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Six gas pipeline protesters arrested in Hinesburg

Protesters were charged with unlawful restraint and disorderly conduct.

Regulators approve South Burlington solar project

The okay from the Public Service Board came after attempts by the city of Burlington to raise questions about the project.

Searsburg residents gird for wind project blasting

Protesters are not expected to gather at the site during construction as they did for the Lowell Wind project near Craftsbury.

Public Service Board may fine Georgia windfarm for iced blades

The iced blades produced unusually loud noise.

Vermont Gas pipeline opponents file safety complaint with federal agency

Department of Public Service commissioner Chris Recchia said the accusations are entirely unfounded.

Natural gas prices predicted to surge this winter

Natural gas power generators dominate New England’s electricity supply, but delivery methods haven’t kept up.

Report offers ‘lessons learned’ from Vermont Yankee

Windham County officials have authored a guide for other communities facing nuclear decommissioning.

Vernon eyes Vermont Yankee property

At a recent meeting, Vernon officials and Vermont Yankee administrators discussed how Entergy-owned property might figure into the town’s plans for economic and community development.

Boaters worry cross-lake power line would curtail recreation

The project known as the Vermont Green Line has gained permission to run an electrical cable underground through Kingsland Bay State Park in Ferrisburgh.

Family’s wind energy application draws mixed reviews

Some who live near the site in Swanton say the structures will devalue their property and diminish their quality of life, while others express no worries.

Iberdrola’s financial offer is legal, state says

Activists say proposed payments to voters are tantamount to a bribe.

Town Center said to provide final key to district heat system

The system would deliver heat and hot water from a central source — in this case the McNeil Generating Station — using underground pipes. It’s similar to an electric grid but for heat instead of electricity.

New Haven to get $1.4 million a year in power line deal

The agreement with the developers proposing a converter station and transmission line from New York also includes compensation for homeowners whose property values decline as a result of the project.

Iberdrola sweetens the deal for Grafton, Windham wind farm

The developer has promised $1.5 million in annual payments to the towns of Windham and Grafton – up from $1 million — and unveiled plans for 24 turbines in Stiles Brook Forest, down from 28.