Will Patten: More rights, less responsibility

In a book written almost 40 years ago, Rufus Miles saw many of the trends that are so worrisome today — the end of cheap energy, the death of the middle class, the degradation of our natural environment – and predicts that we, in our time, will need to make critical decisions that will change the course of history.

Middlebury College heads toward carbon neutral goal

Despite a delay in the implementation of a biomethane digester, Middlebury College’s sustainability director said the school is well on its way to reaching its goal of becoming completely carbon-neutral by 2016.

Harold Bailey: Choosing a realistic, economic source of energy

I can only conclude that our state’s leaders, and many other Vermonters too, are pleased that we get most of our electricity from out of state, fossil-fuel burning power plants. Because more and more, that is where it’s coming from.

Bob Stannard: Time enough to die

Either we take climate change seriously or we don’t. The earth could care less as it will cure itself, but you might want to wake up and start caring.

Guy Page: Vermont faces electricity cost, carbon, supply challenges in 2014

Developments in Vermont’s energy landscape during 2014 will pose numerous challenges for electricity consumers and policy makers.

John McClaughry: Vermont’s new energy Gosplan

Because politicians have already decided to do whatever it takes to radically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase renewable energy consumption, the DPS report cannot even hint that the whole exercise is likely to be a costly, intrusive and unattainable pipe dream.

Kathryn Blume: Vermont tectonics

On the one hand we have the Department of Public Service doing their darndest to chart a course to a clean energy future, and on the other hand, the Public Service Board approving a colossal investment in dirty energy.

Angwin: Vermont’s goal for renewable energy is wishful, and damaging, thinking

The Department of Public Service’s plan for boosting power from renewables is mostly a collection of slogans with some good ideas, and also some bad.

Page: Nuclear power is as green as solar, hydro and wind

Replace a 24/7 baseload generator like Vermont Yankee with intermittent, weather-dependent wind and solar, and the carefully balanced transmission grid will crash in a flurry of brownouts, electrical fires, and blackouts.

Deflated wind power bill backed by House; Senate future remains up in the air

Rep. Tony Klein. Photo by Roger Crowley

By a strong 140-3 vote, the House backed a watered-down bill calling for summer study sessions on wind power, but some Senators appear ready to try to restore parts of the bill that were stripped out.

S.30, energy siting bill, to get limited airing in House Natural Resources

Rep. Tony Klein. Photo by Roger Crowley

Klein’s committee will take limited testimony on the bill and will focus solely on energy studies.

Energy committee drops new spending on thermal efficiency

Rep. Tony Klein. Photo by Roger Crowley

A 55 cent monthly tax on electric meters in homes is under consideration, though this is thought to raise only $2 million to $3 million at most.

Legislative wrap up: Energy stances on renewable investments, merger payback, opt-out fee for smart meters and state transmission ownership lost steam

A growing number of homes and other buildings connected to the grid are using solar panels, without the hassles or expenses of a bank of batteries in the basement or a backup generator in a shed. Photo by Jodie van de Wetering.

The most prominent energy issues in the Vermont Legislature this year seem to be the ones that didn’t happen.

New VT Law School course to show legal ropes to utility executives

For immediate release Feb. 1, 2012 Contact John Cramer Office: 802.831.1106 SOUTH ROYALTON, VT –– Vermont Law School will offer a unique new course this summer designed to help senior electric utility executives gain a better understanding of the legal basics critical to operating an effective utility company. The rigorous two-week class will give executives […]

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