.”

Zuckerman and the other supporters were careful to note that their endorsement of Doug Racine does not represent the Progressive Party – they are individuals speaking for themselves, as Progressives.

Racine thanked everyone for their support and explained, “I’ve been reaching out to Progressives for over a year so we can build a winning coalition, and I have been building bridges across party lines so that we can keep the coalition strong to beat Brian Dubie in the general election.”


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