Political advocacy group pushes Sorrell to clarify campaign finance law

Campaign finance reports were due to on Friday. Photo by Kevin Rawlings

The Vermont Right to Life Committee accuses the pro-health care reform group Vermont Leads of improper reporting. The charge is part of a legal battle over state campaign finance law.

In new ad, Sanders’ nemesis Skip Vallee demands Jane Sanders return ‘golden parachute’

Screenshot taken from Skip Vallee's ad calling on former Burlington College President Jane Sanders to return money the college paid her when she left in 2011. YouTube video

Republican donor Skip Vallee produces TV ad attacking Jane Sanders for taking severance pay from Burlington College, and calling Sen. Bernie Sanders a hypocrite for his opposition to “golden parachutes” in the corporate world.

Shumlin launches first ad

Gov. Peter Shumlin, WDEV debate. Photo by Anne Galloway

The ad consists of a series of statements from Vermonters on Gov. Peter Shumlin’s accomplishments.

Davis predicts Shumlin could be hurt by low turnout for General Election

Vote. It's good for you and for democracy.

“I expect Shumlin to come in first,” Davis said. “But Shumlin needs to work hard to get above 50. If he wants a mandate for single payer he needs half of the votes cast.” He suggested that the Democratic field organizers are going to need to work hard to get independents who lean Democratic to turn out and get Shumlin’s percentage above 50.

Milne touts polls that show him trailing Shumlin by 10 to 12 points; Davis questions accuracy

Creative Commons photo by asgw via Flickr.

A New York Times/CBS/YouGov.com opt-in, online poll of 430 Vermonters conducted Aug. 18-Sept. 2 shows a 11 percentage point gap between Milne and Shumlin. In the survey, 41 percent of Vermonters supported Shumlin, and 30 percent backed Milne. Fifteen percent of the respondents said they were undecided.

ICYMI: Video from WDEV gubernatorial debate

WDEV hosted a debate with four candidates for governor on Saturday at the Tunbridge World’s Fair: Emily Peyton, an independent, Dan Feliciano, a libertarian, Scott Milne, a Republican and Gov. Peter Shumlin, a Democrat. Mark Johnson, the host of the hourlong debate, asked the candidates questions about health care reform, property taxes, the state budget, […]

Steve Terry: George and Lola Aiken together again in Putney

Lola Aiken, the widow of Gov. George D. Aiken, is applauded as she enters the House Chamber.

U.S. Sen. George Aiken and his wife, Lola, were Vermont’s first power couple, a formidable duo on the Washington, D.C., political scene. A funeral service for Lola Aiken, 102, was held Monday in Montpelier. She will be buried next to her husband in Putney.

Story and video: In WDEV debate, Shumlin defends record, Milne throws jabs

WDEV gubernatorial debate. Libertarian Dan Feliciano, left, Gov. Peter Shumlin, center, Scott Milne, Republican, right. Photo by Anne Galloway

In first debate, Milne assails Shumlin for the failed rollout of Vermont Health Connect and describes him as the “most radical progressive governor in the country with his health care proposal and some of the other things he’s doing.”

Garrison Nelson: Jim Jeffords, reluctant rebel

Sen. Jim Jeffords, R-Vt.

Of the many ironies of the full life and lengthy public career of the late U.S. Sen. Jim Jeffords is that this shy, kind and gentle man began his statewide political quest in 1968, one of the most troubling years of the 20th century.

Video and story: First Scott, Corren debate ends in a draw

Lt. Gov. Phil Scott (left) and Progressive/Democratic challenger Dean Corren debate live from the Tunbridge World's Fair on WDEV's The Mark Johnson Show on Friday, Sept. 12, 2014. Photo by Anne Galloway/VTDigger

Mark Johnson, who hosted the debate live for WDEV, gave Scott and Corren nearly a full half hour to discuss the key issue in the race: whether plans for a single payer health care system slated to go into effect in 2017 should move forward.

Feliciano criticizes Shumlin’s budget, spending

Libertarian candidate for governor Dan Feliciano held a news conference about the state budget Thursday. Photo by Hilary Niles/VTDigger.org

The Libertarian gubernatorial candidate says Governor Shumlin is a “spending addict,” but that he can’t propose spending cuts until he gets his hands on more budget data. He has submitted a public records request for additional information on the budget.

Single-payer advocate Vermont Leads issues endorsements

Vermont Leads, a single-payer advocacy group, announced Wednesday a list of candidates it has endorsed for the General Election. The organization is backing 61 incumbents and 12 challengers in House races, as well as 16 incumbents in the Senate and six challengers. “On Election Day, I believe the vast majority of Vermonters are going to […]

Story and video: In campaign launch, Shumlin says he put Vermont on ‘progressive path’

Gov. Peter Shumlin announces a plan to cut peak energy use at several Vermont companies at a news conference Thursday in Waitsfield. Photo by Katie Jickling/VTDigger

In his 15-minute pitch for a third term, the governor sounded familiar themes and took shots at his Libertarian and Republican opponents.

Scott’s camp says four debates is enough

Lt. Gov. Phil Scott at the governor's budget address on Jan. 15, 2014. Photo by Roger Crowley/for VTDigger

Progressive/Democratic challenger Dean Corren, who had asked for 10, says incumbent Lt. Gov. Phil Scott is avoiding him.

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