Department of Public Service

Protesters disrupt PSB hearing related to paying for pipeline

Vermont Gas Systems wants to use two-thirds of a $21 million ratepayer fund to temporarily limit the expected rate increases customers will pay to cover $134 million of the cost of the controversial pipeline.

Activists stage protest in public service commissioner’s driveway

Chris Recchia said it’s fine if protesters want to demonstrate in front of his office. But he added: “Leave my family and my animals alone.”

Clean Energy Development Fund Announces Grants of Over $900,000 for Advanced Wood Heating

News Release — Department of Public Service April 18, 2016 Contact: Christopher Recchia, Commissioner 802-828-4071 [email protected] Grants to Schools, Affordable Housing, and Pellet Supply Companies Montpelier, Vermont – Commissioner Christopher Recchia announced that the Department of Public Service (DPS) has awarded $913,054 from the Clean Energy Development Fund (CEDF) to increase the demand and supply […]

Entergy projecting big Vermont Yankee surplus after cleanup

New regulatory filings show the plant’s owner believes $190.6 million will be left after Vermont Yankee decommissioning — in sharp contrast to state concerns that the company’s funding will fall short.

Greg Marchildon: Defending the status quo at DPS misses the mark

The DPS sees its mission as being focused on promoting the “public good” rather than “ratepayer interests,” particularly residential and small commercial customer interests.

Chris Recchia: Vermont ratepayer advocacy in good hands

There are some critics who believe we should restructure the Department of Public Service and establish an independent ratepayer advocate separate from our integrated public advocacy work. We disagree.

Valley News: After years and millions, VTel’s wireless promises unfulfilled

Even as years-old state and federally funded projects appear unfinished, the company is arguing with state regulators whether its cellphone service needs to comply with a rule requiring a geographical locating function.

Panel backs bill to keep energy projects where they’re welcome

The committee chair says the bill “creates a way for towns and regions to work with the state, planning for our energy future, as opposed to getting informed by the state.”

Public service chief rebuts claim that department fails ratepayers

The advocacy group AARP says the Department of Public Service is too cozy with the governor and utilities, rather than acting in the interest of ordinary Vermonters.

Universal cell service in Vermont elusive

A recent decision by a cellular carrier to back out of a planned tower in Townshend illustrates Vermont’s challenge in providing cell coverage statewide.

Stephen Whitaker: Giving the farm to FairPoint

We might as well explicitly acknowledge the Department of Public Service as being advocates for the companies and quit pretending that they represent the public’s interests.

Cost of Vermont Gas pipeline project jumps to $154 million

The company planning a 41-mile natural gas pipeline expansion in Addison County announced Friday that the project will cost $154 million. It is the second time this year that Vermont Gas has dramatically raised the estimate.

Utilities to reduce solar credit; solar industry unworried

A new state law will allow more state residents to join “net metering” programs, but will slightly reduce the value of the energy credits they receive. Solar installers say the industry is robust enough to thrive even with the reduction.

Administration prepared to scrap SPEED program

The Department of Public Service says a system such as a renewable portfolio standard would better meet the state’s energy goals than the current voluntary system.