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Universal cell service in Vermont elusive

A recent decision by a cellular carrier to back out of a planned tower in Townshend illustrates Vermont’s challenge in providing cell coverage statewide.

Stephen Whitaker: Giving the farm to FairPoint

We might as well explicitly acknowledge the Department of Public Service as being advocates for the companies and quit pretending that they represent the public’s interests.

Cost of Vermont Gas pipeline project jumps to $154 million

The company planning a 41-mile natural gas pipeline expansion in Addison County announced Friday that the project will cost $154 million. It is the second time this year that Vermont Gas has dramatically raised the estimate.

Utilities to reduce solar credit; solar industry unworried

A new state law will allow more state residents to join “net metering” programs, but will slightly reduce the value of the energy credits they receive. Solar installers say the industry is robust enough to thrive even with the reduction.

Administration prepared to scrap SPEED program

The Department of Public Service says a system such as a renewable portfolio standard would better meet the state’s energy goals than the current voluntary system.

Power outages may linger into weekend

The water density of this week’s storm was a surprise, state and utility officials say. According to Roger Hill, a professional meteorologist in Worcester, the water to snow ratio where he is located was 5 to 1. He said this is unusually wet and more common in coastal areas.

Report: Changes needed to meet renewable energy goals

The state aims to get 90 percent of its power from renewable sources by 2050. But a new report says Vermont will fall short unless new policies are put in place.

Entergy will seek loan for spent fuel costs

The owner of Vermont Yankee will not dip into the decommissioning fund to pay for initial spent fuel storage after closing this month, but still plans to do so for other spent fuel costs.

Regulators to investigate FairPoint service delays

State officials say complaints about FairPoint service have sharply increased since a strike began Oct. 17. The state investigation could result in fines and/or mandated changes in service.

Don Kreis: GMP’s B Corp status

IOUs like GMP should be virtuous corporate citizens – every last one of them eligible for B Corp status – because the law requires such virtue of them.

DPS calls for investigation of FairPoint in wake of 911 outage

Commissioner Chris Recchia said the 911 outage endangered public safety and is another example of FairPoint’s inadequate response to ongoing service problems.

State steps up FairPoint oversight as strike continues

Slow service response times are an increasing concern as a strike at FairPoint’s Northern New England operations enters its fourth week. State regulators have told FairPoint that if the situation doesn’t improve, an official investigation may be launched.

Net metering booms in Vermont

Vermont’s net-metering program has grown sixfold over the past five years, and is expected to continue to accelerate before the uncertain changes to the federal solar tax credit in 2016.

PSB won’t reopen Vermont Gas pipeline case

Despite a $35 million increase in estimated cost, the Public Service Board ruled Friday that Phase One of a proposed natural gas pipeline in Addison County can keep its certificate of public good.

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