Vermont Country Store

Vermont Country Store is feelin’ groovy

The $100 million business known for its old-fashioned notions and
lotions is making money this holiday season with such ’60s and ’70s
throwbacks as aluminum Christmas trees and Hai Karate aftershave.

FCC plan could make the Internet a gated community, advocates say

The FCC has floated a plan to allow “paid prioritization” tiers on the Internet. Companies and individuals who could afford it would pay a premium to telecommunications companies for faster access to the Web, while everyone else would have a “minimum level of service.”

Vermont Country Store fights hunger with $20,000 and a challenge to other businesses

The Vermont Country Store has committed $10,000 to the Vermont Foodbank to support the Co-op Buying Program that will help local food shelves get through the bleak winter months.

Off the Fifth Floor: Shumlin, salesman in chief

In the past, where Shumlin as a senator might have been more colorful in his rhetorical flourishes, as governor he seems to have tamed his inner Jon Stewart.

Allen hired as interim CEO of the Windham Foundation

Since 2005, when he retired from running The Vermont Country Store, the iconic retail and mail order business with outlets in Rockingham and Weston, and headquarters in Manchester, Allen had served on various for-profit and non-profit boards, including the Dorset School Board.