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YWP: Gone Spacewalking

Zoe Riell is a senior who is homeschooled in Poultney. Courtesy photo

This week’s entry from the Young Writers Project is “Gone Spacewalking” by Zoe Riell, a home-schooled senior from Poultney.

In This State: Progressive publisher Chelsea Green has found a novel way to success

Chelsea Green started out with one unlikely book back in 1984, an eco-fable called "The Man Who Planted Trees." Now co-founder Margo Baldwin has some 250 titles that cram the bookshelves at the publishing office in White River Junction. Photo by Andrew Nemethy

Vermont publisher Chelsea Green has been putting out books with a progressive view for 30 years now. After years of struggle to survive in its niche, today its books, practical to political, hot-button to how-to, are thriving and finding an eager audience.

YWP: Misunderstood

Fiona Sweeney is an eighth- grade student at Crossroads Academy. Courtesy photo

This week’s Young Writers Project entry is “Misunderstood” by Fiona Sweeney, an eighth-grade student at Crossroads Academy.

In This State: Quimby Country reflects a century of changes in fishing in the North Country

Vermont Gov. George Aiken, right, fishes with his friend Kansas Gov. Alf Landon, left, in this photo, circa the 1930s. Photo courtesy of Quimby Country archive

Quimby Country, the oldest operating sportsman’s camp in Vermont, is getting ready to close the doors on its 118th season.

YWP: Ophidiophobia

Ella Woodruff is an eighth-grader at Charlotte Central School. Courtesy photo

This week’s Young Writers Project entry is “Ophidiophobia” by Ella Woodruff, an eighth-grader from Charlotte.

Book Review: ‘My Thinning Years: Starving the Gay Within’

my thinning years corteau

There are many poignant parallels for me in Jon Derek Croteau’s beautifully crafted memoir of surviving an abusive father and overcoming his own anorexia and internalized homophobia.

In This State: Zebedee Wetland — a place of serenity and study

Jason Berard, left, and Joanna Waldman and Connie Snyder tour the Zabedee Wetland in Thetford, an area preserved by the Upper Valley Land Trust and used by students at Thetford Elementary School. Photo by Dirk Van Susteren

Five years ago, the town of Thetford almost lost this resource that its schoolchildren have studied for some 20 years.

YWP: Turquoise

Mianda Wood is a high school junior from Craftsbury. Courtesy photo

This week’s Young Writers Project entry is “Turquoise” by Mianda Wood, a high school junior from Craftsbury.

In This State: Artist Charlie Hunter’s ‘murky paintings of decaying American infrastructure’

Charlie Hunter finds poignant subject matter in the neighborhood around his studio, which is located in Bellows Falls' former industrial center. His T-shirt, which he designed, reads: “Bellows Falls, Vermont: Not Nearly As Bad As You Thought." Photo by Mark Bushnell

Drawing a darker vision of the world hasn’t hurt Charlie Hunter’s career. He has been receiving national recognition as a painter with a unique viewpoint.

YWP: Dog’s Perspective

Finnian Abbey is a seventh-grader at Browns River Middle School in Jericho. Courtesy photo

This week’s entry in the Young Writers Project is “Dog’s Perspective,” by Finnian Abbey, a seventh-grader at Browns River Middle School in Jericho.

In This State: When the treasure isn’t gold

This rambling brick house in Plainfield has been home to five generations of the Batchelder-Dailey-Clark family. It always housed at least two generations of the family and sometimes housed three. "You can't hang on to things forever," says Keith Clark, who is cleaning out the house and barn before selling them, but it's hard to let go of something that has been central to his family for 135 years. Photo by Nancy Graff

Vermont is full of old houses and barns that are unofficial repositories of the state’s history. Old military uniforms, butter churns, christening dresses, scythes with weathered handles represent just a fraction of the kinds of artifacts that lay hidden in attics and back rooms awaiting rediscovery.

YWP: You’ll Find Me

Olivia Pintair is a freshman at the Emma Willard School in Troy, N.Y. She lives in Williston. Courtesy photo

This week’s Young Writer’s Project entry is “You’ll Find Me” by Olivia Pintair, a freshman at Emma Willard School.

In This State: Vermont’s largest fresh foods network is flavored with strong principles

Black River Produce co-owner Mark Curran shows off some produce in front of his company's massive solar array in North Springfield. A ski bum at Okemo in the late 1970s, he turned his passion for fresh vegetables and fruits into a progressive company that now plays a key role in connecting Vermont farmers with buyers. Photo by Andrew Nemethy

Mark Curran and Steve Birge started out as ski bums trucking produce from Boston to the Ludlow area in 1978. Today the progressive company they founded, Black River Produce, has become an essential link in the Vermont localvore ethos, tying farmers and producers to 3,000 outlets around the state and beyond.

YWP: Cows

Keenan Thygesen, a fifth-grader at Tunbridge Central School. Courtesy photo

This week’s entry in the Young Writers Project is “Cows,” by Keenan Thygesen, a fifth-grade student at Tunbridge Central School.

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