Vermont-based book offers novel take on Thoreau

Sheila Post’s “The Road to Walden North” aims to transmit lessons of simple living to today’s wired world.

Vermont poet Leland Kinsey dies at age 66

The seventh-generation native, deemed the “unofficial poet laureate of the Northeast Kingdom,” succumbed this week to lymphoma.

Filmmaker O’Brien set to debut her look at eating disorders

The Vermonter known for the drug-abuse documentary “The Hungry Heart” turns her focus to another addictive impulse in “All of Me.”

Roger Allbee: Conventional dairy farmers need new business model

It is time that Vermont demonstrate that it can sustain and improve an industry threatened by economic decline and challenged by environmental constraints.

‘Wasn’t I seeing a little more than most?’

To understand what led Howard Axelrod to live without a clock, computer or cellphone in the backwoods of Vermont for two stark winters, you need to rewind four years to a promising, portentous spring.

Rod Clarke, longtime Vermont journalist, dies at 77

The stalwart of United Press International’s Montpelier bureau in the 1970s and 1980s lived a life as colorful as the news he covered.

Minimum wage increases to $9.15 an hour Jan. 1

Today, the minimum wage in Vermont goes up by 42 cents from $8.73 per hour to $9.15 per hour. The rate is set to increase again in 2016 to $9.60 an hour, to $10 an hour in 2017 and $10.50 an hour in 2018. In subsequent years, The minimum wage will go up by the […]

Data visualization: Unemployment rate ticks down in November

Vermont’s unemployment rate edged down in November to 4.3 percent, a hair lower than October’s rate of 4.4 percent.

Report: Vermont second-healthiest state in the U.S.

For the second consecutive year, Vermont ranks as the second-healthiest state in the U.S., according to America’s Health Rankings 2014 report. The report was is based on an evaluation of four categories of health determinants including behaviors, community and environment, clinical care and policy as well as the health outcomes those determinants yield. Vermont ranked […]

Vermont ranks first nationally among Peace Corps’ top volunteer-producing states

The Peace Corps today announced the 2014 rankings of the top volunteer-producing states and metropolitan areas across the country and Vermont ranked No. 1 among states with the highest number of Peace Corps volunteers per capita for the second straight year.

Vermont unemployment steady at 4.4 percent

Vermont’s unemployment rate held steady at 4.4 percent in October, according to a report released Friday by the Department of Labor. The leveling follows four consecutive months of increases in the seasonally adjusted jobless rate. The U.S. average unemployment rate ticked down one-tenth of a point to 5.8 percent. Nationwide, Vermont tied with Kansas for […]

Danville post office named after Thaddeus Stevens

Vermont’s congressional delegation today announced that Congress has passed a measure that will rename the post office in Danville after Thaddeus Stevens.

Vermonter quarantined to test for Ebola

A Rutland man who recently returned from Sierra Leone and Guinea in West Africa has agreed to be held in 21-day quarantine to monitor him for the deadly virus that has killed 5,000 people this year.

In This State: Progressive publisher Chelsea Green has found a novel way to success

Vermont publisher Chelsea Green has been putting out books with a progressive view for 30 years now. After years of struggle to survive in its niche, today its books, practical to political, hot-button to how-to, are thriving and finding an eager audience.