Vermont Yankee

Suspicious object at Vermont Yankee resembled pipe bomb, employees reported

Against the advice of the police, Entergy employees duct taped a piece of string to the pipe, stood back and pulled the string to see if it “went off,” according to the report.

High-level discussions between state and Entergy to address litigation, decommissioning of Vermont Yankee

The talks are an unusual twist in a relationship between the state and Entergy that has been marked by acrimony over the plant’s operation, taxes, relicensure and plans for decommissioning Vermont Yankee.

Vermont Yankee: Where activists, lawyers and politicians failed, the market succeeded

Employees at the plant face layoffs; financial stability in Windham County could erode further with the departure of one of the state’s largest economic engines.

Entergy plans to shut down Vermont Yankee

Executives say they plan to shut down the plant in the fourth quarter of 2014.

State loses appeal on right to close Vermont Yankee

Updated: Three judges in the U.S. Court of Appeals decided Wednesday that the Vermont Legislature is federally preempted from shutting down the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant.

Green Mountain Power and Entergy reach settlement over cooling tower collapses

“The settlement will benefit Green Mountain Power customers,” Dostis said. “The benefit will be verified in our rate filings.”

Update: Entergy to cut 30 jobs at Vermont Yankee

The news comes on the same day Entergy reported to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission that the company would eliminate about 800 positions from its nationwide workforce of 15,000.

Entergy replaces radiation monitors; state asks the NRC to investigate “spurious” radiation spikes at Vermont Yankee

Monitors recorded elevated radiation levels at the plant over the last six weeks.

Vermont Yankee owner: ‘Expect workforce reductions’

A source inside the nuclear plant says managers are telling workers that the company could lay off 10 percent of the facility’s roughly 650 workers.

State, Vermont Yankee enter homestretch in relicensing process

Public Service Board now weighing wide-ranging testimony from both sides in the relicensing of the state’s only nuclear power plant.

Decommissioning takes center stage in first day of final Vermont Yankee hearings

“We think this is the last evidentiary hearing the Public Service Board will hold before issuing its determination,” said Geoff Commons, an attorney for the Public Service Department.

Entergy files new lawsuit against Vermont, this time over diesel backup power permit

The lawsuit, one of several Entergy has filed against the state, argues yet again in U.S. District Court that the state is federally preempted from regulating the plant.

Recchia inquires into NRC relicensing of Vermont Yankee

The plant is currently shut down for refueling and maintenance, and during these tests a 6-by-10 foot “blowout panel” blew out due to over pressurization.

Entergy document cites drastic fall in value of Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant, raising questions about its viability

Gov. Peter Shumlin suggested the economic pressures may result in the plant’s closure.

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