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State announces $770,000 for energy efficiency upgrades

Gov. Peter Shumlin announced a new loan program available to those seeking to make thermal efficiency and cleaner energy improvements to their homes at Bourne's Energy Biodiesel Blending Facility in Morrisville on Wednesday. Photo by John Herrick/VTDigger

Program helps finance energy efficiency and home heating retrofits for homeowners whose fuel dealers partner with Efficiency Vermont.

John McClaughry: A new chapter in crony capitalism

Gov. Peter Shumlin has announced the latest in a long series of sweet deals for his favored people at everybody else’s expense. The lucky winner is IBM.

Electricity supplier won’t buy Vermont renewable energy credits

Twenty-one 450-foot-tall wind turbines run along the Lowell Mountains ridgeline for 4 miles. Photo by Andrew Stein/VTDigger

“It is a fundamental principle of all renewable energy market sales that the environmental characteristics associated with the electric energy generated cannot be counted or claimed twice,” said NextEra Energy in a letter last week.

State wants Entergy to continue emergency planning after shutdown

The Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant in Vernon.

Chris Recchia, commissioner of the Department of Public Service, tells U.S. senators emergency protection zone should continue until of all of the plant’s spent fuel rods are placed in dry cask storage.

House OKs Efficiency Vermont plan to promote heat pumps

Bryn Pinzgauer/Creative Commons

Bill would allow the utility to offer subsidies for efficient heat pumps, which can help lower the cost of home-heating.

GMP to receive $17.8 million from Entergy

Power lines cut across a Vermont hillside. VTD/Josh Larkin

Money comes from a revenue-sharing agreement with Vermont Yankee owners and will be passed on to ratepayers.

State senators want to mothball Vermont Telecommunications Authority

As a counterpoint to a committee's broadband discussion, Sen. Chris Bray, D-Addison, reads from a 1905 article from Richmond arguing that electricity is not a necessity, but a luxury. Photo by Hilary Niles/VTDigger

The proposal would create a new “director of connectivity” in the Agency of Administration and press for much faster Internet service standards.

CLF seeks more details on plans to conduct more Canadian hydropower through Vermont

Carillon Hydro-electric Dam, Pointe Fortune, Quebec. Photo by Mac Armstrong.

Vermont’s pact with Canada and the region to bring electricity from Hydro Quebec to southern New England raises environmental concerns.

Senate kills bill giving towns more input in siting solar projects

If the bill had passed, the Public Service Board would not have been able to waive town zoning and screening bylaws in decisions about whether to approve energy generation projects through the Section 248 review process.

State attempts to calm hard feelings over Vermont Gas project

From left, Louise Porter, a public advocate for the Department of Public Service; DPS Commissioner Chris Recchia; and Sen. Chris Bray, D-Addison, spoke with Monkton landowners Thursday at a meeting on negotiations with Vermont Gas over a natural gas pipeline. Photo by John Herrick/VTDigger

Department of Public Service steps in after residents received easement offers threatening eminent domain, urging Vermont Gas to negotiate directly with landowners.

State invests $670,000 to help finance residential energy efficiency projects

The Vermont Department of Public Service has pulled together $670,000 to reduce the upfront cost of financing residential thermal efficiency projects. During a news conference Thursday, Gov. Peter Shumlin and the department announced an initiative to cut down on the cost to finance thermal efficiency projects. The administration expects the money to leverage up to […]

Shumlin signs ‘public advocacy’ bill into law

Gov. Peter Shumlin signed a bill Tuesday to expand consumer representation in utility decisions. The legislation, S.25, was prompted by complaints two years ago that the Department of Public Service did not adequately advocate for citizens in the 2012 merger of Green Mountain Power and Central Vermont Public Service. The Department of Public Service – […]

DPS chief says regional planners should develop energy plans

Justin Lindholm, the Rutland County member of the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Board who works for the advocacy group Vermonters for a Clean Environment, points to a spot where he used to see moose before Green Mountain Power built the controversial wind project on the Lowell Mountains ridgeline. Lindholm was on a GMP-hosted tour of the turbine site on July 3, 2013. Photo by Andrew Stein/VTDigger

Senate committee considering bill that would increase residents’ role in energy siting matters before the Public Service Board

Stowe Electric agrees to 3.5 percent rate reduction, $125K in refunds after PSB investigation

This article is by by Tommy Gardner of the Stowe Reporter, in which it was first published Jan. 16, 2014. Stowe Electric Department has agreed to lower its rates 3.5 percent. The agreement came after a six-month investigation by the Vermont Public Service Board found the utility was bringing in excess revenue. Per the Jan. […]

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