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Seth Henry & Heidi Spear: Single payer is a death spiral

Before it is too late, Vermont’s single payer push must be re-examined.

GOP takes issue with Shumlin’s new single-payer envoy

Vermont Republicans are questioning the Shumlin administration’s decision to hire a special lobbyist to push its health care reform agenda. In email blast on Wednesday, the GOP attacked the man tapped for the job. Former House Majority Whip Floyd Nease has reemerged at the Statehouse, and it was reported last week that he’s back to […]

Senate committee pulls financing language from single-payer bill

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Finance committee strikes nearly all of a bill by Sen. Peter Galbraith that called for a payroll tax to help fund universal health care.

House health care committee quashes bill to delay single-payer


Rep. George Till said 2017 is an arbitrary timeline for switching to Green Mountain Care.

Republicans say health care reform is a winning issue in 2014

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State GOP passes controversial resolution against single payer and outlines its version of health care reform.

Tom Koch: The train wreck of single payer

It’s time to figure out that if what we have been doing to reform the health care system hasn’t been working, we need to try something else … but that’s not what’s happening in Montpelier.

Single-payer puts Vermont on the national stage

Vermont’s plans for a single-payer health care system have catapulted it into the national spotlight. With so much attention being paid to health care as the Affordable Care Act moves from rolling-out to up-and-running, Americans (or at least media and policy types) are asking what’s next? Filmmaker Michael Moore, of “Fahrenheit 9/11″ fame, recently penned […]

Joe Benning: Hitch a donkey to that plow

Sorry, Vermont, but the dream of a money-saving, single-payer, universal, state-run health care system is about to experience a rude awakening.

GOP takes issue with $230,000 request to study single-payer options

Republicans are protesting one of the smaller in the items in the Shumlin administration’s request for additional money in Fiscal Year 2014. Robin Lunge, director of health care reform, is asking for $230,000 to help lay the groundwork for the state’s publicly financed health care system, scheduled to be in place by 2017. The total […]

McClaughry: The long tortuous path to the single-payer payroll tax

Now Shumlin says that there’s no need for the Legislature to concern itself with funding single-payer health care until 2015, after yet another election. So where are we?

Man charged with creating single-payer finance system faces challenge

Michael Costa, deputy director of health care reform, explains the timeline for developing a financing strategy for single-payer health care at the 41st annual Vermont Tax Seminar in Burlington on Friday. Photo by Hilary Niles/

Deputy director of health care reform Michael Costa discusses some of the obstacles with tax professionals.

GOP pounces on Shumlin’s ‘everybody into the pool’ remarks

David Sunderland. Photo by Alicia Freese/VTDigger

New party chairman asks governor if he intends to boot Vermonters off Medicare. Shumlin says no.

Shumlin has testy exchange with physician at Boston event

Gov. Peter Shumlin in January. Photo by Roger Crowley/for VTDigger

The governor defended the state’s approach against criticism from David Himmelstein, co-founder of Physicians for a National Health Program’ and a single-payer purist who thinks a state-by-state approach could interfere with national reform.

Administration loses a top designer of single-payer

David Reynolds is leaving the Shumlin administration. Photo by Andrew Stein/VTDigger

David Reynolds, Gov. Shumlin’s deputy director of health care reform policy, leaves office Nov. 15.

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