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Vermont Law School, partners holding first-ever ‘Legithon’ at Vermont Statehouse

News Release — Vermont Law School Oct. 1, 2015 Contact: Maryellen Apelquist, Director of Communications, Vermont Law School office: 802-831-1228, cell: 802-299-5593, [email protected] General Assembly, Vermont Law School, Gruter Institute, Kauffman Foundation present hands-on weekend for legal innovation in support of economic development SOUTH ROYALTON, Vt., Oct. 1, 2015––Vermont Law School, in partnership with the […]

Sarah Copeland Hanzas: GOP may need revitalization, but not Rand Paul’s type

The views of Sen. Rand Paul clearly reverse the progress made and would set Vermont and our country back by decades.

Campaign for Vermont calls for repeal of Act 46

Advocacy group says Legislature moved too hastily. The law unfairly caps spending and will end up increasing property taxes for some school districts, according to Tom Pelham, a co-founder of the Campaign for Vermont.

Mark Higley: Debating the governor’s MOUs

What are the realities of these goals for my constituents and future Vermonters?

Legislator eyes bill to improve VSC funding

“Our tax dollars should, as much as possible, support Vermonters and the colleges that do the most to attract and educate them,” said Sen. Anthony Pollina, who plans to introduce legislation in the next session.

Act 46 puts school districts on path to accelerated consolidation

The new state law aimed at restructuring school districts into larger, more cost-effective systems, offers tax incentives for quick implementation.

National GOP organization targets Vermont legislative seats

In the coming election cycle, the Republican Legislative Campaign Committee will spend a record $40 million to target legislative chambers in 10 states, including Vermont.

Hayden Dublois: Young Vermonters should be disappointed in Montpelier

I certainly agree with Brandon Batham’s urging of young Vermonters to involve themselves in state politics and seek elected office, but his analysis of the Democratic majority’s record in Montpelier is far removed from reality.

Lamoille-area lawmakers reflect on session

Fundamental changes in tax structure needed to eliminate deficits and bring state in line with 21st century economics.

Brandon Batham: Lawmakers did well by young Vermonters

While the Legislature has worked hard to recognize the issues facing young people, it’s time for us to take our own seat at the table.

Paul Dame: Stop the blame game

Having differences is what gives our democracy the opportunity to create the best legislation by valuing valid criticisms from our opponents.

Tim Jerman: Let the spin begin

The Vermont Republican negativity machine is in full gear after the legislative session.

Heidi Scheuermann: Need for responsible leadership

Montpelier must do a better job balancing the needs of Vermonters within our current economic and revenue realities.

Legislators honored by Voices for Vermont’s Children for their work on behalf of kids

News Release — Voices for Vermont’s Children June 11, 2015 Contact: Michelle Fay, Voices for Vermont’s Children [email protected] 802-229-6377 On May 29th Voices for Vermont’s Children recognized three policymakers with Vermont Kids Count awards during the organization’s Raising Our Voices for Kids event at the Burlington Community Boathouse. Senators Claire Ayer and Jeanette White and […]

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