Peter Shumlin

Peter Shumlin: Now is not the time

I have advocated for a publicly financed health care system for much of my public life, but over the past two weeks it has become clear to me that the risks and economic shocks of moving forward at this time are too great.

Joe Benning: Now what?

Perhaps we can renew the health care discussion without the rhetoric that caused polarization in the search for a solution.

Protesters demand action on single payer, condemn Shumlin’s reversal

A protester burns a medical bill in a demonstration against Gov. Peter Shumlin's decision not to pursue single payer health care in the next legislative session. Photo by John Herrick/VTDigger

A protest organized by the Vermont Workers’ Center sought to advance the cause of single payer health care, despite Gov. Shumlin’s decision that it is fiscally unworkable.

John Odum: Whither Shumlin’s legacy?

Single payer was going to change everything for everyone, and for the better. Or at least that was the plan.

Margolis: Leading means being able to say you lost

Peter Shumlin signed the historic health care reform act on the Statehouse steps on Thursday. VTD/Taylor Dobbs.

Gov. Peter Shumlin may have wasted a lot of time and money, but in the end he at least stood up and took the heat, even though the decision to move away from single payer health care wounded him and his supporters.

FairPoint CEO fires back in letter to governor

Gov. Peter Shumlin talks with Edwin Hill, president of the the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, a rally by striking FairPoint Communications workers at the Statehouse in Montpelier on Thursday. Photo by John Herrick/VTDigger

After Gov. Shumlin sent a letter to FairPoint CEO Paul Sunu urging an end to the strike, Sunu countered with a letter outlining the company’s position, clarifying what he called misinformation about the strike, and blaming the unions for refusing to negotiate.

Shumlin backs off single payer plan

Gov. Peter Shumlin announces that single payer health care will not go forward in the next legislative session. Photo by John Herrick/VTDigger

Gov. Peter Shumlin’s dream of a single payer health care plan evaporated Wednesday as the administration said the state could not afford it anytime in the near future.

Gov. Shumlin and University of Vermont announce new round of Cabinet-level graduate interns

Gov. Peter Shumlin and the University of Vermont are pleased to again col­laborate on the Vermont Governor’s Cabinet Graduate Internship Program for the upcoming spring semester.

Business survey shows support for paid sick leave, universal health care and better support for child care

Peter Sterling, executive director of Vermont Leads. Photo by Anne Galloway

Forty-nine percent of respondents would support a minimum number of sick days for employees; 58 percent supported a universal health care system, and 60 percent would like to see more public funding for child care in Vermont.

State pursues disaster aid after snowstorm

A tree trunk lays across power lines. Photo courtesy of Green Mountain Power

Vermont asks FEMA to help determine whether the state qualifies for public assistance disaster aid after last week’s storm left thousands without power.

Dottie Deans: Winding down and looking ahead

Vermont Democrats heard you during the election, and we listened.

Inside the Golden Bubble: Caucus jocularity belies tough game ahead in Montpelier

Speaker of the House Shap Smith also attended the ceremony.

This year the fault lines are difficult to see in advance. With more Republicans in the Statehouse and a post-election sense that the electorate put many Democrats who won on probation, there could be a number of divided votes in both the House and Senate chambers.

Jim Masland: Health care reform can’t wait

The first order of business for the new Legislature is to develop the financing that will make Green Mountain Care work. It will not be easy by any means.

Bob Zeliff: Every Vermonter’s vote should count

Scott Milne, Sen. Joe Benning and several other leading Republicans are telling us that the votes of 2,434 Vermonters should not count.

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