Vermont legislature

Michael Sabourin announces run as independent for Washington-6 House seat

Michael Sabourin is pleased to announce his candidacy as an Independent running for State Representative in the Washington-6 District this November.

John Freitag: Why I switched from Democrat to independent

Never did I think that I would be faced with the decision to leave the political party which I have spent the last 40 years working with and which I felt had done much good for our state.

John Moran: Livable wage and a healthy economy

While Vermont’s pristine beauty is ideal to promote tourism, any industry that exists through underpaying its workers should be examined by all responsible citizens.

McEathron hopes to bring fresh perspective to Legislature

At 20 years old, an Addison-1 Independent running for state rep is hoping to bring a fresh perspective to the Vermont legislature. If elected, Calvin McEathron (I-Middlebury) would be the youngest state representative in the nation.

Donald Kreis: Trade secrets exception could swallow the rule of public disclosure

In this day and age, when so much has been privatized and so much of our infrastructure, from prisons to utility poles, is not publicly owned, this exemption looms large.

Peter Sterling: Allaying concerns on universal health care

The Legislature installed “triggers” which would prevent Green Mountain Care from being implemented if the concerns Rep. Paul Ralston cited were to occur.

Windham County Senate race one of the few competitive contests this primary season

election canvas

Only one of 13 Senate districts and 10 of 106 House districts will hold primary elections on Aug. 26.

Paul Ralston: Single-payer is the only campaign issue

Voters have seen how poorly the state has performed at health care reform, and they are more cautious about supporting something that has yet to be described.

Lawmakers test-drive Results Based Accountability model to evaluate government programs

State Sen. Diane Snelling, R-Chittenden. Photo by John Herrick/VTDigger

Lawmakers are refining the new government accountability tool this summer and fall before shifting it into high gear for the Fiscal Year 2016 budget. Among their goals: Ask questions the administration can’t answer with cherry-picked numbers.

Sears endorses Republican incumbent Scott for lieutenant governor

Sen. Dick Sears, D-Bennington, makes a point on the Senate floor. Photo by John Herrick

“I’m looking for balance in the leadership,” Sears said. While his endorsement of a Republican is unusual, Sears said it’s the kind of politics that’s good for Vermont.

Former legislator Marion Milne dies at 79

Former Vermont Gov. Jim Douglas joins Marion and xxxx Milne as Scott Milne formally launches his campaign for governor Wednesday, July 23, 2014. Photo by Anne Galloway/VTDigger

The mother of Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Milne died unexpectedly Monday. Funeral to be held Friday.

Lawmakers got sneak preview of single payer financing plans

Michael Costa, deputy director of health care reform. File Photo by Hilary Niles/

Rep. Cynthia Browning says legislative leadership is complicit in withholding information from other lawmakers and the public. House Speaker Shap Smith, Gov. Howard Dean, members of the business council weigh in on the issue of executive privilege.

Rama Schneider: Of education and opportunities

The inability of Vermont’s House of Representatives to push through wholesale, centrally mandated school district consolidation has presented us with an opportunity to restate a basic Vermont value: local voices matter.

Scheuermann, Ralston form legislative PAC

Reps. Heidi Scheuermann, R-Stowe, and Paul Ralston, D-Middlebury, have proposed a new economic development strategy to grow business within the state. Photo by Hilary Niles/VTDigger

Republican Heidi Scheuermann and Democrat Paul Ralston launch group to help fund legislative candidates who share their vision on economic development.

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