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Live 2010 General Election primary forums

Channel 17/ Town Meeting TV will host a series of LIVE call-in studio election forums between Monday, July 26th and Monday, August 2nd. Live TV coverage and webcasts start at 5:25 p.m. and include candidates from contested primary races. The full schedule is here:

US Senate Candidates (D) – Daniel Freilich (Confirmed), Patrick Leahy (not attending)
Monday, July 26, 5:25 p.m. – 5:55 p.m.

US Congress Candidates (R) – Paul D. Beaudry (confirmed), Keith Stern (confirmed), John M. Mitchell (confirmed) Monday, July 26, 6 p.m. – 6:45 p.m.

Lt. Governor (D) – Christopher A. Bray (confirmed), Steve Howard (confirmed)
Tuesday, July 27, 5:25 p.m. – 5:55 p.m. Moderator: Rob Michalak
Co-Sponsored with VT Businesses for Social Responsibility

Governor Candidates (D) – Doug Racine (confirmed), Matt Dunne (confirmed), Peter Shumlin (awaiting), Susan Bartlett (confirmed), Deb Markowitz (confirmed),
Tuesday, July 27 6 p.m. – 7:15 p.m., Moderator: Rob Michalak
Co-Sponsored with VT Businesses for Social Responsibility

Secretary of State (R) – Jason Gibbs (confirmed), Chris Roy (confirmed)
Wednesday, July 28 5:25 p.m. – 5:55 p.m., Moderator: Fran Stoddard
Co-Sponsored with CommonGood Vermont

Lt. Governor (R) – Mark Snelling (confirmed), Phil Scott (confirmed)
Wednesday, July 28 6 p.m. – 6:30 p.m., Moderator: Fran Stoddard
Co-Sponsored with VT Businesses for Social Responsibility

Auditor (D) – Edward Flanagan (awaiting), Doug Hoffer (confirmed)
Thursday, July 29 5:25 p.m. – 5:55 p.m.

Secretary of State (D) – Jim Condos (confirmed), Charles Merriman (confirmed)
Thursday, July 29 6 p.m. – 6:30 p.m., Moderator: Lauren-Glenn Davitian
Co-Sponsored with CommonGood Vermont

Chittenden House District 3-4 (D) – Keith Pillsbury(confirmed), Kesha Ram (confirmed), Peg Boyle Single (confirmed)
Friday, July 30 5:25 p.m. – 6:10 p.m.

Chittenden Assistant Judge (2 seats available) (D) – Charles Delaney (confirmed), Richard ‘Rich’ Durham (confirmed), Maurice F. Mahoney (awaiting), Connie Cain Ramsey (confirmed)
Monday, August 2nd 5:25 p.m. – 6:25 p.m.

Lt. Governor (P) – Marjorie Power (confirmed), Boots Wardinski (confirmed)
Monday, August 2nd 6:30 p.m. – 7 p.m.
Co-Sponsored with VT Businesses for Social Responsibility

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  • eric fauser

    i find it interesting that there is only one primary challenge here without an opponent, that of our esteemed, Senator Patrick Leahy. Look I like Leahy and have voted for him in the past, and have read how he is too busy with the Supreme Court nominee to come and meet with the public he represents. But this is a pretty big forum, and Leahy has shown how he can make himself available when there are fundraisers and photo ops up in Vermont, why won’t he actually debate his positions to Dr Freilich? The other day on a WCAX interview Dr Freilich said that Senator Leahy was chicken for not defending his positions and agreeing to a live televised debate, I think after 36 years in office your constituency would like to hear from you and know that you still have the coherency to represent us. Stop hiding behind your DC job Mr Leahy and debate your opponent.