Dunne, Minter to formally launch campaigns next week

Democrats Matt Dunne and Sue Minter will officially kick off their gubernatorial campaigns next week. Dunne’s official campaign kickoff will take place at noon Monday at City Hall Park in Barre. “What is clear is that Vermonters are struggling — poverty is increasing, commute times are growing, the cost of health care is continuing to […]

Democrat Matt Dunne makes the rounds in Brattleboro

Three days after announcing his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for governor, Matt Dunne came to Brattleboro to introduce himself and listen to what people had to say about the challenges and opportunities in the state.

Dunne declares run for governor

Google executive raises $200,000 for campaign, hires four staffers and holds 19 community forums in six weeks.

Matt Dunne the early leader in campaign fundraising

Former state senator Matt Dunne recently said it was too early for any 2016 Vermont gubernatorial candidate to announce their political plans, but not too early to raise more than $130,000 toward a possible run.

Shap Smith may be first to decide 2016 gubernatorial bid

Vermont’s next gubernatorial election isn’t scheduled until November 2016, but its first potential major candidate — Speaker of the House Shap Smith — hopes to decide whether to run by the end of this month.

State leaders hope to build “digital culture”

“Young people aren’t going to live where there’s no digital culture,” Paul Costello said. “If Vermont is not one of those places, we’re going to lose vitality.”

Story + video: Advocates push for law to allow “patient-directed” death

Members of Death with Dignity, a Vermont group that is advocating for physician-assisted suicide, said mentally competent patients who have been given six months or less to live ought to have the option to end their lives.

Five Democratic primary candidates for governor embark on "Unity" tour

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SEPTEMBER 7, 2010 Democratic Gubernatorial Candidates Launch a United Vision for Vermont Tour Burlington, Vt – The presumptive Democratic gubernatorial nominee, Peter Shumlin and the four other Democratic Candidates for Governor today launched their United Vision for Vermont Tour. The candidates will make seven stops throughout the state on the two-day tour […]

Welcome to political purgatory: Will Dems give Dubie an edge as waiting game begins?

The Vermont Democratic Party’s foray into the General Election gubernatorial race is on hold until a candidate emerges from the smoke.

ICYMI, on video: Vermont Democratic Party unity rally

The Vermont Democratic Party held a unity rally for the 13 party candidates for statewide races, including state auditor, secretary of state, lieutenant governor and governor. Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., and Rep. Peter Welch, D-Vt., headlined the event.

Dems primary cheat sheet #2: A guide to the gubernatorial candidates’ stances on economic development

Though the Dems have similar policy stances, their job creation approaches and priorities differ substantially.

Primary cheat sheet #1: A guide to the gubernatorial candidates’ stances on the budget, health care and education

We point out subtle and not-so-subtle policy nuances that might help Democratic primary voters decide which gubernatorial candidate to vote for on Tuesday.

Pulcer: Vermont’s broadband infrastructure rating drops to 50th in the nation

The five Democratic candidates agree on many issues. But Matt Dunne really gets what Con Hogan understood back in 2002 about broadband infrastructure. As an old-fogey in the Info Tech field since 1977, I think Matt Dunne is the candidate who can really significantly improve broadband access in Vermont.

In the aggregate: A Who’s Who of primary candidates

Check out our exhaustive listing of links to profiles of primary election candidates for governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state and state auditor by Vermont media outlets. Primary day is Tuesday, Aug. 24.