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Clinton indicts Trump, appeals to Sanderistas

“I want you to know, I’ve heard you,” Clinton said in an appeal to Sanderistas. “Your cause is our cause. Our country needs your ideas, energy, and passion. That’s the only way we can turn our progressive platform into real change for America.”

Dean reflects on Sanders’ bid for president

Dean gives Sanders kudos for helping to unify the Democratic Party.

Vermont Sanders delegates reluctantly accept Clinton

First-time delegates cling to Sanders’ revolution and are hesitant to accept Clinton as the nominee.

Vermonter says ADA accommodations at Democratic National Convention were inadequate

Maria Rinaldi: “I was trying to have the same experience everyone else in my delegation was having and I was unable to do that.”

Scott touts transportation plan, auto dealers’ endorsement

The policy is largely defined by what it would not do: raise taxes or rely on additional borrowing. Scott calls for “pro-growth economic policies” in the form of tax credits, as well as greater efficiency at the Agency of Transportation.

Obama boosts Clinton, ‘feels the Bern’

Obama darted rhetorically between Clinton’s qualifications and Donald Trump’s shortcomings.

Sanders has special words for northern New Englanders

The senator thanked delegates from the region, which provided him some of his strongest support.

Business leaders, mayor look to ease conflict over refugees

Area business groups warn that the battle over the possible arrival of Syrian refugees could hurt the region’s marketability. And the mayor, acknowledging that the process so far has led to division, is proposing an advisory group of both supporters and skeptics.

Poll: Scott still best-known, but Minter as well-liked

A new Vermont Public Radio poll finds that several candidates still haven’t managed to move most voters — or even to get their attention. Issues such as opiate abuse, however, are on the minds of many Vermonters.

Syrian refugee resettlement issue divides Republican, Democratic candidates for governor

Lisman wants a moratorium; Scott says he won’t stand in the way. All three Democrats support resettlement.

2016 Democratic platform defines Social Security as a benefit, not an entitlement

HILADELPHIA — The Seniors caucus presented the Democratic Party’s positions on Social Security in a meeting at the Pennsylvania Convention Center on Tuesday afternoon. Max Richmond of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare, who participated in platform debates, said the 2016 platform defines Social Security as a benefit, not an entitlement program. […]

Sanderistas walk out of Democratic National Convention as Clinton is nominated

The most progressive delegates spurned pleas for party unity, booing loudly Monday and walking out Tuesday.

Gov. Howard Dean presses New England delegates to unite behind Clinton

Dean thanked Sanders backers for bringing progressive causes to the forefront of the Democratic Party.

Margolis: If this is ‘boring,’ then let’s have more

The governor’s race is a substantive one in which all five principal candidates are making serious public policy proposals. Second, not one of them is a fool or a scoundrel.