Windham sheriff claims Vernon official tried to interfere with DUI case

Creative Commons photo by Ken Hawkins via Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/khawkins04/5282424067/in/photolist-85fMps-9FeXRB-9FhU5N-9FeX18-9FhTcQ-9FeW3Z-9FhTy7-9FhTWy-bQuTU2-9FhSWy-8tSwsn-93MND2-9FhUgq-9FhUxN-ashEUc-BgFdD-dAVPrs-8s8M19-5H64X2-5BTyA

Selectboard Chairwoman Patty O’Donnell vehemently denies that she wanted the sheriff’s department to not arrest Lisa M. McKenney, 47, after a Sept. 20 traffic stop.

Fatalities mar otherwise calm Fourth, police say

Police encountered less unsafe driving this Fourth of July weekend but did respond to two fatal crashes, including one involving a lawn mower operator, according to state police. The Independence Day holiday is one of the deadliest of the year because of drunken driving, police said. Officers responded to 61 car crashes this year, up […]

Law enforcement, prosecutors want same standard for drunk, drugged driving

Lt. John Flannigan, state coordinator of the Drug Recognition Program at the Department of Public Safety, testifies on drugged driving before the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, Feb. 19, 2014. Photo by Laura Krantz/VTDigger

Unequal burden-of-proof standards for DUI-drugs and DUI-alcohol charges make it harder to convict someone of driving under the influence of drugs, officials say.

House lawmakers may consider drugged driving bill

A Vermont State Police trooper makes a traffic stop.

Time is running out to come up with a bill to set standards for what constitutes driving under the influence of drugs.

SCOV Law Blog: ‘We control the horizontal’


Police officer stopped defendant because the passenger’s side of defendant’s front license plate was two inches lower than the driver’s side.

SCOV Law Blog: Amendments 4 and 5, where are you?


On a cold January night, a police officer was driving down the road when he passed a car stuck in a snowbank, partially off the road.

Newport mayor sentenced to community service, fine for second DUI

Newport Mayor Paul Monette. Photo by Jennifer Hersey Cleveland/The Caledonian-Record

Editor’s note: This article was written by Jennifer Hersey Cleveland of The Caledonian Record, in which it was first published Oct. 2, 2013. NEWPORT — The mayor of Newport pleaded guilty to a second offense of drunken driving Tuesday in Orleans Superior Court-Criminal Division and was sentenced to serve 200 hours of community service. Mayor […]

SCOV Law Blog: Is hospital liable in nonconsensual blood draw requested by police?


As the SCOV explains, plaintiff consented to medical treatment, but not a nonmedical blood draw for evidentiary purposes.

SCOV Law Blog: Sizing up the situation


The question is not whether the troopers’ observations were sufficient to arrest the defendants for DUI but whether they were enough to justify the pursuit and initial stop.

SCOV Law Blog: Drawing things out


A DUI can be and often is a person’s only crime or contact with the criminal justice system. It can come at any age and to any level of society. It usually stems from a mixture of the ubiquitous alcohol and poor judgment.

SCOV Law Blog: The ‘evanescent’ drunk


Vermont favors breath tests over blood tests to determine a DUI suspect’s BAC, and Vermont law dictates that if you drive a vehicle on Vermont highways, you have consented to giving a breath test.

Windsor state’s attorney to lead DUI court reforms for the state

Gov. Peter Shumlin has hired Robert Sand, who has been the state’s attorney in Windsor County for the last 15 years, to develop a DUI treatment court system in Vermont. DUI courts put “high risk” offenders — people with an addiction and/or a prior conviction — in treatment programs and requires them to regularly report […]

With breath testers in doubt, Vermont prosecutors to toss dozens of DUI cases

David Sleigh. Photo by Andy Duback

Judging from the cruiser-cam video, the case against accused drunk driver Brian Grenier looked like a slam dunk.

Salmon, Bennington County Sheriff conduct "safe ride" program

Salmon himself was stopped in 2009 while driving just over the legal limit and knows first-hand how a good night can turn bad.

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