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Vermont Yankee gets $143 million fuel storage project in gear

The work to build and fill a new facility for the Vernon plant’s spent nuclear fuel is “on schedule and on budget,” an Entergy administrator said.

Green Mountain Power seeks approval for hydro plant purchases

The utility is buying 14 plants and power supply contracts from multinational energy giant Enel Green Power.

State approves $3.65 million electrical upgrade in Brattleboro

Green Mountain Power says the reconstruction of its South Brattleboro substation, scheduled to begin in April, will improve capacity and reliability in the area.

Protesters greet governor at wind project ceremony

The governor thanked the developer, the U.S. Forest Service — which is permitting the first wind power facility in the nation on its lands — and those officials and residents of the area who have “stuck it out” despite intense opposition.

Conflicting goals create dilemma on Green River

ANR says it had no choice but to call for changes in the management of the dam to protect the environment. But the utility and others say that would cost money and go against renewable energy objectives.

Burlington says solar array might hinder plans for airport road

There’s no rush to build a road and no pressure to halt the solar project, but Burlington wants energy regulators to consider its airport master plan when reviewing the project.

Vernon’s power production future debated

With Vermont Yankee now dormant, the town is looking at options ranging from waste gasification to solar arrays. But some are urging residents to think on a much smaller scale.

Pipeline opponents raise new wetlands issue

A biologist hired by the opponents’ lawyer said she found signs of unrecorded wetlands next to where Vermont Gas Systems has dug.

Vermont Gas gets access to final parcel via eminent domain

The Public Service Board granted an easement through Hinesburg’s Geprags Park for the company’s pipeline extension to Addison County.

State regulators want to fine Vermont Gas $150,000 for alleged safety violations

While welding pieces of a 41-mile natural gas pipeline extension, Vermont Gas contractors failed to properly ground the pipe sections.

Vermont Supreme Court sides with Rockingham in dam dispute

The Vermont Supreme Court says TransCanada’s Bellows Falls hydroelectric station should be valued at $127.4 million. TransCanada had asked for an $84 million valuation.

Lyndon seeks clarification on $50,000 wind appropriation

College officials want to make sure they understand the intent of the Legislature when it allocated the funds.

Swanton Wind developers offer buyouts to neighbors

Swanton Wind, LLC filed an application Thursday for a 20-megawatt project made up of as many as seven wind turbines standing as tall as 500 feet.

Public Service Board to consider re-evaluation of Vermont Gas pipeline permit

Whether an increase in the project’s cost constitutes a “significant change” is key.