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Lawmakers approve stringent rule banning toxic chemicals in toys

Critics say the rule will burden Vermont industries with costly new testing requirements for chemicals at levels below those known to cause health risks.

VPIRG identifies toys that pose a danger to children

“Don’t trust that they’re safe just because they’re on store shelves,” VPIRG’s Consumer and Environmental Advocate Falko Schilling told a handful of reporters at Tuesday’s event.

Farmers subject to new clean water rules

Owners of small farms will be required to submit to inspections once every 10 years, and must attend training courses on methods to prevent excessive runoff from their properties. They’ll also become responsible for annual compliance reporting.

Burlington soil removal expected to cost $340,000

The plan is to truck the dirt to the landfill in Coventry, where it would be used to cover solid waste.

Burlington likely to ship contaminated dirt to landfill

Levels of contamination in soil stored in Leddy Park is too low for state or federal cleanup, officials say.

Administration proposes spending $10.4 million on water quality over two years

The Shumlin administration laid out its two-year spending plan for the state’s Clean Water Fund on Monday. The Clean Water Fund Board, which includes the secretaries of Administration; Agriculture, Food and Markets, Commerce and Community Development, Natural Resources, and Transportation, recommended spending $10.4 million in FY 2016 and FY 2017 on water pollution abatement. The […]

Scientists frustrated that lake efforts oriented more toward management than research

Scientists aim to provide a better understanding of Lake Champlain’s complexities to aid in attempts to improve water quality.

Contamination in Leddy Park dirt pile exceeds federal levels, report says

Preliminary testing soils removed from the waterfront show polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) levels exceeding the state’s limits as set by the Agency of Natural Resources.

Townshend wants state, federal help with dam silting, tax issues

Worried about diminished recreational opportunities and stagnant revenues from Townshend Dam, town officials are seeking help from the state and federal governments. But it’s not clear whether any changes are forthcoming.

Feds fine Hermitage Club owner for trail damage

The U.S. Attorney in Vermont says Hermitage owner James Barnes will pay more than $72,700 in fines and restitution for damaging about three miles of a Green Mountain National Forest trail. Barnes’ attorney said the trail work was a “good-faith mistake” resulting from a misinterpreted boundary.

Keurig puts $1M toward Lake Champlain, Great Lakes cleanup

The Waterbury coffee roaster will partner with The Nature Conservancy to help find solutions to Lake Champlain pollution.

Manitou has first crack at buying conserved land in Newfane

The Manitou Project, a Newfane nonprofit, has kicked off a $250,000, two-year capital campaign to buy 224 acres of conserved forest land that has been used as a nature retreat for decades.

Efficiency help needed, energy advocates say

Participants in a Climate Change Economy forum Tuesday in Brattleboro said existing homes and buildings must be made more energy efficient. But they also said such changes often are too financially and technically difficult for homeowners and business owners.

Alternatives to Cabot wastewater dumping to be explored

Critics of Cabot Creamery’s permit to discharge water containing cleaning chemicals onto fields will meet with officials from Agri-Mark and the state Agency of Natural Resources.

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