climate change

Stuart Graves: Common sense about the not Supreme Court

Calling any institution supreme is ill advised. Granting ourselves such an exalted position in the cosmos only encourages us to folly.

Symposium: Changing Climate — A Compassionate Response

News Release — Vermont chapter of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship, Montpelier Mindfulness Community, Vermont Interfaith Power and Light, Vermont Interfaith Action, and 350VT May 9, 2016 Contact: Neville Berle [email protected] 802-249-5905 Many are concerned about cumulative changes to world climate; some see those changes directly linked to human habits of consumption. Opinions on the reality […]

Paul Costello: Building a climate economy in Vermont

We are inviting Vermonters to join with us in the Vermont Climate Economy Partnership to advance practical and positive ways to spur creative business solutions and boost Vermont’s economic competitiveness in an age where carbon will be constrained, clean energy valued, and the wise use and reuse of resources essential.

Newt Garland: Vermont should lead on carbon tax

There is near unanimity among economists that carbon taxing is the optimal way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Paris Agreement Signing On Earth Day Honors The Meaning And The Goals Of Earth Day

News Release — Sen. Patrick Leahy & Rep. Peter Welch April 22, 2016 Press Contact: David Carle 202-224-3693 Leahy and Welch Sign Letter Of Support For The Paris Climate Agreement WASHINGTON (FRIDAY, April 22, 2016) – Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) and Representative Peter Welch (D-Vt.) this week joined 143 congressional colleagues in voicing strong support […]

Gore: We must be ‘caretakers for future generations’

Karenna Gore, daughter of the former vice president, spoke in Bennington at an All Species Day event and a fundraising event at Southern Vermont College.

Thomas Hughes: New ideas for environmental and economic leadership

For years, politicians have told us we have to choose between a strong economy and a healthy environment. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Margaret Chadwell: Keeping faith in Vermont

A sustainable Vermont would be a place where losses were restored, a place that was environmentally enlightened, and a place where people become activists for the health of our planet.

Snowmobiling Could Be Hard Hit by Climate Change, New Study Says

News Release — UVM April 19, 2016 Contact: Jeff Wakefield, [email protected], (802) 578-8830 Declining snowfall in Vermont, a likely byproduct of a warming climate, is sure to negatively affect the state’s $600 million snowmobile industry. New research provides a sobering look at just how much. A significant part of Vermont’s snowmobiling appeal lies in the […]

Ross Saxton: We can’t afford not to sue Exxon

We have the obligation to transform Exxon’s multi-decade lapse of judgement into life-changing climate protection actions.

John McClaughry: Sorrell’s partisan war against ‘climate fraud’

Vermont’s attorney general is part of a coordinated campaign by 20 attorneys general to find some legally believable way to prosecute the world’s biggest oil company, ExxonMobil.

Dan DeWalt: A word from teachers on divestment

Concern for our short term savings will be more than offset by the increased costs that we are already facing and will continue to face in our retirement as society suffers from our assault on the planet.

Vermont Attorney General, 20 other states pile on to Exxon Mobil probe

Bill Sorrell would not say whether he believes fossil fuel companies have broken Vermont laws.

Tim Stevenson: The dilemma of the Vernon gas plant

Although equally here and now, the climate crisis doesn’t share the immediacy of more bread and butter issues for many people as reflected in the 877-153 vote for the gas plant.