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Margolis: For Sanders and his crowd, the end of a wild ride

for a few weeks — after the New Hampshire primary March 1, after the Michigan primary a week later — it appeared not all that foolish to speculate that Sanders could win the nomination, meaning he could win the presidency.

Questions about McAllister petition underscore limits on scrutiny

Even though some people — including an opponent — say the Franklin County senator didn’t have enough valid signatures on his candidate filing, it’s too late to do anything without going to court.

Scott looks to health care for savings, more workers for revenue

Outlining his budget priorities, the Republican gubernatorial hopeful promised to expand the economy and said he will reach out to business leaders and others for suggestions on how to bolster the working-age population.

Bernie Briefing: ‘Where do we go from here?’

For the Vermont presidential candidate, the answer seems to be to the next opportunity to ask the same question.

Sanders will vote for Clinton

Sanders made no noises about conceding and insisted that he would continue to fight for a Democratic Party platform that “represents working people and stands up against monied interests.”

Shumlin signs into law 117 bills

A list of the bills enacted by the Vermont Legislature and Gov. Peter Shumlin.

Welch, Leahy, Sanders join protest for action on gun control

The participation in the sit-in was the latest of several steps by members of Vermont’s delegation to press for action on gun control since the massacre in Orlando.

Galbraith unveils $45.4 million plan for free state college tuition

The Democratic gubernatorial candidate says he would offer four years of free tuition at Vermont’s state colleges to all state residents who are accepted into the institutions. He would pay for it by repealing several tax breaks.

Vermont senators support two gun control measures, oppose two

The votes came the week after Sen. Patrick Leahy joined a filibuster demanding that the Republican leadership allow floor votes on gun control-related amendments to an appropriations bill. Sen. Bernie Sanders returned to the Capitol last week ahead of the votes.

Margolis: Why ‘cure’ Vermont’s economy if it isn’t sick?

The common theme among the Vermont economy sourpusses is that taxes are too high and regulations too stringent, discouraging business expansion.

Secret Service still protecting Sanders

Although the primary season is over and Hillary Clinton has all but secured the Democratic nomination, Bernie Sanders continues to retain some of the trappings of a primary candidate, including a Secret Service detail. The Washington Post’s John Wagner reported Sunday that even while Sanders’ presidential campaign has effectively ended, Sanders continues to travel with […]

Sue Minter: A determined figure in the rink

Allies of the Democratic candidate say Minter is a collaborative leader.

Bernie Briefing: ‘The political revolution must continue’

The Vermont presidential candidate hopes that not conceding will give him more say at next month’s Democratic National Convention. But is the candidate losing his leverage?

Wanderlust Festival activist hopes to draw wellness enthusiasts to the polls

The nonpartisan nonprofit ctznwell.org campaign estimates 50 million Americans are engaged in health, sustainability and spiritual practices. Now it wants Vermonters seeking wellness to exercise their right to vote.