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Session preview 2016: School spending caps, special education and teacher licensing

The pressure is on to repeal, delay or tweak a school spending cap that local communities say is too onerous. Lawmakers are under pressure to change the threshold as soon as possible so that schools can prepare budgets for Town Meeting Day.

State releases special education spending report

Small districts tend to feel the effects of special ed requirements more than larger ones.

Finding a way: How schools are coping with emotional disturbance

Every year, as more students are diagnosed with emotional disturbance, more clinicians and behavior interventionists from local mental health agencies are setting up offices in Vermont schools.

Analyzing costs and impacts of a growing support system for struggling students

The growing number of students identified with emotional disturbance, and the challenging behaviors they display, are causing administrators, educators and mental health professionals to look critically at the support systems that are being created.

Vermont has highest rate of students with emotional disturbance

Once the Legislature begins addressing special education, a discussion over the state’s skyrocketing prevalence of emotional disturbance in the schools will likely be one the toughest debates to have.

Lawmakers get sneak peek at paraeducator study

About half of Vermont administrators would prefer to reduce their reliance on paraprofessionals for special education, according to a yet-to-be released UMass study.

Students with learning disabilities receive unequal education, UVM prof says

The House Education Committee this week heard testimony that special education instruction by paraprofessionals instead of certified teachers is a “discriminatory practice.”

John Odum: The special ed question

Currently, the state covers around 60 percent of the overall special education costs. What if the state covered 100 percent?

U-32 teacher selected as National LifeChanger Of The Year

Judd Levine, a special education teacher at U-32 High School in East Montpelier, Vt., was recognized Wednesday as a national LifeChanger of the Year during a surprise ceremony in front of his colleagues.

Vermont receives high marks on special education determination

News Release — Vt. Dept. of Education July 19, 2013 MONTPELIER – The State of Vermont has received the highest determination possible (a “meets requirements” rating) for its 2013 Annual Report on Special Education. Each year, every state and territory in the union is required to file an Annual Performance Report (APR) detailing activities and […]

Bill would attach strings to public funds to independent schools

Proponents say the bill is about leveling the playing field for public schools; opponents say it shackles them with mandates that could spell their doom.

From the Vermont Department of Education: State’s special education report shows “positive growth”

Vermont received approval ratings on 19 of the 20 required indicators for the 2010-2011 school year. The one indicator which was cited as needing additional improvement, not unlike many other state reports, is #13, dedicated to data on the success of local schools in preparation of post-secondary transition plans for students with disabilities.

Schneider: Mandates are pushing schools over the edge

Over the course of two years, Williamstown will have had to redirect $540,000 or 5.5% of its total school budget away from regular education and into special education.

Team Vilaseca, meeting 4: Unified supervisory union districts; staff-to-student ratios, block grants for special ed on the table

Restructuring the school system could save $17 million a year — $36 million short of the Challenges for Change target.

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