Vermont rolls out online voter registration, looks to future

The new online voter system allows Vermonters to register to vote online by filling out a six-part questionnaire, similar to the paper documents available at town clerks’ offices all over the state.

New primary date change hits a wall in the Senate

“It’s not my defeat; it’s the citizens of Vermont’s defeat,” Condos said.

State lags on HAVA spending

Vermont spent just 4.77 percent of one of two HAVA funds between 2002 and 2010, or $664,941 – less than a third of the $2.3 million interest earned on that fund over the same period, according to a report published by the federal Elections Assistance Commission.

Redistricting map finished

The House, with a few changes, readopted the map it had previously approved before the Senate proposed major adjustments that were ultimately rejected in conference committee.

Digger Tidbits: Brock on first campaign stop; new bill would requires health insurers to be transparent

Republican Sen. Randy Brock participated on Sunday in his first official campaign event as a candidate for governor.

Polling: A guide to what you need to know when you pick up the phone

Americans have a love-hate relationship with polls. Response rates have been falling for at least 20 years.

Story updated: Senate moves ahead with House redistricting plan

Story corrected: Senate changed Bennington House districts, leading to a 24 percent deviation rate.

House Speaker Shap Smith won’t run for attorney general

Based on an analysis of numbers from past primaries and conversations with political insiders and others, Smith determined that he could win the race.

Donovan to take on Sorrell in primary race for Vermont attorney general

“This is an uphill fight,” Donovan said. “Bill is a strong incumbent.”

Margolis: Voter fraud claims overblown

The reason poll workers do not demand an ID is that nobody who is ineligible to vote goes to the polls to try to cast a ballot. Well, almost nobody.

Digger Tidbits: Got ID? O’Keefe seems to be missing his; House to take up brokers’ fees

Burlington pols are embroiled in a dust-up over a redistricting plan for state rep seats.

Super Tuesday recap: Vermont GOP chair wants “examination” of voter irregularities; Ron Paul siphons ballots from Romney

Condos: “They (Republicans) thought Romney would take 50 percent, and they’re looking to blame somebody and they’re blaming our office.”

Weinberger scores decisive win in historic Burlington mayoral race

Democrats and Progressives pick up council seats; ballot items pass on economic inequities, corporate personhood and downtown development financing.

Digger Tidbits: It’s TMD/Super Tuesday showtime

Reporters from VTDigger.org will be on WDEV’s Mark Johnson Show at 9 a.m.; Catch CCTV’s live coverage of the Burlington mayoral race; Weigh in on statewide issues with Doyle/Young surveys; Robo for Romney; Donna Brazile comes to Vermont.

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