Telly Halkias

Telly Halkias: Bergdahl affair is far from over

Finally, after weeks of Beltway political theater, and my telling anyone who would listen that the Bergdahl affair is a long, long way from being over, the Pentagon announced that it has opened a formal investigation into the case.

Telly Halkias: A grand(father’s) legacy

George Halkias, the author's grandfather, circa 1914, in a portrait with his wife Aspasia, in Athens, Greece. Courtesy photo

I was blessed to have known two of my grandparents, my maternal grandmother Stamatina, or Yiayia, and my paternal grandfather George, or Pappou. … This week, in honor of Father’s Day, I’ll remember Pappou.

Telly Halkias: Building an electoral bridge?

Recently, I read a report on several states tinkering with how to allot their votes in the Electoral College, and I’m convinced the way we elect our presidents needs reform.

Telly Halkias: My unending Memorial Day

Eleven years ago this month, my world became an emptier place. On May 19, 2003, my friend Dominic was killed in Iraq.

Telly Halkias: Add up the math, part 2

But how to teach math in the Digital Age, and just as importantly, how to learn it? It turns out the best new method is really the oldest.

Telly Halkias: Add up the math

The longtime national debate on improving mathematics performance in our schools has drifted away from some of the truths of teaching and learning this subject.

Telly Halkias: How Robert Frost saved my life

American poet Robert Frost (1874-1963). Library of 
Congress photo

I was 13 when I first read Robert Frost’s “Mending Wall,” and it changed me forever.

Telly Halkias: RIP, Joel Brinkley

When Pulitzer Prize-winner Joel Brinkley died of an acute illness on March 11 at age 61, the American news media lost one of its top journalists, and finest human beings.

Telly Halkias: The job interview’s death knell

Today, obsession with technology will squash your candidacy for a job as fast as demonstrated past proficiency with it might keep you in the running.

Telly Halkias: The view from Sophie’s porch

Sophie, in 2009, at age 10 after a rehab walk while nursing ligament injuries. Photo by Telly Halkias

When I saw Sharon’s number on my cellphone, I knew my Sophie would soon be gone from this world.

Telly Halkias: Edie Karlin, the Advocate, and me

When Edie Karlin, 78, passed away in December from congestive heart failure, I should have known the Advocate wasn’t far behind.

Telly Halkias: Policing online readers?

With news media catching up to the Digital Age, new frontiers to explore are constantly landing on the desks of publishers and editors.

Halkias: The uphill grades of education?

The trend in grading causes an obfuscation of two major elements in academia: potential and performance. Each is different, but student expectations in the Digital Age have changed the playing field as to how they’re viewed.

Halkias: A season of defiance

Stick season's gray, a uniquely northern hue that dominates late autumn, before winter's onset. Photo by Telly Halkias

T.S. Eliot had it all wrong: April isn’t the cruelest month; that honor belongs to November. Beneath its Spartan exterior lurks a spirit only humans can fathom, which makes us yearn for better things ahead.

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