Campaign Finance

Welch’s political war chest adds another $213,000

Sanders and Leahy each take in about $30,000 in July-Sept. campaign finance reporting period.

Vermont delegation rakes it in, whether they need it or not

Thrifty Sanders leads the field with $4 million in the bank; Leahy has $1.6 million; Welch, the only candidate up for re-election in 2014, has $1.2 million.

Campaign finance: Shumlin banks more than $700,000 for probable re-election bid

Governor raises $87,000 in 2013 and is reimbursed $275,000 for campaign loans.

Margolis: Campaign finance problem is not the money, it’s finding the data

“Too much money” certainly does not seem to be the problem in Vermont, where only candidates for governor spend a lot of money …

Campaign finance reform failure means caps on donations unlikely to occur until 2016 campaign cycle

Differences between House, Senate versions stall progress until January.

Disagreements, political theater delay campaign finance reform

Senate differs with recent House-approved campaign finance measures, calls for conference committee to resolve the disputes; Galbraith draws ire of some senators.

House reforms campaign finance rules

The legislation, which caps Super Pac contributions at $5,000, heads back to the Senate.

House poised to debate cap on Super PAC donations

The chief controversy involves the expense of a lawsuit the state could face if it enacts such a cap.

House committee opts to cap donations to Super PAC

“We’ve done a lot of firsts in Vermont. I’m wondering if this isn’t the time to take this step right off the diving board, and say, OK, we’ll take it to the Supreme Court if we have to,” said Rep. Donna Sweaney.

Lobbyist reports filed: American Beverage Association spent more than $500,000 fighting sugary drink tax

The Vermont Association of Hospitals and Health Systems spent about $108,000; Vermont State Employee Association spent $92,500.

Cheryl Hanna, Vermont Law School professor, warns lawmakers not to risk another campaign finance court battle

The Citizens United decision suggests that stricter and more frequent disclosures of spending and donations to such entities could withstand judicial scrutiny.

Vermonters First targets House representatives for backing taxes

Tayt Brooks, who founded and operates Vermonters First, told VTDigger that the mailings are part of its strategy to “bring balance to the debate over critical issues facing the state.”

State settles with Brian Dubie over 2011 campaign finance lawsuit; RGA must pay $30,000, Dubie $20,000

Sorrell’s office argued that the RGA’s radio and TV ad blitz, worth about $242,000, was an illegal donation far exceeding this limit.

Senate backtracks on corporate money ban

Senators voted 19-11 to eliminate the ban on corporate money in what some called a “gut and study” proposal that calls for the Secretary of State to issue a report on the matter in December.

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