single-payer health care

Peter Sterling: Single-payer a true solution

Simply throwing more of our tax dollars for increased payments to hospitals and health care providers is like painting over the rusty spots on your car so it can pass inspection.

Former House Majority Whip to leave single-payer advocacy group

Former Democratic Majority Whip Tess Taylor, will leave her current position with single-payer advocacy group Vermont Coalition for Universal Reform (Vermont CURE) after the Nov. 4 election. Taylor, a three-term representative from Barre, resigned from the legislature in March to join the group. Bram Kleppner, chair of the Vermont CURE board, told Vermont Public Radio […]

Feliciano claims Shumlin wants to ‘take over’ Medicare

Libertarian candidate for governor Dan Feliciano holds a news conference on Medicare. Photo by Morgan True/VTDigger

Libertarian Dan Feliciano says Gov. Peter Shumlin wants to use Medicare money to finance single-payer health care. State officials say they have no intention of doing so and couldn’t if they wanted to.

Richard Davis: Not what it seems

The move to single payer should not be abandoned because of the current bureaucratic website nightmare.

Shumlin team in D.C. to seek waivers for single-payer health care

Shumlin, left, with Lawrence Miller

Governor Shumlin and his health care team traveled to Washington last week to request federal waivers needed to implement single-payer health care. They also sought an extension of federal IT grants.

Single-payer advocate Vermont Leads issues endorsements

Vermont Leads, a single-payer advocacy group, announced Wednesday a list of candidates it has endorsed for the General Election. The organization is backing 61 incumbents and 12 challengers in House races, as well as 16 incumbents in the Senate and six challengers. “On Election Day, I believe the vast majority of Vermonters are going to […]

New business lobby group to support family issues

Lawmakers and supporters join Gov. Peter Shumlin to sign the minimum wage bill Monday at the Red Hen Bakery in Middlesex. Photo by Katie Jickling/VTDigger

A coalition of small business owners is banding together to speak for themselves in support of universal, single-payer health care and mandatory paid sick leave.

AG moves to have Browning lawsuit for single-payer financing plan thrown out

The state is looking to quash Rep. Cynthia Browning’s efforts to get a sneak peak at the governor’s single-payer financing plans before January, when he is expected to present it to lawmakers. The Attorney General’s Office filed a motion for summary judgment in a lawsuit Browning brought this year, arguing that the documents are privileged […]

Trail Mix: Milne’s agnosticism, single payer and faith in the unknowable

Scott Milne. Photo by Anne Galloway

Republican candidate for governor drops agnostic from his lexicon, but his view of single-payer health care in still unclear.

Joe Benning: Governor, it’s time for Plan A

The original plan was to make health care universal, make it affordable, and disconnect it from employment. I suspect most Vermonters can unite around such a plan.

Rob Roper: VA scandal raises red flags for single payer

The problem with any government-run system is that the bureaucrats running that system are not accountable to the people being served by that system.

Thomas Koch: A straight-on look at health care reform

Over the years, I’ve had plenty to say about the problems with our health care system. … Some people have asked me a fair question: “What would you do?”

John Franco: Debunking the ‘Plan B’ taboo

Understanding that premium financing is not taboo should be a source of liberation for the discussion how to finance Green Mountain Care.

Seth Henry & Heidi Spear: Single payer is a death spiral

Before it is too late, Vermont’s single payer push must be re-examined.

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